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2007/07/29  Phil Christensen <>
    * Moved TestOptions to Options::Test (I didn't know I'd
      be cluttering the CPAN namespace -- I thought I had to
      specifically declare a namespace on PAUSE)

2007/07/10  Phil Christensen <>
    * Added $options->{'error_handler'} hook
    * Added $options->{'usage_fh'} hook
    * Added documentation on error_handler
    * Added documentation on usage_fh
    * Fixed documentation bugs
    * Other small bugfixes

2007/07/08  Phil Christensen <>
    * Added changelog
    * Added
    * Started using Module::Build instead of ExtUtils::MakeMaker
    * Added unit tests, pod tests, and pod coverage tests
    * Modified POD documentation to be inline instead of appended
    * Updated README with new POD text
    * Updated MANIFEST for new files
    * Implemented support for flag grouping