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0.09 (11/15/2015)
    (ms) [ #108874] removed MYMETA* files from distro.

0.08 (07/26/2014)
    (ms) [ #89278] Setting PERL_HASH_SEED=0 and 
         PERL_PERTURB_KEYS=NO before the interpreter starts (via
         re-invoking the test suite) to comply with required
         anti-hash-tumbling settings.

0.07 (09/30/2013) 
    (ms) Fixed test suite for perl-5.17 and its non-deterministic keys.

0.06 (01/19/2013) 
    (ms) Fixed sort order in test case.

0.05 (04/01/2012) 
    (ms) Requiring perl-5.8 to avoid utf8 problems with 5.6.
    (ms) Pavel Zhytomirsky submitted a patch checking for undefined variables

0.04 (02/26/2012)
    (ms) [ #74784] Added http_build_query_utf8() to deal with 
         utf8 encoded input data, using URI::Escape's uri_escape_utf8()
         instead of uri_escape().

0.03 (2008/10/14)
    (ms) Added copyright notice

0.02 (2008/10/03)
    (ms) Changed API to be more PHP-like after consulting with 
         Sara Golemon.
    (ms) Added arrays

0.01 (2008/10/03)
    (ms) Where it all began.