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Revision history for Net-LDAP-AutoServer

0.2.1	2010-06-22/03:20
		-Correct the spelling of "Net::DNS::RR::SRV::Helper".

0.2.0	2010-05-11/19:00
		-Add further EESDP environmental support.

0.1.2	2010-04-30/02:20
		-Change the /dev/ldap check for to use '/dev/ldap/server'
			instead of '/dev/ldap/'.

0.1.1	2010-02-19/07:30
		-Fix usage 'Net::DNS::Resolver'.

0.1.0	2010-02-19/06:00
		-Add 'byDNS', which supports SRV record usage.

0.0.0	2009-12-05/12:40
		-Initial release.