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Revision history for Net::SFTP

0.12  2017.06.27
    - put function was broken when trying to send 64 Kbyte chunks
      send only 8 Kbytes at a time
    - offset variable should be 64 bit

0.11  2017.05.22
    - Increase COPY_SIZE to improve performance
    - Add SSH2_FILEXFER_ATTR_EXTENDED support from Rob Coward
      ( #38585)
    - Use Math::Int64 in Net::SFTP::Buffer to provide compatiblity with
      Net::SSH::Perl v2

0.10  2005.10.08
    - Add example for ssh_args option ( #5899, Mark Fuller).
    - Fix from Jim Herring: don't treat legal "0" handle from server as error
			( #14405).
    - Suppress shell in SSH2 invocation (if Net::SSH::Perl 1.29+ available)
      (Sean McMillan).

0.09  2005.01.18
    - New co-maintainer, David Robins (DBROBINS).
    - Adds a 'warn' argument to the constructor to allow supression or
      redirection of warnings.
    - Allows the 'ssh_args' constructor argument to be either a hash ref or an
      array ref.
    - Adds a 'status' method which returns the last SSH2_FX_* status value, or
      (status value, text) in list context (only useful after last failure).
    - Adds brief summary comments to some methods.
    - Returns failure if the remote open fails for 'get' (previous code ignored
      it); also moves the remote open before the local open so that we don't
      create empty local files if the remote file can't be opened.
    - Changes 'ls' to return an array reference in scalar context.
    - Documents: the fact that we die on protocol/local errors; the new option
      and method; changes to 'get'/'put' (formerly 'put' didn't return anything
      useful, and 'get's actual return values are the same, just better
    - Adds a comprehensive remote test, but to use it one has to manually go in
      and configure a server a certain way, so it defaults to skipping
      everything; I'm including it as a base since there are currently no remote
      tests at all.

0.08  2003.12.12
    - Net::SFTP::Buffer was passing an invalid option when loading
    - Add SUPPORT section to the docs.

0.07  2003.11.14
    - Require Net::SSH::Perl 1.24, which also includes circular
      reference fixes.

0.06  2003.11.14
    - New maintainer, Dave Rolsky.
    - Fixed a circular reference which caused connections to be held
      open indefinitely in a persistent environment like mod_perl.
      This uses weak references, so Perl 5.6.0+ is now required.  This
      work was funded by Kineticode, Inc.
    - Added a LICENSE file.

0.05  2001.05.24
    - Added help ('h' or '?') command to psftp. Moved all shell
      functionality into Net::SFTP::Shell.
    - Net::SFTP::Util needed to 'use Exporter'.

0.04  2001.05.16
    - Fixed bug in put method when running fsetstat command; it
      was trying to set the UID/GID on the remote file, which
      was giving a permission denied message. Should not try to
      set UID/GID, so had to adjust flags.
    - Added eg/psftp, a working SFTP shell.
    - Moved READ and WRITE commands into their own methods
      (do_read and do_write, respectively).
    - Changed semantics of get method. Returning the contents of
      the remote file is no longer connected to whether a local
      file is passed as an argument; it is instead based on the
      calling context of 'get'. Updated docs to reflect this.

0.03  2001.05.15
    - Documentation for all extra classes: Attributes, Buffer,
      Constants, and Util.
    - Documentation for command methods in Net::SFTP.
    - Added binmode when reading/writing from local files.
    - Added methods for all remaining commands in SFTP protocol
      version 3 (eg. remove, rmdir, mkdir, realpath, etc.).
    - Added callbacks to get and put, eg. for status messages,
    - Fixed typo in Net::SFTP::Buffer::get_int64 that was breaking
      reading 64-bit ints.

0.02  2001.05.14
    - Fixed bug with SSH2 server not sending one message per
      packet, ie. multiple packets have to be retrieved to make
      up one SFTP message. This would show up as a "Message length
      too long" error. Thanks to Matt Good for the spot.
    - Fixed bug with OpenSSH and SSH2 SFTP servers where after
      a certain amount of bytes the connection would hang. This
      was a bug in Net::SSH::Perl (channel window sizes) that is
      fixed in version 1.13.

0.01  2001.05.13
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.19