Revision history for Perl extension Net::Z3950::SimpleServer

1.21  Tue Sep 27 09:40:12 UTC 2016
	* Better support for facets. Cope with absent terms.
	* Sample server demonstrates facets implemention.
	* The sample server now emits all INIT parameter when
	  a connection is made.
	* Add Travis continuous integration configuration (modified
	  from that of ZOOM-Perl).
	* Fix a bizarre RPM package-building bug whereby the
	  lower-case letter 'n' was stripped from the name of the
	  person building the package. Fixes SA-743
	* Major overhaul of search documentation, which was missing
	  many parameters including facet requests. Part of SUP-946.
	* Document CQL queries.
	* Document the Explain Handler.
	* Fix obsolete Library-of-Congress URL in documentation.
	* Fix links into Index Data's own documentation to use .html
	  extensions rather than the old .tkl.
	* Fix some typos in documentation and change-log.
	* README file converted to (Markdown).
	* Many other improvements and clarifications to
	* Update which distributions we build for.
1.20  Thu Jan 29 07:53:46 UTC 2015
	- Add support for Type-1's proximity operator. Patch from
	  Simon Jacob of the National Library of Australia.

1.19  Fri Nov 22 12:31:24 CET 2013
       -  ESTIMATED_HIT_COUNT = 1 from search_handler signal.
       -  fetch handler: partial present response for undef RECORD
          The old behavior was to return empty record (if RECORD was
          not modified by handler). RECORD is now undefined upon entry
          to fetch handler and handler must set it to return a record
	  or just leave it undefined to signal "no record".

1.18  Mon Oct 14 11:23:17 CEST 2013
       -  Debian/RPM packages now built with YAZ 5.

1.17  Tue Feb 12 13:30:52 CET 2013
	- Scan and Search handler gets EXTRA_ARGS . It's represented as
	  a hash. It holds the extra arguments for SRU (URL).
	- Scan and Search handler may return extra response data in
	  EXTRA_RESPONSE_DATA. That's an XML fragment for SRU extra
	  response data.
	- Scan Term may include a DISPLAY_TERM (Z39.50 / SRU display term).
	  Thanks to Simon Jacob for patch.
1.16  Thu Jan 10 13:22:01 CET 2013
        - Create packages for Ubuntu quantal precise oneiric.
        - Add support for GFS start handler (START) to allow handling
          of GFS config file (-c).
        - Handler search now gets PRESENT_NUMBER - a hint for how many
          records are to be fetched following search (piggyback).

1.15  Fri Oct 14 14:01:18 CEST 2011
        - Fix decoding of OUTPUTFACETS (optinal) ; crashed on some Perl

1.14  Thu Aug 18 08:47:13 UTC 2011
	- Support for facets in search handler
	- Corrections to manual, kindly supplied by Ben Webb
	- Resolve contradictory licence terms: SimpleServer is now
	  definitely distributed under the Revised BSD licence, whereas
	  earlier versions claimed in the source code to be Revised
	  BSD but in the README to be under the same terms as Perl.

1.13  Wed Mar 16 17:07:10 GMT 2011
	- The SimpleServer test-script now uses a Unix-domain socket,
	  with a filename generated from the process-ID, rather than
	  the default Inet-document socket on port 9999.  Hopefully
	  this should resolve the race-condition problems that have
	  been affecting the "make test" part of the build cycle when
	  building packages for four systems simultaneously under

1.12  Thu Feb  4 16:33:19 GMT 2010
	- Remove handling of "hits" parameter in the present handler.
	  That should never have been there (and was probably sloppy
	  copy), and prevents compilation under YAZ 4, which has
	  removed the member from the bend_present_rr structure.

1.11  Wed Mar  4 15:12:53 GMT 2009
	- Add explicit statement of license (same terms as Perl).
	  No functional changes.

1.10  Tue Mar  3 22:47:16 GMT 2009
	- Document the init-handler's PEER_NAME argument.
	- Update URL into YAZ documentation.
	- bend_delete() no longer returns without value.
	- Route around ActivePerl's damage to the "open" symbol.

1.09  Mon Sep 10 15:54:38 BST 2007
	- *Argh*  Another mixed statement/declaration.

1.08  Mon Sep 10 12:15:29 BST 2007
	- *Sigh*  Fix mixed statement/declaration.

1.07  Sat Sep  1 10:31:26 BST 2007
	- When the scan-handler callback returns, do not attempt to
	  copy the terms from Perl structures if the error-code is
	  non-zero (i.e. if an error has occurred).  This protects
	  against a segmentation fault when the Perl callback does not
	  explicitly set $args->{NUMBER} = 0 on error.
	- Correct transcription of string-valued attributes in
	- Scan handler is now passed RPN as well as TERM, a tree of
	  Perl structures representing the entire scan clause
	  including access-points and other attributes (which are
	  discarded from TERM).
	- The various classes used to represent nodes in the RPN query
	  tree (Net::Z3950::APDU::Query, Net::Z3950::RPN::And,
	  Net::Z3950::RPN::Or, Net::Z3950::RPN::AndNot,
	  Net::Z3950::RPN::Term and Net::Z3950::RPN::RSID) now all
	  share a newly introduced superclass Net::Z3950::RPN::Node,
	  making it possible to write methods that apply to all node
	- A utility method toPQF() is provided for
	  Net::Z3950::RPN::Node, enabling the RPN tree to be converted
	  back into a flat PQF query.
	- Add support for the Delete Result Set service.
	- Add documentation for the Sort service.
	- Some clarifications to documentation.

