Revision history for Net-Prometheus

0.12    2022-01-07
         * Added ->export_to_Future_IO
         * Render NaN values as NaN; omit undef values entirely

0.11    2020-05-13
         * Include the Net::Prometheus::PerlCollector module
         * Optionally skip building the XS part of PerlCollector if a C
           compiler is not available

         * Fix for Histogram bucket generation for values less than 1 on
           -Duselongdouble platforms

0.10    2020-05-05
         * Optional convenience creation of Histogram bucket bounds by
           repeating values per decade

         * Declare test_requires HTTP::Request (RT132473)

0.09    2020-05-01
         * Pass additional options from query params or ->render method into
           collector ->collect methods
         * Added more methods for easy export of metrics:
            + ->handle method to allow integration into existing
              HTTP::Message-based HTTP servers
            + ->export_to_IO_Async method to allow easy export of metrics from
              IO::Async-based applications without an existing HTTP server

0.08    2020-04-28
         * Added Net::Prometheus::Registry
         * Allow Registry to act globally to allow 3rd-party modules to add
           themselves (primarily for Metrics::Any::Adapter::Prometheus to use)
         * Add a small example program showing Net::Async::HTTP::Server::PSGI

0.07    2018-10-18 16:52:17
         * Escape embedded characters in HELP text
         * Add `version` and `charset` to Content-Type HTTP header
         * Docs fix: histogram buckets limits are upper, not lower bounds

0.06    2018-10-05 13:52:41
         * Allow $metric->labels to take a single HASH reference as
           alternative to ordered list of strings

         * Fix autovivification of gauge functions with labels (RT127284)
         * Spelling fixes from Debian (RT120491)
         * Make sure that ->unregister actually does so

0.05    2016/10/28 20:56:35
         * Allow setting name prefix and extra labels on a process exporter
         * Implement process scraping of other PIDs in the Linux collector

         * Prometheus needs all the labelsets of every variable grouped
           together; so rearrange the ->collect results

0.04    2016/10/27 16:10:06
         * Implement a process collector for Linux
         * By default, attempt to load a process collector at construction
         * Various documentation fixes

         * Compatibility for perl 5.8.x by avoiding the "//" operator

0.03    2016/10/26 18:23:27
         * Implement Histogram metrics
         * Allow value-returing callback functions on Gauges
         * Added Metric Groups
         * Document the register/unregister methods and the Collector

0.02    2016/10/26 00:30:25
         * Many internal structure changes to support new features
           + Exposed $metric->samples as a documented method
           + Created Sample and MetricSamples types
           + Prepare for true multimetric collectors
         * Basic validation on metric/label names and values

         * Ensure that label values with embedded NULs render correctly

0.01    2016/10/24 18:40:03
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.