PDF::FDF::Simple::Grammar - Precompiled grammar for PDF::FDF::Simple


This is the precompiled grammar. It is generated from



  ./Build grammar

usually done by the maintainer or a developer.

Developing without precompile

You can avoid using the precompiled grammar and use the raw grammar file by setting this environment variable to a true value:


This is useful if you want to work on the grammar without the need to precompile everytime.

The path to the grammar file is determined using File::ShareDir in the respective lib/auto/ subdirectory that belongs to the currently used module, depending on @INC. So when you get confused, e.g., by seemingly non-working changes, check which grammar file it is using. Some typical different @INCs are used with:

  prove -l t/*.t               # ./lib/
  prove -b t/*.t               # ./blib/
  ./Build test                 # ./blib/
  perl -MPDF::FDF::Simple ...  # perl's @INC