1.2212: Wed Jun 06 2018
   - I don't know what Zimbra is, but mss@github sent in PR10 for it

1.2211: Thu May 17 2018
   - minor doc fix: https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=125334

1.2210: Wed May 09 2018
   - https://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=125286

1.2209: Thu Jun 08 2017
   - made SimpleX not optional
   - made testing work against dovecot again
   - move a bunch of things to the lib/ dirs (I don't really get why this is a thing, but whatever)
   - add put_with_date() from billhess

1.2207: Sat Oct 01 2016
   - repair unit tests to work with gmail (pfft)
   - added in pull requests on github
     the only non-doc item was https://github.com/jettero/net--imap--simple/pull/6

1.2206: Thu Dec 18 2014
   - minor debug issue

1.2205: Sat May 17 2014
   - Patch from Rob Hoelz to fix bug/docbug regarding port numbers.

1.2204: Sat Dec 14 2013
   - disable error checking on expunge.  It's not clear to me
     that this ever produces an error (which would be with the
     delete or select commands, not expunge).

1.2203: Mon Oct 07 2013
   - https://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=89296
     I think I fixed a design problem (no argument sanitization)
     thinking it fixed the bug, but there may have never been a
   - nope, was a format problem.  Holborn supplied his own

1.2202: Wed Oct 02 2013
   - really minor pod fix

1.2201: Mon Aug 05 2013
   - stupid bug in the new ssl defaults code, fixed by
     ChinaXing(ι™ˆδΊ‘ζ˜Ÿ) β€” how do I miss this stuff?

1.2200: Wed Apr 07 2013
   - SSL evolved on me.  They actually expect me to check certs?
     Madness.  I came up with some reasonable defaults and some
     settings and things.  The final solution to the defaults
     puzzle was an amalgam of various ideas from Tom Heady

   - I deleted the Net::IMAP::Server from inc/ and there is no
     longer a Net::IMAP::Server environment to test in.  It was
     driving me crazy how buggy that was in some places, and I
     had no ability to reproduce those environments, so I removed
     it.  If you want to test against a real dovecot or uwash
     server, super! check the t/test_runner.pm file for the
     settings.  They are intentionally unobvious -- please don't
     run automated tests unless you're willing to help debug.
     The automated results don't help anybody without further
     information on the failures.  Normally, cpan testers is the
     best thing in the world ... IMAP sucks.

1.2034_2: Fri Nov 16 2012
   - finally, some testers rand _1 ... didn't tell me anything;
     but they ran it.  I'm just going to remove the offending
     module load.  I'm never going to figure out why it fails on
     so many machines (but never ever mine).

1.2034_1: Thu Oct 25 2012
   - I still have no idea why t/07 fails on basically everyone's
     machine except mine, but I did find that croaks and dies are
     totally lost because of the way I run the tests.

1.2034: Wed Oct 10 2012
   - https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=80088

1.2033: Mon Jul 23 2012
   - https://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=78539

1.2032: Thu Apr 05 2012
   - my school switched to SSLv3 only and they just kinda time
     out on autonegotiation...  So I added a way to specify the
     ssl version.

1.2031: Fri Mar 02 2012
   - these tests don't work under this new EV multithreaded
     system.  Disabled all tests unless people promise to test
     single threaded.  I'd rather have nobody test it than have
     all the tests fail every time.  I'll fix the tests later.

1.2030: Mon Feb 06 2012
   - fixed bug in get that was fetching more message than there
     actually was to get (spuriously appending FLAGS \Seen and
     the like)
   - made sure the tests run in order (re: EV testers).  What I
     did is really truly awful.  If there is a good way to force
     the tests to run in order, please tell it to me.  My
     solution is just horrible (see top of t/test_server.pm)

1.2029: Mon Jan 30 2012
   - spelling fix from the debian people

1.2028: Wed Jan 25 2012
   - separator method from glaess@glaessixs

1.2027: Wed Dec 28 2011
   - ...

1.20271: Wed Dec 28 2011
   - heh, spurious number of tests

1.2027: Fri Dec 23 2011
   - deal with this: https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=73431

1.2026: Mon Oct 10 2011
   - Bug in UID search, contribs by Jorge

1.2025: Fri Sep 02 2011
   - removed unused build rules that fail to compile in dmake

1.2024: Tue Aug 02 2011
   - Jason Woodard submitted a patch to remove the post-sort from
     range2list.  I don't recall why the sort was there to begin
     with, so the patch seems reasonable to me.  All tests
     passed, released.

