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2015-03-10  Graham Belll <>

	* lib/Number/ Release v0.07 to CPAN

2011-11-09  Timothy Jenness  <>

	* lib/Number/ Release v0.06 to CPAN

2011-11-08  Timothy Jenness  <>

	* lib/Number/ Fix intersection() to use inc_min and inc_max

2010-12-03  Tim Jenness  <>

	* lib/Number/ Release v0.05 to CPAN

2009-08-18  Brad Cavanagh <>

	* (sizeof): Add sizeof() method to return size of interval.

	* Switched from ExtUtils::MakeMaker to Module::Build.

2006-08-08  Tim Jenness  <>

	* (contains): Fix case when max == min to make sure
	that contains() only returns true if the value == max == min.
	(copy):  Add copy constructor.

2005-08-31  Tim Jenness  <>

	* (intersection): bound+unbound was failing when the
	two defined bounds were identical.

2005-08-26  Tim Jenness  <>

	* (intersection): Fix unbound+unbound intersections
	(they were wrong when the intervals were bound in the same direction)

2005-03-10  Tim Jenness  <>

	* (stringify): Recognize that sometimes min == max
	(contains): If min==max then $range->contains($max)
	(stringify): Add positive definite setting to allow positive
	ranges to be stringified without including the 0
	(stringify): Use Interval Notation for the bound intervals

2005-03-09  Tim Jenness  <>

	* t/interval.t: Add new tests for == and !=

	* (equate): Fix logic when using incmax/incmin flags
	and when undefs are included

2005-02-11  Tim Jenness  <>

	---- VERSION 0.02 ----

	* Add inc_max and inc_min attributes. Interval can
	now be inclusive (>= and <=).

2005-02-10  Tim Jenness  <>

	* Always returns true for contains() if both bounds
	are undefined.