1.06  Fri Aug 10 23:30:00 BST 2007
	- New global-handle element can be specified when creating a
	  simple-server object and will be passed to all callback
	  functions.  This allows global state to be eliminated from
	  SimpleServer applications ... finally!
	- Search handler now deals correctly with undefined addinfo:
	  previously a (harmless) error message was emitted.
	- Add Perl API to yaz_diag_srw_to_bib1(), which SimpleServer
	  applications will need if they access SRU/SRW back-end
	  databases and need to report errors.
	- Add Perl API to yaz_diag_bib1_to_srw(), because it would
	  seem churlish not to.

1.05  Wed Dec 27 13:19:13 CET 2006
        - Taking new naming convention for YAZ constants into account.

1.04  Fri Dec  1 10:48:32 CET 2006
        - Build such that SimpleServer links to new yaz shared object.

1.03  Tue Aug  8 17:27:16 BST 2006
	- Rely on version 2.1.14 or later of YAZ; this is the first
	  version that reliably passes through the additional
	  information associated with errors generated while serving
	  SRU/W requests.  No functional differences since 1.02.

1.02  Wed Jul 26 12:09:50 BST 2006
	- Better support for Open and User/Password authentication.
	- SimpleServer.xs's rpn2pquery() is now discarded, and YAZ's
	  yaz_rpnquery_to_wrbuf() used instead.  This is more robust
	  in dealing with unusual cases such as string-valued
	- Support for SCHEMA element when fetching records.

1.01  Fri Mar 24 12:09:32 GMT 2006
	- Documentation of release 1.00's SRU/SRW facilities.
	- Makefile.PL now fails if YAZ version is earlier than 2.0.0,
	  which was the first with SRU/SRW support.

1.00  Fri Mar 24 01:20:24 GMT 2006
	- Support for SRU and SRW.  Mostly this is provided by the YAZ
	  GFS, but changes are needed to allow for the case where
	  there is no RPN query (due to absent on invalid <cql2rpn>
	  element in GFS configuration) so that CQL is passed through
	  natively; and also to fake up an {REQ_FORM} and {REP_FORM}
	  parameters set to the "text/xml" OID when this information
	  is not specified by the GFS.
	  (The jump in version number is due to the SRU/W support.)
	- Include "" in the distribution: the
	  simplest possible SimpleServer application, which merely
	  logs the client-request data structures.
	- Makefile.PL is more helpful if yaz-config isn't found.
	- Explicitly disable prototypes in SimpleServer.xs: makes no
	  difference but suppresses an error message for a cleaner

0.08  Mon Jun 14 14:51:01 2004
	- SimpleServer is now perl 5.8 thread proof 
	- Support for IMP_ID parameter in Init responses.  This was
	  actually written a long time ago, but left commented out as
	  the underlying YAZ back-end server didn't support
	  implementation-ID setting.  Now that it does (and has done
	  for eighteen months -- since YAZ release 1.8.6 of
	  2002/03/25!), I've finally removed the comments.
	- Init handler now understands the setting of {ERR_CODE} as
	  more than a boolean success indicator, and also {ERR_STR}.
	  They are now passed back to the client (thanks to recent
	  changes to the YAZ generic front-end server) in accordance
	  with Z39.50 Implementor Agreement 5, found at

0.07  Fri Jan 03 10:12:15 2003
        - Applied Dave Mitchell's ( GRS-1 parsing patch.
	  Thanks Dave, and sorry it didn't find its way to release 0.06,
	  completely my fault.

0.06  Thu Jan 02 11:15:01 2003
        - Added support for authentication
	- Add documentation for the object tree passed as the RPN
	  member of the search-handler's argument hash.
	- We actually removed the vacuous Changelog and TODO files
	  back in 0.05.  They should never have been here :-)

0.05  Tue Feb 05 21:54:30 2002
        - Add brief documentation of the new handling
	  of RPN.

0.04  Tue Feb 05 21:49:56 2002
	- Add Changelog (Why?  We already have this file!)
	- Add TODO file (although it's empty!)
	- Change interface to constructor, and fix script to
	  use the new interface.
	- Add support for Scan.
	- Add support for building GRS-1 records.
	- Add test suite for new GRS-1 code.
	- Add RPN structure to search-handler argument hash.
	- Add PID element to init, search, fetch and present-handler
	  argument hashes (but not the sort, scan and close-handlers,
	  for some reason.)
	- Fix typos in documentation.

0.03  Thu Nov 09 16:22:00 2000
	- Add the INSTALL file.
	- Add support for a present-handler (distinct from fetch).
	- Remove `$args->{LEN} = length($record)' from the example
	  fetch-handler in the documentation.
	- Minor corrections to documentation, e.g. add commas after
	  elements in anonymous hash of arguments.
	- Record syntaxes (formats) are now specified as ASCII OIDs
	  (e.g. "1.2.840.10003.5.10") rather than human-readable
	  strings (e.g. "usmarc")
	- Add some XS code to support sorting, though it doesn't seem
	  to be finished yet, and is not wired out.
	- Use symbolic constants (e.g. Z_ElementSetNames_generic
	  instead of hard-wired magic number 1).
	- Add PEER_NAME element to init-handler argument hash.
	- Minor changes to

0.02  Mon Sep 11 12:32:00 2000
	- First released versions

0.01  Wed Aug 30 14:54:01 2000
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19

### To do
	- When invoking Init callback, set initial values of IMP_ID,
	  IMP_NAME and IMP_VER from the client's Init request.