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Revision history for Number-AnyBase

1.60000       2013-01-04 19:04:33 Europe/Rome

   * Doc Fixes
      * The DNA Compression and the Binary-to-text Encoding recipes did not
        consider the zero-padding issue.

1.50002       2013-01-04 16:53:57 Europe/Rome

   * Doc Enhancements
      * Minor enhancements in the code of the Binary-to-text Encoding recipe.

1.50001       2013-01-04 16:07:30 Europe/Rome

   * Doc Enhancements
      * Some clarifications on the DNA Compression recipe in the COOKBOOK and
        some other minor changes here and there.

1.50000       2013-01-04 14:12:56 Europe/Rome

   * Code Fixes
      * Contrary to the docs, base64 and base64url alphabets were not sorted.

   * Code Enhancements
      * Specialized constructors added: new_hex_lc, new_dna, new_dna_lc,

   * Doc Enhancements
      * Recipes added to the COOKBOOK section: DNA Compression,
        Binary-to-text Encoding, UUID Compression.
      * Several minor fixes and enhancements.

1.00000       2012-12-31 07:05:49 Europe/Rome

   * First release.