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Revision history for Perl extension Net::LPR.

1.000  October 7, 2002
	Initial version release.

1.001  October 14, 2002
	Fix bug in job_send_data that prevented proper usage.

1.002  March 12, 2003
	Fix warnings in job_mode_* and job_send_data.
	Fix problem that prevented module from functioning properly under win32.
	Add examples and notes to documentation.

1.003  March 13, 2003
	Fix incorrect assumption that $^O is win32 under windows.
	Fix incorrect date in Changes file.

1.004  May 1, 2003
	Work around Solaris 2.6 bahavior when creating a socket whose address is in use (EBADF).

1.005  Jan 6, 2004
	Fix a bug where the set_control_filename method was actually setting the data file name (thanks to Andreas HÃ¥kansson).

1.006  Apr 1, 2004
	Fix a bug where the global jobid may run rampant when new_job() is called without arguments (thanks to Daniel Hentschel).

1.007  Aug 23, 2004
	Fix a bug where a warning is printed if use warnings; is in effect and reading from the printer socket failed after sending some date (thanks to Chris Donoghue).