OOTools Latest Versions Changes

Version 2.41 - 2019-04-02
- add Test::Pod to build requirements

Version 2.30 - 2012-03-05
- maintainance release fixing deprecated warnings and 
  test case that was broken beause the used syntax for
  accessing namespaces is not supported by perl anymore since
  version 5.10
- new maintainer is Sebastian Knapp <rock@ccls-online.de>

Version 2.21
- Little documentation improvement

Version 2.2
- Added Package::props and Package::groups pragmas
- Added improved tests

Version 2.12
- Fixed the Class::Util::import function

Version 2.11
- Changed the Class::Util::classes function
- Removed  Class::ISA prerequisite

Version 2.1
- Added the Class::Util::gather function plus tests
- Added the Class::Util::classes function plus tests
- Added the Class::Util::blessed function plus tests
- Minor fix in the Class::Util::load function
- Removed the 'use base ...' from Object::props and Object::groups packages
- A few minor POD fixes and changes

Version 2.0
- Added the Class::Error module and tests
- Added the Class::Util module and tests
- Minor change in the Class::constr closure to allow to stop the init subs
  by returning undef OR a Class::Error object
- Added the 'skip_autoload' option to Class::constr pragma
- You can also pass an HASH reference to the constr method
- Changed the result returned by the group accessor in list context:
  old version returned the keys of the hash (deprecated since the 1.77)
  this version returns the whole hash

Version 1.79
- Fixed a bug related to set *::groups
- A test addition

Version 1.78
- Fixed a bug related to naming props and group props with the same name
- The properties defined with a group get initialized just once
- Some testing addition and rewrite

Version 1.77
- WARNING: Deprecated the use of the group accessor in list context
  when used to retrieve keys: see 'WARNING' POD section
- Added 'default' option to the Class::constr pragma plus tests
- Fixed the possibilty of setting twice the same property when copy => 1
- Minor changes in the constructor closure
- Added possibility to get a slice of values from groups accessors
- A few minor improvement and fixes in the groups closure (all the props exist,
  the groups accessor uses always the props accessor if defined, etc)
- Added $_ aliasing for the post_process option
- A few minor POD changes and fixes

Version 1.76
- Added add_to() method to add props and groups accessors in other packages
- Added post_process() option to props accessors
- A few minor POD changes

Version 1.75
- Constructors can now be called as instance methods
- Added the 'copy' option to create copy constructors
- Fixed a bug in the Class::constr (introduced with a patch in version 1.74)

Version 1.74
- Eliminated version check and installation feedback system
  ("phone home" opt-out) from Makefile.PL to make Randal L Schwartz happy :-)
  and sad the author :-(

Version 1.73
- Minor POD changes

Version 1.72
- Changed Makefile.PL version check

Version 1.71
- Fixed validation for constructor arguments

Version 1.7
- Substancial changes in the internal structure to allow more efficient
  object destroying: now the objects that uses OOTools get destroyed always
  when they go out of scope instead in global destruction phase
- The variable related with the accessor is not tied anymore: this allows to
  bypass the options and frees object self reference that delayed the
  destruction until the global destruction phase (i.e. when the script exits).

Version 1.62
- Added the perl version check to the Makefile.PL
- Added the possibility to create groups by passing just the name
  as plain string instead the usual hash reference

Version 1.61
- Some POD fixes and restyling
- Fixed bug: groups default option now is working under all circumstances

Version 1.6
- Added default option for properties group accessors