Revision history for Perl extension POE::Component::Client::Stomp.

0.01  Thu Aug 30 13:48:39 2007
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
        -Axc -n POE::Component::Client::Stomp

0.02  03-Oct-2007 K.Esteb
    - Changed the module to be object oriented. I was having problems with
      sub classing the module to reduce complexity. I also wanted a dispatcher
      based on message types. This version does those things.

0.03  09-Oct-2007 K.Esteb
    - Changed event/method "handle_send" to "send_data", it seemed more
        syntactically correct with the new "gather_data" event/method.
      Added successors for stomp, config, host and port.
      Added a log method, this method currently knows "warn" and "error"
        levels. This should be overridden by your class, for your preferred
      Added a event/method "gather_data", it was needed to send the
        object to the method.
      Changed the internals to use the new assessors.
      Added a couple of examples.
      Made the reconnection code more robust. Probably needs more work.

0.04  15-Oct-2007 K.Esteb
      Fixed the "Broken pipe" error.
      Figured out how to require other modules. So Net::Stomp,
        POE::Filter::Stomp and POE::Component::Client::Stomp::Utils are
        now required modules.
      Added a method "handle_shutdown" this should be overridden if specific 
        stuff needs to be done when a shutdown has been initiated. By default 
        nothing will be done.
      Fixed a syntax mistake in the documentation.
      Added a granulated scheme for reconnection attempts.

0.05  17-Dec-2007 K.Esteb
      Fixed the "connection timeout" error.
      Fixed the documentation so it would format correctly.
      Added an event/method "connection_down" to signal when the active 
        connection is down. This needs to be overridden. By default nothing
        will be done.
      Added tests to make sure everything works correctly. These tests will
        fail if there is no MQ listening on port 61613 at localhost. Open
        to suggestions on how to fix this.
      Fixed Makefile.PL

0.06  16-Apr-2008 K.Esteb
      Bug fix release for RT #34743, #34742.
      POE is now a required module. Seems rather obvious, but I had some bug
        reports on this one.
      Removed 02_basic.t, Received a bug report on it not working. Sigh, 
        release 0.05 explains why it may not work. So I guess this "fixes" 
        the above problem.

0.07  23-Jun-2008 K.Esteb
      Alejandro Imass made the suggestion that reconnection's should recycle 
        after they have expired. This version includes his logic to do so.

0.08  15-Dec-2008 K.Esteb
      Added some new error codes for reconnection attempts.

0.09  24-Jul-2009 K.Esteb
      Added some more error codes for reconnection attempts.

0.10  04-Nov-2009 K.Esteb
      Added some more error codes for reconnection attempts.
      Changed the logic from 0.07 for retrying reconnection's. It didn't seem
        to work correctly.

0.11  19-Aug-2010 K.Esteb
      Added a "EnableKeepAlive" config option to set SO_KEEPALIVE at the
        socket level. 
      Also added code to set the socket for reasonable levels of 
        keepalive packet generation. Unfortunately the constants; 
        TCP_KEEPCNT, TCP_KEEPIDLE and TCP_KEEPINTVL have different values 
        depending on the OS being used. As such, this feature only 
        works on Linux and AIX. 

0.12  22-Mar-2012 K.Esteb
      Improved signal handling.
      Renamed some of the private events to better conform to other
      Added a handle_reload() method to repond to HUP signals.
      The signals INT, TERM and QUIT will now execute the
        handle_shutdown() method.
      Added a connection_up event.