1.2023: Wed May 25 2011
   - patch for minor (but annoying) options bug. Thanks Mr.  Griffiths!

1.2022: Fri Mar 04 2011
   - horrid little typo in socket builder

1.2021: Fri Mar 04 2011
   - removed the die() after do("") loading the test server

1.2020: Mon Feb 07 2011
   - Andrzej Adam Filip requested a CLOSE method for ::PipeSocket

1.2019: Wed Dec 01 2010
   - _process_flags() was a little too aggressive about what's a
     valid flag and what isn't.  Really, it needs to be up to the
     server.  https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=63282
   - many doc bugs fixed thanks to HM 2k

1.2018: Thu Oct 28 2010
   - minor bug with the sloppy CRLF code
     Thanks go to: http://github.com/marado

1.2016: Sun Sep 05 2010
   - fixed ipv4 address stuff

1.2016: Wed Sep 01 2010
   - added readline callbacks; which I think I may leave
     undocumented for now.

1.2016: Mon Aug 30 2010
   - found something to fix in https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=60537

1.2015: Sun Aug 29 2010
   - got the pipesocket working
   - made sure it ps works in the context of nisim

1.2014: Sun Aug 15 2010
   - added uidsearch() -- just like search()

1.2013: Mon Aug 09 2010
   - created the PipeSocket object
   - skeled the connect support

1.2013: Sat Aug 07 2010
   - added seq()
   - added list2range
   - added contrib/uidfetch
   - fixed a BODY bug in the fetch grammar

1.2012: Sun Aug 01 2010
   - added uidcopy()

1.2011_00: Sat Jul 31 2010
   - .{32766} appears to be a limit for that type of matching.
     I also found a SIGSEGV in (??{ _noexist }) that may or may
     not be known.  Result?  A billion times better interface for
     the {#}\r\nstrings .

1.2010_99: Sun Jul 25 2010
   - added a logout method that's just like quit, but doesn't
     expunge and doesn't have a hardquit option.

1.2010_99: Sat Jul 24 2010
   - I really like the way body_summary works and I love writing
     grammars, so I wrote a generalized fetch() routine.  It
     could probably be used by body_summary() in the future.

1.2010: Mon Jul 19 2010
   - If the client is not yet setting on a mailbox and a search
     is issued, the client now selects the default mbox first.
   - RFC3501 wants RFC 2822 dates for date-based searches,
     %d-%m-%Y is therefore wrong, it should be %d-%b-%Y (huh).
   - provide uidnext, uidvalidity, and uid
   - also (incidental to the above) make status() take field
   - fixed a "bug" where not passing coderefs to _process_cmd
     will probably cause various crashes.

1.2010: Sun Jul 18 2010
   - I was having some issues getting the debugs to work inside
     Coro threads.  Rather than debugging it properly I just
     added more debug options
   - changed the behavior of ->top($id) so that )\r\n isn't left
     on the end of the last line of headers as they come back.
     *** let me know if this broke something for you ***

1.2001: Wed Jul 14 2010
   - Ugh.  I have seen it before and I already found this
     problem.  It's still that DateTime bug:


1.2000_1: Wed Jul 14 2010
   - ugh, I'm *STILL* getting that bug (is it?) where sometimes
     machines can't copy messages (line 25) after there's
     definitely (line 22) 10 messages in the mailbox. WHY WHY WHY
     WHY?  Naturally, the logdump is truncated at the point where
     I really need it.


     Changed the t/22 test to dump the last 200 lines instead of
     the first few hundred.

1.2000: Tue Jul 06 2010
   - Jason and I (due to a disagreement about what should be
     returned by body_summary()) begun using objects instead.
     This way the return value can be interrogated easily to see
     what it is and what it has.

1.2000: Sat Jul 03 2010
   - woodward sent in some rfc3501 fetch-body support and docs.
     The extension requires Parse::RecDescent for correct
     parsing, so body_summary() was forked off to an extensions

1.1916: Mon Jun 07 2010
    - woodward sent in an RFC-5256 patch to make SEARCH more correct

1.1915: Sat Jun 05 2010
   - import the latest Net-IMAP-Server to the inc/ dir (1.27)
   - report various bugs
   - fix various bugs in inc/ dir

1.1913: Wed May 26 2010
1.1914: Wed May 26 2010
   - pulled in changes from alexmv

1.1912: Fri Apr 23 2010
   - Doug confirmed that it worked.  I'm going to go ahead and
     release this as a new version.

