Release 2.002

        After stagnating for several years, I have once again taken
        over responsibility for this module, and expect to be
        enhancing it in the coming months.

        The version syntax has been changed, to move away from
        v-strings, and Build.PL converted to Makefile.PL.

        Otherwise, the code is identical to 1.1.2

Release 1.1.2

        CPAN-friendly changes.  The test suite will work if you don't
        configure it, instead of imploding.  This will mean we get
        some minimally useful results from CPAN testers.  We will at
        least get results for the parsing code.

        Added the dependency on Test::Exception I missed.

        Added this CHANGES file, and ripped out the .svn directories I
        mistakenly distributed with 1.1.1.  (Oops...)

        Fixed a parsing typo in NetApp::Volume->get_language

Release 1.1.1

        This was the first version released to CPAN.