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* "\n" is the system-native line terminator, and some wacky systems
  don't use LF.  Duh.  Specify CR and LF explicitely on the wire,
  and when removing line ending LFs that came off the wire.

* It's illegal for a news article to contain a bare CR, but it does
  happen.  We now leave them in, instead of blindly assuming any CR
  is part of a CRLF pair and stripping it.

* Fix sending QUIT on disconnect.

* Documentation tweaks.

0.2   2008-01-28

* Fix failure mode when automatic authentication fails - clear out old
  response data if the command would have generate new data, and don't
  incorrectly proceed to try to read data.

* Tweak test script to fail more gracefully if a news server is provided
  that requires authentication, but no login is supplied; and when the
  server connection fails.  This was causing CPAN auto-test failures.
  These will still be failures, but won't be as ugly and should be
  self-explanatory to those who view the test logs.  This could probably
  be improved further to not actually fail out of Test::More.