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Repository for the Net::Gnats module.


- The current CPAN release version is 0.22.
- The current working version is 0.22.

Changes in 0.22
- RT 108273 remove PREREQ_FATAL

Changes in 0.21
- Fix bug relating to scopes and change required field.  It's a temporary Fix
  until something more permanent can be put into place; effectively, it just
  forces the change-required field to match properly.

Changes in 0.20
- Add capability to get any number of fields starting with a specific string.
- Misc fixes and documentation amendments from Miniconf NYC.

Changes in 0.19
- Add 'scopes' capability to fields.

Changes in 0.18
- Bugfix Github issue #1 regarding expression concatenation.
- Bugfix Github issue #4 regarding perldoc parse problems in Net::Gnats.
- Fixed stubbed subroutines which caused test failures for Perl 5.10.1.
- Added additional tests and documentation for Net::Gnats::Command.
- Added additional tests and documentation for Net::Gnats::Command::ADMV.
- Removed dead code from Net::Gnats::Session.
- Bugfix Github issue #6 regarding wrong type returned for query() method.
- Added additional tests and documentation for Net::Gnats get_field_type.

Changes in 0.17
- Added ability to submit a PR from a PR object.

Changes in 0.16
- Set consistent versioning across all modules.
- Added 'strictures' to PREREQ_PM.

Changes in 0.15
- Completely reworked sessions and issuing commands.
- Comprehensive tests, removing all stubs.
- Known issue: attachments not managed
- Known issue: after submit of PR, new PR number not captured into the PR object.