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  - All of the core functionality has moved into Net::XMPP.
    It provides the connection, messages, iq, and presence.
    Net::Jabber now just provides the extensions that the
    JEPs define and that are truly Jabber and not XMPP.

  - Added initial support for XMPP 1.0 via XML::Stream 1.18.
  - Locked version of XML::Stream to 1.18.
  - Changed connectiontimeout to just timeout in the Connect
  - Hey, here's a good idea.  Instead of copying the function
    hash out of each namespace why not just use a refrence...
    duh...  This might make things a little faster and use a
    smidge less memory.  Just a little thought.
  - Fixed a taint problem with an eval and the xmlns read from
    the socket.
  - Fixed some -w warnings.
  - Updated client test to user newer methods and create the
    test account.
  - Added password to MUCJoin.
  - Fixed typo in DefineNamespace.
  - Added Tree Transfer (JEP-105)

  - Added PubSub (JEP-60)
  - Added documentation for most of the below.
  - Added in a basic basic support for SOAP (JEP-72).  You can
    dump in rawxml and get it back out.
  - Looking into using contants for the namespaces, but they
    don't work in hashes. =(
  - Removed jabber:x:sxpm (it was never used).
  - Added initial (low level) support for Commands (JEP-50).
  - Added initial (low level) support for FNeg (JEP-20),
    Disco (JEP-30), Bytestream (JEP-65), SI (JEP-95), and
    FT-Profile (JEP-96).
  - Made Client, Component, and Server inherit from Protocol
    instead of AUTOLOADing.  Why didn't I do this in the
  - Added function RosterRequest to let the user handle processing
    the roster in their own callback and not return a hash.
  - Added function PresenceDBClear that will clear out the
    presence database.
  - Added check to see if Process generated an error, and then
    was called again (bad thing).
  - Moved Process into,, and
  - Locked version of XML::Stream to 1.17.
  - Fixed typos in the Protocol help.

  - Fixed bug in XPathDefined which caused the main iq callback
    function to not work.  Show stopper bug.
  - Fixed iq:time test.

  - Update examples/client scripts to include an xpath based
  - Added support for XPath based callbacks.
  - Updated x:data to match the call for experience.
  - Requires perl 5.6 in an attempt to get Unicode support.
  - Added finer callback support for presence and message
    based on type.
  - Minor tweak to NOT remove an unknown xmlns packet (duh...)
  - Fixed bug in JID.
  - Updated DefineNamespace to handle most old style, and all
    new style.
  - Locked version of XML::Stream to 1.16.
  - Major recore due to XML::Stream::Node and XPath.
  - Moved from XML::Stream::Hash to XML::Stream::Node.
  - Fixed XDB Reply error.
  - Uninitialized value round up.

  - Changed to a more sane version scheme.
  - Locked version of XML::Stream to 1.15.

  - Documented the PresenceSend function a little better.
  - Added GetHumanTime function to convert seconds to
    a sentence.  Useful for various Jabber things (last,
    time, etc.)
  - Added the ability to remove a callback.  This is to
    try and speed thigs up by being able to unregister the
    receive and send callbacks when you don't care about them.
  - Added jabber:iq:rpc support based on JEP-0009.
  - Fixed bad function call in VersionQuery.
  - Added code to handle tracking the user's activity.
  - Added <desc/> to the x:data.
  - Added RemoveXXXX function to match GetXXXX and SetXXXX.
  - Added timeouts to RegisterRequest(), SearchRequest(), and
  - Fixed bug in LastQuery().
  - Finished support for jabber:x:data (previously jabber:x:form
    in the 1.0021 change messages).
  - Added Execute function to Component to provide a generic
    inner loop for easier component writing.
  - Added support for a finer level of callbacks.  You can now
    create callbacks for all types of <iq/> packets and
    namespaces.  See Net::Jabber::Protocol for more details.
  - Fixed bugs with the Raw XML functionality.
  - Added documentation to Net::Jabber for the Raw XML

  - Fixed a bug where no flag children were being put into the
    XML string.  (ie. <remove/> for iq:register).  Ooops.
  - Ok... found a really stupid module scoping problem.  If is used before say, then Protocol
    cannot call new from Dialback to make a packet.  Moved
    use Protocol; to the last thing in import().
  - Callback now checks if you have a callback defined for a
    packet, or if you were waiting for a packet via
    SendAndReceiveWithID.  Might make some things faster.
  - Fixed mistake in DefineNamespace where it copied too many
    things into the hash.

  - Fixed bugin accept for Components.
  - Added InsertRawXML and ClearRawXML.
  - Fixed Reply function in IQ.
  - Fixed bug in
  - Added jabber:iq:pass support.  DRAFT
  - Added jabber:iq:browse support into Protocol.

