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Changes for Net::ICQ


- Complete rewrite started.  Project is now being maintained by Luke
  Petre <> and Jeremy Muhlich <>.
- Initial interface laid out. (event-driven style)
- Can log in to a server.


oops, didn't keep track.  check cvs if you care.  :)  we can pull the
cvs log entries in here in the future...


fixed status code length in CMD_USER_ONLINE (from 2 bytes to 4); implemented
Tyler Goen's code for SRV_STATUS_UPDATE with the correct 4 byte status

removed @_hex_table since it's not needed anymore

Squashed bug (minor) in _do_acks

enabled contact list send and receive

added debug print for add_handler, cleaned up other debug prints, fixed
do_multis so it removes multis from the queue after processing them

added perl 5.6 check to Makefile.PL


fixed stupid syntax error in (did that go into a release...?)
and updated to be more clear and enlightening

fixed dumb Makefile.PL error, wasn't actually checking for Time::Local before

made cmd_codes and srv_codes public

wrote the CLIENT EVENTS section in pod



Set status in the CMD_LOGIN packet to ONLINE instead of 0x200

Modified behavior when a bad session id or uin is found in a server
packet: now _connected is set to 0, and it won't croak(). (thanks Banda)

Applied Bek Oberin's fix to SRV_RECV_MESSAGE to calculate the month

Fixed an undefined value issue in _str_to_bytes (thanks again to Bek for

bulk of the processing, instead of cut-and-pasting its code.

added %status_codes

Implemented Germain Malenfant's fix for CMD_SEARCH_UIN.

Implemented Dimitar Peikov's fix to make _bytes_to_str correctly handle
strings containing a '0' character. (boy was that a dumb bug on my part :)

Modified debug output of incoming packets to also display the command
number in <> brackets, after the dump of the param bytes.

Fixed add_handler debug statement

Added Nezar Nielsen's code to handle web-pager and email-pager messages.

Applied Nezar Nielsen's fixes to make SRV_FOUND_USER work right, as well
as make SRV_INFO_REPLY and SRV_EXT_INFO_REPLY work in the first place.

Fixed problem with the same event being sent multiple times by the server
because of lagged acks.


Implemented Nezar Nielsen's META_USER patch, with some additions.

Added Net::ICQ object as first param when calling handlers.
(IMPORTANT - this will break your existing handlers!)

Applied Robin Fisher's patch for SRV_INFO_FAIL (300) and splitting off the
privacy flags from 'status' into a new field 'privacy'.  Moved privacy flags
into %privacy_codes .

Added connect().  Now new() does not connect on its own.

Applied Robin Fisher's fix for the weird case where we get V3 packets from
the server.

Fixed debug output of packets inside multis, so the event's code number is