Revision history for Net-LibAsyncNS

0.04    2020-11-21
         * Fix version dependency on Module::Build
         * `use strict; use warnings; done_testing;` in all unit test files

0.03    2020-11-04
         * Update Build.PL to using Module::Build::Using::PkgConfig
         * Optionally use Alien::Libasyncns if pkg-config doesn't find a
           platform version
         * Use =head2 barename function doc style

0.02    2014/03/28 14:50:30
         * Requires ExtUtils::CChecker >= 0.05 to work around a bug in 0.04

         * Some libc implementations of getaddrinfo() will return two results
           for 'localhost'/AF_INET - don't count this as a failure in testing

0.01    First version, released on an unsuspecting world.