Revision history for Net-eBay

0.01    Date/time
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
0.02    A little cleanup, remove confusion about name
0.03    Documentation cleanup
0.04    Documentation cleanup
0.05    Added a constructor from a .ini file name
0.06    Cleaned docs, renamed site_level into SiteLevel everywhere
0.07    A little more cleanup, added view counter
0.08    General cleanup
0.09    Better error handling, added a 'validate' script for validating a token
0.10    Cleaned up, it now warns if validating in production environment (wrong)
0.11    Added a ebay-get-categories script
0.12    Added a ebay-get-categories script to installs list
0.13    Support for new Schema added. $eBay->setDefaults( { API => 2 } )
        Added script, showing how to add items using NEW Schema.
0.14    Documentation cleanup
0.15    Added a user's ability to specify XML attributes for the New Schema
0.16    Added a little extra debugging
0.17    Bug fix
0.18    Added scripts to dist
0.19    Added my ebay type script, get-ebay-item, and get-seller-items script
0.21    Corrected handling of arrays
0.22    Added UTF-8 support, example
0.23    Cleanup
0.24    Made SiteID settable with 'siteid' parameter
0.25    Added method of setting special attributes
0.26    Changed minimum compatibility, made it also settable
0.27    Improvement in compatibility
0.28    Misc bug fixes
0.29    MUCH improved command line search utility, and settable timeout
0.30    Docs reviewed
0.31    Added module dependencies, and mention of Object::eBay
0.32    Added module dependency on Net::SSLeay
0.33    Added module dependency on Crypt::SSLeay
0.34    Added (purposely not well documented yet) submitRequestGetText
0.35    Little cleanups here and there
0.36    Better error reporting, patch courtesy of Michael Hendricks, a little expanded by me
0.37    Added ebay-revise-item script, slightly improved error reporting
0.38    Fixed MANIFEST
0.39    Changed default compatibility level to 477, improved scripts such as revise item.
0.40    Added a script
0.41    Added ebay-get-item script
0.42    Added _last_text variable to have the last original XML response value
0.43    Changed stuff for new way of specifying pictures when listing items
0.44    Added dependency on DateTime::Precise
0.45    Updated listing script to submit picture URL. 
0.46    Fixed POD coverage; changed some scripts  in a minor way
0.47    Added more Scripts
0.48    Changes to add --currency and --country
0.49    Patches by Michael Hendrick and Tim Keefer. 
0.50    Patches by Michael Hendrick to enable compression and use of 'warn' instead of print STDERR.
0.51    Added a missing dependency.
0.52    Patch by Michael Hendrix to make eBay client retry up to 2 times (configurable) in case of connection errors. 
0.53    Added support for return policy in my sample listing script
0.54    Refined listing script to reflect a "no foreign sales" polify.
0.55    Added ability to get complete XML of last response as $eBay->{last_result_xml}
0.60    Added support for submitFindingRequest function to work with eBay finding API. In Progress
0.61    added submitPaginatedFindingRequest with obvious functionality (takes all work out of pagination).