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Revision history for Object-Generic

0.13    Sep 26 2005
	added ability to keep an error message within Object::Generic::False

0.12    Sep 26 2005
	fixed bug in Object::Generic::exists; crashed if key wasn't passed.

0.11    Sep 8 2005
	updated the documentation; changed version number upward
	to match Object::Generic::Session's as of this date.

0.03    Sep 8 2005
	added $obj->remove('key') and $class->define_accessors(@keys) methods

0.02    June 13 2005
        added $obj->keys and $obj->exists('key') methods,
	for compatability with

0.01    June 7 2005
	template created with
           $ module-starter \ 
	     --module=Object::Generic,Object::Generic::False, \ 
             --author="Jim Mahoney"
        added 1st attempt at code for and Generic/