Revision history for Perl extension Audio::OSC.

0.05  2005-May-17
      Renamed to Net::OpenSoundControl

0.04  2005-May-07
      Fixed issues with float encoding on Itanium platform.
         (needs to be more performant, is kind of ugly so far.)
      Some fixes in documentation.
      Added Test::Pod and Test::Pod::Coverage tests.

0.03  2005-Feb-28
      Fixed endianness issue in pack()/unpack()-statements
      (Thanks to alex, Torgeir Strand Henriksen and Peter Mayer)
      Added tests for to/from functions
      Added alex' test against the specification
      Added bundle example
      Added reference to article

0.02  2004-Aug-08
      Added timestamp encoding, courtesy by alex (
      (He took it from Net::NTP)
      Added timestamp tests
      Added two more examples

0.01  2004-Mar-24
      Original version