  - XML::Stream supports SSL.  Client docs updated to show the
    switches needed to enable that and HTTP.
  - Started to work on supporting XDB.  But due to lack of
    documentation, this release DOES NOT 100% support it.  Use
    at your own risk.
  - Updated docs to reflect changes.
  - Added Net::Jabber::Namespaces as a way to help document
    how the redesign works.  It's probably incomplete so
    ask questions and I'll work on it.
  - Added check to make sure you specify a schema for the
    use Net::Jabber qw ( xxx ); line.
  - Fixed bug in Connect where it would not handle the case where
    it could not connect properly.
  - Fixed bug in Debug.
  - Fixed iq:time and iq:version.  The redesign broke the automatic
    behavior they had before.
  - Tweaked ParseTree for changes in XML::Stream.
  - Fixed bug in where I forgot to copy over a function
    for jabber:iq:search.
  - Redesigned modules to try and use less memeory.
  - Changed over to the new XML::Stream Hash data format.  This
    has helped to reduce memory usage by half (initial results)
    although it comes at the cost of increased disk usage.
  - Moved the GetXMLData, SetXMLData, and BuildXML functions into
    XML::Stream where they belong.  Should have done that long ago.

  - Fixed bug in the Process function caused by the XML::Stream
  - Added in jabber:x:form.
  - Added in jabber:x:sxpm.
  - Removed
  - Removed the transport examples and created Component examples.
  - Changed to stop using tcpip and stdinout and
    use the standard accept and exec.
  - Changed Debug to handle LogN instead of just 0, 1, and 2.
  - Added RemoveX to Message and Presence.
  - Added x:signed and x:encrypted.
  - In the GetXMLData function in I forgot to add a test
    for existence of an attribute in the root tag.

  - Added support for jabber:x:replypres.
  - Added an update function to the SetCallBacks function list.
  - In the SetTo and SetFrom functions, if you try to set it to
    "" it ignores your request.
  - Since those are gone, the Reply functions got a lot simpler,
    so I removed the template argument on most of them.
  - Removed all references to etherx:to, etherx:from, sto, and
  - Removed anonymous connections from AuthSend since they were
    taken out of Jabber.
  - Changed AuthSend to always pick the highest level of security
    as possible.  It now queries the server for all possibilities
    and picks from the answer.
  - PresenceDBParse now returns the current presence based on
  - Forgot to add a timeout to the Connect functions in
  - Modified the object creation functions to handle the below so
    that old code doesn't break.
  - Changed the way that callbacks are handled.  Instead of passing
    in an XML::Parser::Tree array that the user had to then convert
    into a Net::Jabber::XXXXXX object.  Now the callbacks are passed
    in the proper Net::Jabber::XXXXXX objects directly.
  - Modified the GetTimeStamp function in to support two
    new types: utcdelaytime and localdelaytim so that you can the
    tiem value back out to modify before converting to a string.
  - Added support for ZeroK Authentication.  Both in Query/
    and in AuthSend in

  - Fixed to use the new XML::Stream to argument in the
    Connect function for writing Components to work with the accept
  - Fixed bug in where someone on the sever side changed
    the namespace that you are supposed to connect with and never told
  - Fixed bug in the cases where I would use SendAndReceiveWithID.
    I was not checking for undef.
  - Added more debugging in

  - Changed the WaitForID function to be Process() instead of
  - Fixed bug in RosterGet where I might get an undefined value and
    I wasn't checking for it.
  - Fixed bug in PresenceDBQuery in  A hash value was
    being accessed and causing the Presence DB to become tainted.
  - Added boiler plate comments for the LGPL.

  - Deprecating  It will cease to exist in the near
    future in favor of the module and Jabber Server
  - Fixed support for the new connection profile found in the new
    Jabber server.  (You cannot use this to connect a Transport
    to a server before 1.1.2).
  - Fixed bug in where changing a JID that did not have a UserID
    part, but previously had a value in the Server would goof up.
  - Fixed bug in AuthSend where the type='set' attribute was not being
    set for the <iq/>.
  - Fixed bug where an unkown namespace in an IQ would cause an error.

  - Converted the rest of the functions to the AUTOLOAD method.
  - PresenceSend in now returns the presence object that it
  - Changed GetJID in JID to not return the @ when the JID dues not have
    a userid.
  - Moved Perl requirement to 5.005.
  - Moved XML::Stream requirement to 1.06 to support the timestamp and a
    bug fix.
  - Added timestamp support to
  - Added digest control to AuthSend.

  - Fixed bug with EscapeXML and the XML::Parser.
  - Converted the Query namespaces to the new AUTOLOAD method.
  - Fixed bug in the file where it would trounce the 

  - Fixed bug in the Search namespaces that would cause duplicates to be
    placed in the query if multiple calls to MergeItems were made.

  - Removed some leftover print statements that would cause confusing output
    to STDOUT.

  - In the Message module Reply function, it only does "re: " for normal
    messages now.
  - Added <registered/> to the iq:register namespace.

  - Added PresenceDBDelete to allow for deleting JIDs from the the DB.
  - Fixed a bug where PresenceDBParse would take any presence, regardless of 
    the type.  It should only take available and unavailable.

  - Fixed a bug in the GetXMLData function where it would try to check an
    attrib but the array entry it was checking did not contain an array.
    Added a ref() statement in there to fix that.
  - Fixed another bug with the ErrorCode functions where I forgot to change
    all of the calls in Protocol to ErrorCode from ErrorType.