1.1912_1: Thu Apr 22 2010
   - Hrm, per Doug Reed at Service Optimi, I noticed that _last
     returns self->{last} regardless of whether it's ever been
     set.  Seems like we can DWIM and call self->select if it's
     never been called yet and make ->list (et al) function.

     We'll see what he thinks of this fix.

1.1911: Sun Mar 14 2010
   - Fixed [introduced] bugs illuminated in #55552 (RT), thanks
     to Aaron Wilson <aaron@gmx.co.uk> for a positively excellent
     bug report!

1.1910_2: Wed Feb 17 2010
   - http://www.nntp.perl.org/group/perl.cpan.testers/2010/02/msg6764802.html
     - I still can't figure out what's causing this... NO IDEA
     - I made the test ridiculously verbose if two conditions are
       met: 1) automated testing; 2) the copy tests fail in some

1.1910_1: Sun Jan 17 2010
   - http://www.nntp.perl.org/group/perl.cpan.testers/2010/01/msg6625605.html
     It seems the t/22_* tests are failing, but I can't seem to
     build a perl for which the tests fail. :(  No idea.
     I added another prereq to the makefile and added another
     line (perhaps informative?) to the t/22_copy* test.

1.1910: Tue Oct 27 2009
   - documented search() and added a bunch of kid functions that
     issue searches on your behalf.  Added tests for search().

1.1908: Thu Sep 24 2009
   - top() does a surprisingly terrible job at groking header
     lines.  If you have something like this:


       date: wednesday, blarg blarg
            xx:xx:xx (pdt)

     The results are somewhat random concerning, lines vs
     header-rows.  My goal is to make sure each element of the
     arrayref returned is a header line, not just a line of text.

1.1908: Sun Sep 20 2009
   - added a really weak search command.  I think we can do a
     little better...

1.1907: Sun Jul 26 2009
   - PREAUTH fix and tests
   - a nifty little contrib/ dovecot pipe server thingy
   - fixed serious issues with the greeting timeout

1.1905: Mon Jul 20 2009
   - I apparently need Class::Accessor installed for tests.
     Pulling over all deps of the now included net-imap-server

1.1904: Fri Jul 17 2009
   - bestpractical's patch makes more sense than mine does

1.1903: Fri Jul 17 2009
   - actually use the inc/ copy of net-imap-server

1.1902: Fri Jul 17 2009
   - I decided to include a static copy of net-imap-server so I
     know precisely what version is there for tests.  Suggested
     net-imap-server build tests using net-imap-simple this way.

1.1902: Thu Jul 16 2009
   - There's apparently 5.10 problems with the tests (probably
     not with the module).  The tests are kinda hinky anyway.

1.1900: Fri Jul 10 2009
   - I really thought I released this already.  Lawl.

1.1900: Fri Jun 26 16:03:16 EDT 2009
   - prolly going to release this, it seems to test fine all over
     the place.

1.1899_07: Sun Jun 21 07:16:36 EDT 2009
   - I decided to do get() my way, without ruining everything, by
     blessing the arrayref and overloading '""'.
   - I tought the t/35 test to prove that _process_command fails
     just as Jonathan Kamens says.
   - applied JIK's patch.

1.1899_07: Sat Jun 20 22:12:00 EDT 2009
   - I want to change the way get() works.  I don't think I
     should, but I'd like to return the actual message in scalar
     context and the lines in list context.  Returning the lines
     as an arrayref makes no sense to me.

1.1899_07: Sat Jun 20 15:26:13 EDT 2009
   - while trying to get some delete and copy tests I ended up
     working on expunge_mailbox() a little
   - found another bug in Net::IMAP::Server::Mailbox... It's
     clearly just a demo, but since I'm using it for my tests,
     it's worth fixing.
   - my delete tests do show that ranges like 3:5 really do work,
     which makes me think RT#40203 may turn out to be spurious.
     I'll let the tests prove it out before I close it though.
   - I refactored the _reselect() stuff away, it was poorly
     thought out.  There's a _clear_cache() instead.  Yeah, 40203
     appears to be bogus because the client doesn't really parse
     the sequence-set numbers.  I have confirmed for sure that
     you can $imap->delete("3:5,7,10") and it'll work just like
     you called delete 5 times.
   - Copies seem to work fine too.  I'm going to close the
   - Documented the sequence set stuff so RT#40203 doesn't come
     up again.

