Revision history for Perl extension PHP::Serialization

0.34  2010-03-18
 - Fix keys and values like '010' being serialized as strings as expected
   rather than being turned into ints. (RT#48594)

0.33  2009-07-14
 - Added ability to store the order of the keys on decoding
   PHP assoc array (Alexander Bassilov)
 - Added ability to sort the keys on encoding HASHes (Alexander

0.32  2009-06-20
 - Making finite state machine
 - Fixed bug in arrays RT21218
 - RT24441 is not a bug
 - Croaks on incomplete strings. RT44700
 - Fixed bug with float as index. RT42029
 - Removed warning from POD
 - Changed todo in POD

0.31  2009-04-14
 - Add warning note to POD
 - Take patch from RT#45024 to fix boolean deserialization bug.

0.30  2009-01-11
 - Significantly cleanup the code to be much prettier.
 - Fix RT#42279, output sizes a bytes, not characters so that 
   serializing multibyte data works correctly.

0.29  2008-09-17
 - Fix bug with negative numbers, RT#6402, patch from
   <tom [...]>
 - Add TODO test for RT21218
 - Add TODO test for RT24441

 - Serializing long integers comes out  as -1 on the PHP end 
   as noted in RT#6112 patch from <kcivey [...]>.
 - Add test for the issue above (t0m).
 - Fix POD as noted in RT#6113 by MCMAHON.
 - Only require perl 5.6 in Makefile.PL as noted in RT#17034
   by <kcivey [...]>

 - Fixed versioning (internal lib version was .26, was reporting 
   as .25 in previous version)
 - Fixed array serialization/unserialization issues due to 
   incorrect element counts
 - Fixed overly restrictive perl version requirement
 - Fixed formatting issues in the documentation

0.25  Tue Dec 16 05:44:04 2003
  - Original public version
  - Change text formatted to zap tabs in docs.