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OODoc::Manifest - maintain the information inside a manifest file.


   is an OODoc::Object


 my $manifest = OODoc::Manifest->new(filename => ...);


Extends "DESCRIPTION" in OODoc::Object.


Extends "OVERLOADED" in OODoc::Object.

overload: @{}

Referencing this object as array will produce all filenames from the manifest.


Extends "METHODS" in OODoc::Object.


Extends "Constructors" in OODoc::Object.

 -Option  --Default
  filename  undef
filename => FILENAME

The filename where the manifest is in. When the name is not defined, the data will not be written.

Inheritance knowledge

Extends "Inheritance knowledge" in OODoc::Object.

$obj->extends( [$object] )

Inherited, see "Inheritance knowledge" in OODoc::Object



The name of the file which is read or will be written.

The manifest list


Adds the $filenames to the manifest, doubles are ignored.


Returns an unsorted list with all filenames in this manifest.


$obj->modified( [BOOLEAN] )

Whether filenames have been added to the list after initiation.


Read the MANIFEST file. The comments are stripped from the lines.


Returns the name of the file relative to the location of the MANIFEST file. The MANIFEST file should always be in top of the directory tree, so the $filename should be in the same directory and below.


Write the MANIFEST file if it has changed. The file will automatically be written when the object leaves scope.

Commonly used functions

Extends "Commonly used functions" in OODoc::Object.


Inherited, see "Commonly used functions" in OODoc::Object


Inherited, see "Commonly used functions" in OODoc::Object

Manual Repository

Extends "Manual Repository" in OODoc::Object.


Inherited, see "Manual Repository" in OODoc::Object


Inherited, see "Manual Repository" in OODoc::Object


Inherited, see "Manual Repository" in OODoc::Object


Inherited, see "Manual Repository" in OODoc::Object


Inherited, see "Manual Repository" in OODoc::Object


Inherited, see "Manual Repository" in OODoc::Object


Error: Cannot read manifest file $filename: $!

The manifest file could not be opened for reading.

Warning: MANIFEST file $name lists filename outside (sub)directory: $file

The MANIFEST file of a distributed package should be located in the top directory of that packages. All files of the distribution are in that same directory, or one of its sub-directories, otherwise they will not be packaged.

Error: manual definition requires manual object

A call to addManual() expects a new manual object (a OODoc::Manual), however an incompatible thing was passed. Usually, intended was a call to manualsForPackage() or mainManual().


This module is part of OODoc distribution version 2.02, built on December 08, 2021. Website: http://perl.overmeer.net/oodoc/


Copyrights 2003-2021 by [Mark Overmeer]. For other contributors see ChangeLog.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic license. See http://dev.perl.org/licenses/artistic.html