Changes for version 0.40 - 2021-07-26

  • Significant Changes since 0.38
    • Add support for Auth0 SAML (bug fix)
    • Add options to allow https for metadata urls
  • Change Log
    • TDD Update Changes and Increment version
    • 314df85 Remove Test::TrailingSpace keeps failing on automatic License file
    • 9bc0901 Mention in synopsis and README
    • 343ae20 Rename Tutorial
    • b5591cc Update documentation for ssl_opts for Idp new_from_url

Changes for version 0.39-TRIAL - 2021-07-25 (TRIAL RELEASE)

  • Change Log
    • b34f4f8 Update Changes and Increment version
    • 5921d12 Fixes #28 support https urls for metadata
    • 95a2311 Fixes #29 which also supports Auth0 SAML
    • 09591b6 Test InResponseTo on Assertions