Revision history for Net::Gandi

1.122180  2012-08-05 14:40:38 Europe/Paris

    Add statement to specified the minimal version of Perl
    Add a new class Domain to manage domain name.
    Return if the object attribute is not a reference (Closes #8)

1.122080  2012-07-26 21:24:54 Europe/Paris
    Optimise  add make_immutable and no Moose, and be more use namespace::autoclean
    Rename method call_rpc to api_call, to have more generic name

1.121851  2012-07-04 00:44:50 Europe/Paris

    Fix typo in the documentation, support part.

1.121850  2012-07-03 23:29:12 Europe/Paris

    New architecture
    Add validation
    Multiple support protocol
    Use Dist::Zilla
    Use DateTime::Format::HTTP to transform a string date to DateTime object
    Move operation class in right place

0.12 19/10/2011
     Clean code, add several attributes useragent err and errstr, change the manner to manage error of api, add validation fix and add documentation.

0.11 20/06/11
     I forgot update MANIFEST file. Again.

0.10 20/06/11
     Add a new class types.

0.9 26/02/11
    Fix link in documenation.
    Add a new object attribute, api_url and date_object.

0.8 06/12/10
    Convert dates as string to dates as objects.

0.7 02/11/10
    I forgot update MANIFEST file.

0.6 02/11/10
    Fix indent and encoding pod, add class Datacenter and Operation.

0.5 29/10/10
    Remove methods prefix in class Disk for disk_attach and detach, add also disk_attach     and disk_detach in a VM, and fix typo.

0.4 29/10/10
    Move disk_attach and disk_detach in class Disk.

0.3 29/10/10
    Remove methods prefix.

0.2 28/10/10
    Fix perldoc, and few typo.

0.1 28/10/10
    Initial version developed.