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Revision history for Perl extension POSIX::RT::Semaphore.

BV := Bijan Vakili <bvakili#oanda_com>
ER := Eric Rybski <rybskej#yahoo_com>

0.05 Thu May 21 20:48:11 2009
	- version 0.05
	- portability: ppport.h updated to perl-5.10, Makefile.PL favors librt
	  by default, hints/ files updated appropriately; this should fix
	  linking on FreeBSD and Solaris (thx BV).
	- Semaphore.xs:  use HAVE_SEM_* defines to determine feature set, as
	  Makefile.PL now searches for actually present functions (nod to
	  Net-Pcap).  Export _SC constants.
	- Note FreeBSD 14 character name limit, correct
	  NSEMS typo, document _SC constants.
	- t/: verify _SC macro export, use shorter semaphore names (thx BV), 
	  accomodate Darwin's ENOSYS sem_getvalue().

0.04 Sun Aug 7 00:40:43 2006
	- version 0.04
	- Update CAVEATs with portability concerns.  Remove
	  debugging prints from 0.03.
	- t/: accomodates dec_osf name choice.  No lingering named psems
	  on system.  fork-* silence child's Test::More output.  skip-count
	  cleanup following much varied ENOSYS exposure.  Beware SIGSYS, though.
	- hints/:  Initial hints dir:  solaris, hpux and dec_osf support.

0.03 Sat Aug 5 13:14:20 2006
	- version 0.03
	- Anonymous sems allocated in anon, shared memory if possible
	  (MAP_SHARED or mmap /dev/zero).
	- Semaphore.xs: allow sem_timedwait under __CYGWIN__ (thx ER).
	  newCONSTSUB implementation of exportables, conditionally including
	  SEM_NAME_LEN (Darwin) and SEM_NAME_MAX (Tru64, others).
	- dynamically build @EXPORT_OK.  POD documents constants,
	  attempted anon shared allocation of unnamed sems.
	- t/: use_const.t modified to drop "no_macro" croak check.  fork-inherit
	  tests for both named and unnamed sems.  01util.t modified to sidestep
	  older Test::More installations.  ctors.t works around cygwin

0.02  Thu Jul 19 00:45:52 2006
	- version 0.2
	- restructure named and unnamed psems as classes with a common virtual
	  ancestor class.  Calling the "wrong" deallocator (e.g.,
	  $named_sem->destroy) still croaks, but now b/c the requested method is
	  not found, rather than as a safety precaution.
	- getvalue() returns undef on failure
	- SIZEOF_SEM_T (undocumented)
	- Semaphore.xs: check _POSIX_TIMEOUTS for timedwait() and __CYGWIN__
	  for unlink() (thx ER).  General legibility improvements.
	- POD cleanup
	- t/:  corrected *cough* boolean inversion in tests (thx ER).
	  Substantially expanded test suite.

0.01  Sun Oct 19 20:02:08 2003
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-cn POSIX::RT::Semaphore