1.1899_06: Fri Jun 19 08:54:07 EDT 2009
   - added a status() sub for the STATUS command
   - added a status() test, with some unseen() flag tests
   - added a select() and current_mailbox() test -- failed to unescape
     the working mailbox for current_mailbox()
   - reported a status command bug (in Mailbox) to
   - moved a bunch of contrib and t7lib modules around to keep
     pause from indexing them.
   - worked on the docs for seen and unseen
   - created a method for error-checking when using msg_flags(),
     seen() and unseen() -- which I think solves ticket 33189.
     Basically, if Cyrus-imap is returning different values for
     FETCH (FLAGS) than for STATUS, what can I really do to fix
     it?  However, the log provided by Mr Spiegl seems to suggest
     he was counting errors as unseen messages... so this may
     just fix it.

1.1899_05: Wed Jun 17 06:25:39 EDT 2009
   - documented see, unsee, add_flags, and sub_flags
   - used the IMAP RFC to show that gmail is wrong,
     Net::IMAP::Server is right.  google apps for domains
     apparently selects an unseen message willy nilly (or which
     ever is last) for the OK [UNSEEN #] message.  It should be
     the *first* unseen message.  Their IMAP is notoriously
     un-IMAP though.  I shouldn't be so surprised.
   - added undelete to go with the other flaggy functions
   - added more flag tests

1.1899_05: Tue Jun 16 06:42:16 EDT 2009
   - I started working on ticket 45953,
   - created sub_flags() and add_flags()
   - taught delete() to use add_flags() -- adds \Deleted
   - providing see() and unsee() for ticket 45953
   - I started building tests for the flag manipulation stuff and
     put reselect stuff ... noticed a possible bug in

1.1899_05: Sun Jun 14 07:14:54 EDT 2009
   - fixed t/test_server.pm (use IO::Socket::INET, not Net::TCP)

1.1899_04: Sat Jun 13 18:33:46 EDT 2009
   - added deleted() from JIK <jik@kamens.brookline.ma.us>'s

1.1899_03: Sat Jun 13 17:05:55 EDT 2009
   - added a connection class so we might reject connections
     after the 4th, or whatever, and possibly solve ticket 30229
   - banged my head on the IO::Socket::SSL wall for a while
   - buu (#perl freenode) set me straight on something enabling
     me to close 30229.

1.1899_02: Sat Jun 13 07:39:29 EDT 2009
   - moved some tests around and fixed the manifests
   - added support, docs and test for EXAMINE

1.1899_01: Fri Jun 12 22:06:36 EDT 2009
   - man Coro is disaggreable in the shutdown epoch, it took a
     fork, a setsid and another fork to disssociate the test from
     the Coro ... um... messing with exit().
   - decided as I clear tickets from RT, I'll write tests.  As I
     write tests, I'll release dev releases, the *goal* will be
     1.1900 -- all RT cleared.

1.1900: Thu Jun 11 07:17:13 EDT 2009
   - fixed a bug I created in select
   - moved the tests around a little, getting ready for a whole

1.1900: Wed Jun 10 22:01:53 EDT 2009
   - It took me forever to figure out why the append command
     wouldn't work.  Bug submitted to Net::IMAP::Server
   - added my login function to contrib
   - I think I fixed the oldest bug on RT

1.1810: Sun Jun  7 10:52:30 EDT 2009
   - made $imap->select return "0E0" when 0 messages are found
     after an otherwise successful select.

1.1810: Sat Jun  6 22:13:34 EDT 2009
   - Started working on the tests.    Net::IMAP::Simple doesn't
     seem to be able to handle the results of a select command as
     returned by Net::IMAP::Server.  This may indicate other
     problems with protocol compliance.  I can't say definitley
     for sure that it's ::Simple, but that's the most likely

   - Made the module pull in IO::Socket::SSL without needing to
     involve another module that probably shouldn't be a whole
     separate distribution anyway.  Considering deprecating the
     Net::IMAP::Simple::SSL for that reason, and because that
     whole distribution is only 2 useful lines anyway.

