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1.058 2016/06/17
- RT#109887 - fix t/01_load.t in case only very old version of LWP was
  installed which did not have LWP::Protocol::https
1.057 2016/04/04
- removed warning with very old versions of LWP where
  LWP::Protocol::https::VERSION was not defined yet.
  Thanks to denis[AT]fateyev[DOT]com for reporting

1.056 2015/10/31
- fix another memory leak which happened on data connections only
- make sure that context reuse is done properly, see

1.055 2015/10/25
- fix memory leak in Net::SSLGlue::Socket, RT#107816.
  Thanks to[AT]gmail[DOT]com  for reporting

1.054 2015/04/28
- if a version of libnet is detected which already supports TLS (i.e.
  libnet 3.0+) warn and use this instead.

1.053 2014/05/28
- if current LWP is detected is use this mostly unpatched
- fix Net::SSLGlue::FTP to use the same hostname when verifying the
  certificate of the data connection

1.052 2014/01/16
- FTPS: reuse same SSL session for control and data channnel to work
  with default configuration of proftpd. 

1.051 2014/01/10
- fixes to Net::FTP SSL support
- examples/ has lots of tests for FTP against live server

1.05 2014/01/09
- added support for SSL+IPv6 in Net::FTP
- new package Net::SSLGlue::Socket for a socket which combines plain,ssl,ipv6
- fixed some tests - some checks for bad certificates do not work anymore
  because these certs were fixed

1.04 2013/08/01
replace Net::Cmd::getline via Net::SSLGlue::POP3 because it assumed, that it
just needs to wait for read events on the sockets - which is not the case for
Thanks to MICHIELB for reporting

1.03 2013/05/15
fixed documentation for Net::SSLGlue::POP3

1.02 2013/05/14
added Net::SSLGlue::POP3

1.01 2012/01/31
Net::SSLGlue::LDAP as wrongly named Net::DNSGlue::LDAP

1.0 2012/01/30
Net::SSLGlue::SMTP: save hello domain from last hello call, so that the 
hello after the starttls uses the same domain argument.
Thanks to zaucker[AT]oetiker[DOT]ch for reporting problem.

0.9 2012/01/24
Net::SSLGlue::SMTP: fixed stripping of port from host/ip for name 
verification. Added hello after successful starttls. Extented tests
to check, if we can actually talk after starttls.
Thanks to zaucker[AT]oetiker[DOT]ch for reporting problem.

0.8 2011/07/17
fixed wrong position for include encode_base64 and uri_unescape in *::LWP.
Thanks to mtelle[AT]kamp-dsl[DOT]de for reporting

0.7 2011/05/27
strip port from host/ip for name verification in Net::SSLGlue::SMTP

0.6 2011/05/02
fixed english, thanks to dom,

0.5 2011/02/03
documentation fixes:

0.4 2010/06/13
added Changes, put examples into examples/ dir

0.3 2010/05/13
rewrite parts of Net::SSLGlue::LWP so that it sends the correct request
to the peer even if https_proxy is used. In former version it ommitted
the HTTP version number in the request (thus the request was invalid).
Bug report by PMOONEY

0.2_1 2010/05/11
document way to set different verification scheme for LWP
requested by PMOONEY

0.2 2009/01/02
https_proxy support for LWP, HTTPS_PROXY from Crypt::SSLeay did not work and
the https_proxy from LWP was broken with both Crypt::SSLeay and
IO::Socket::SSL (it did unencrypted https:// requests to the proxy).
Fix it so that it now does CONNECT (this is the meaning of https_proxy for
all other programs)

0.1 2008/12/31 
initial release