  - Fixed bug in the error tags.

  - Fixed a bug in the AutoUpdate/ code.

  - Added Query/Filter to support the mod_filter in the server.
  - Added PresenceDB functions to make managing the multiple resource and 
    priority thing much easier for a client/transport.
  - Initialized some variables to get rid of warnings under perl -w.
  - Fixed outgoing XML to be UTF-8 encoded.

  - Added support for <truncated/> in iq:search.

  - Changed AutoUpdate namespaces to show <ver/> becoming <version/>.
  - When SeachRequest and RegisterRequest get errors they now return undef
    to show that there was an error.
  - Changed versioning scheme to match up Perl and Jabber.  1.005 refers to
    Jabber version 1.0 and Net::Jabber verison 005.

  - GetQuery and GetX returns undef if there is not valid namespace found.
  - Fixed bug in namespace handling.  Instead of hardcoding looking for <x/>
    and <query/> Net::Jabber now searches for any tag that has an xmlns and
    uses that tag as the query or x.
  - Added Jabber::X::GC to handle GroupChat X tags.
  - Added Debug object to make it easier to log debug information.
  - Fixed bug in JID where GetJID did not return the correct JID if there
    is an % in the UserID.
  - Added
  - Fixed bug in RosterRemove where the JID was not being sent and thus the
    item not being removed.

  - Fixed bug in Message, Presence, and IQ with the GetJID function changing.

  - Added Query::AutoUpdate.
  - In Query::Version, a call to SetOS will call POSIX::uname and try to get
    the OS name from there.  (Not sure if this work on Windows and Mac...)
  - Added GetAgents function to to query a server/transport
    and get the list of supported agents.
  - Fixed bug in Query where the sub lists (items from roster and agents from
    agents) were not being pulled back into <query/>.
  - Fixed bug in Agent were the GetJID and SetJID were operating on the wrong
  - Fixed bug in Agents where the new agent objects were not being created
  - Fixed bug in examples/client where it called a function from Query without
    getting the query from the iq.
  - Added function Reply to IQ and Presence objects as well.
  - Added function Reply to Message objects.  It takes a string, and based
    on that string it sets the proper values for to/from/etherx:to/etherx:from,
    thread, type, and id.

  - Added better example files in examples/.
  - Wrote, it too uses through delegates.
  - now uses delegates to pull in the functiosn from
  - Moved high-level functions out of into
  - Added support for jabber:iq:agent, jabber:iq:agents, and jabber:x:roster.
  - Updated
  - If you have Time::Timezone installed in the Query/ automagically
    uses the timezone functions to figure out your timezone when you call
  - If you have Digest::SHA1 installed then automagically uses the 
    SHA-1 digest to encrypt the password for Authorization.
  - RosterGet returns a complex data structure that contains the roster from
    the server.
  - <iq/> modules now use the AUTOLOAD and delegates same as the <x/> modules 
  - Bumped version to 1.0a.
  - Changed method of handling timeouts.
  - Added code to better handle errors on the Stream.  It now actually returns
    undef, or "", when the server or connection dies.
  - Added code to test a Connect without crashing.  Connect returns undef, or
    "", if the Connect failed.

  - Added IgnoreIDs() and WatchIDs() in
  - Added support for delegates in the X/pm module.
  - Added alpha code to handle reading and setting <x/> tags in various
    top-level tags.
  - Added PresenceSend to send a presence tag.
  - Added RegisterSend to send a registration packet.
  - Fixed SetError and SetErrorType in
  - Added SetError and SetErrorType to
  - Added support for "value" and "tree" on the root tag in the GetXMLData
    function in
  - Moved Disconnect functionality into XML::Stream.  That's really where we
    should have been sending the closing tag...

  - Supports Jabber v0.8.1.
  - Fixed support for IQ tags.  Changed to distributed modules for each
  - Created IQ/ to give authentication support.
  - Created IQ/ and IQ/Roster/ to provide Roster support.
  - Created IQ/ to give registration support.  (Still experimental)
  - Created to provide support for presence tags.
  - Changed internal data structure to XML::Parser::Tree.  This made
    integration with XML::Stream a snap.
  - Created helper functions to access an XML::Parser::Tree easily.
  - Changed to use XML::Stream instead of doing it manually.

  - Added support for the new IQ, and Presence tags from Jabber-0.7.
  - Removed support for Status and Roster since those were removed from
    Jabber-0.7 in favor of IQ, and Presence.

  - Added Set* functions to,, and
  - Moved Simply, BuildXML, and EscapeXML into to avoid redundant
  - Redesigned internal data structures to better handle <ext> structures
    and multiple copies of the same tag.
  - Added better documentation in the perldocs for each.
  - Changed the perldocs in each file from use Net::Jabber::xxxxx to just
    use Net::Jabber.
  - Removed <ext> support from Status since it isn't designed to handle it.
  - Changed the names of the Roster Set* functions.  Get()->SetGet(),
    Add()->SetAdd(), and Delete()->SetDelete().
  - Added support to to send to multiple people using the SetTo

  - First version.