1.1800: Thu Jun  4 21:44:59 EDT 2009
   - jettero started pulling in his changes.

1.17  2006-10-11
      - Beta/Developer release -> production

1.16_1 2006-10-02
      - Beta Release
      - Added debugging
      - Upgraded imap.pl example script
      - Updated documentation
      - Added a few patches here and there

1.16  2006-06-13
    - Multiple bugs identified by nate@cs.wisc.edu. Patch
      provided by Nate.  Nate also provided new release tests -
      thanks man.

1.15  2005-11-21
    - Added mailboxes_subscribed() function introduced by John
      Cappiello.  This function provides a method for retreiving
      a list of mailboxes which the user has subscribed to. This
      differs from the mailboxes() function in that with the
      mailboxes() function all mailboxes are returned, regardless
      ass to whether or not the user has subscribed to them.

1.14  2005-10-01
    - Fixed error in sample code within the POD documentation
      identified by Matthew S. Hallacy

1.13  2005-09-28
    - Versioning schema changed to use CVS versioning rather than
      hard coded versioning. This is to address issues some
      people are having with bug tracking and package management

0.105 2005-09-28
    - Fixed syntax problem in the bindaddr option. Thanks
      Dagobert Michelsen for pointing this out.

0.104 2005-08-06
    - Fixed major bug discovered in get() and getfh() which
      caused message lines to be dropped if they started with an

0.103 2005-07-10
    - Fixed error in select() identified by Guido Kerkewitz and
      Jonathan B. Glatt
    - Added folder_subscribe() and folder_unsubscribe() functions
      provided by Guido Kerkewitz.

0.102 2005-06-25
    - Fixed protocol error identified within the
      expunge_mailbox() function. (Thanks alot to William Faulk
      for pointing this out)
    - Fixed bugs in the sample imap.pl script provided.
    - Added flags() and recent() routines
    - Added current_box() function
    - Added use_select_cache and select_cache_ttl options. These
      options will allow you to enable internal caching for
      select() operations.

0.101 2005-01-06
    - Fixed bug which resulted in inconsistant results from

0.100 2005-14-05
    - Fixed dates in Changes file
    - Fixed IMAP protocol error identified by John A. Murphy
    - Changed behavior of login() to only return true or false.
      This change means that to get the current number of
      messages in a users INBOX folder you will need to preform a
      simple $imap->select("INBOX") after successfully logging
    - Added messages() function
    - Added the frame work within select() to provide more
      detailed information about the current IMAP framework

0.99  2005-28-04
    - Added multi-line header patch for bug discovered in top(),
      thanks Sergey Mudrik for pointing this out.

0.98  2005-27-04
    - Minor document changes
    - Fixed implimentation bug with the new option set

0.97  2005-26-04
    - Added patch submitted by LTHEGLER to address the multiple
      line output problem.

0.96  2005-26-04
    - Took over module development (Colin Faber)
    - Fixed synopsis to provide a functional example (Colin
    - Added error handling (Colin Faber)
    - Added IPv6 support (Colin Faber)
    - Added port, timeout, use_v6, retry, retry_delay and
      bindaddr options to the object creation method.

0.95  2004-06-09
    - Accept port configuration (Matt Bradford).
    - Documentation overhaul (Casey West).
    - Huge internal code overhaul (Casey West).
    - Implemented expunge_mailbox() (Florin Andrei).

0.94  Thu May 20 15:24:21 EDT 2004
    - Taken by Casey West.
    - Quoted the password argument to login() when sending to
      IMAP LOGIN command.
    - Added arguments for searching in paths and for mailboxes in
      the mailboxes() command.
    - Distribution clean up.

0.93  Thu Dec 16 16:15:00 1999
    - LIST ... {\d}\r\nmailbox parsing in mailboxes()
        - better escaping of \" e \\ (Netscape server doesn't put
          the \\ in the mailbox name. Why?)

0.92  Tue Dec 13 15:07:00 1999
    - seen method
        - \r\n as EOL. Thanks to Edward Chao!
        - \" escaping. Thanks to Edward Chao!

0.91  Tue Nov  9 11:41:00 1999
    - getfh method
        - fixed bugs in the documentation(!!!)

0.90  Wed Nov  3 15:29:13 1999
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.18