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1.0003: Wed Apr 03 2013
   - there's an enormous variety of error messages between the

1.0002: Fri Mar 29 2013
   - Matthew Horsfall (alh) <> contributed
     patches via github.  

1.0001: Wed Mar 25 11:21:42 EDT 2009
   - releasing this as 1.0.1 because I had accidentally released
     it as a developer release

1.0: Thu Aug  7 15:25:12 EDT 2008
   - after much hullabaloo, I have determined that
     needs Module::Build to work reliably with XS and I have
     further determined that Module::Build causes more problems
     than it solves.  I hate it.  So I'm removing and
     Module::Build and going back to the ultra stable

0.90.16: Wed Jul 30 07:28:25 EDT 2008
   - changed my author and copyright sections, they were all
   - removed the Makefile.PL, causes problems

0.90.15: Mon Jul 28 06:39:12 EDT 2008
   - added lib checkers to both .PLs

0.90.14: Thu Jul 24 07:13:03 EDT 2008
   - We don't need the AutoLoader to use AUTOLOAD, in fact, all
     it does is try to pick up the autosplit.ix
   - I also fixed the build problems with const-*.inc (I hope)

0.90.13: Wed Jul 23 16:11:58 EDT 2008
   - Module::Build needs ExtUtils::CBuilder to build XS

0.90.12: Tue Jul 22 18:32:27 EDT 2008
   - moved to module::build

0.90.11: Mon Jun  2 08:26:11 EDT 2008
   - was using Devel::CheckLib wrong.  Use use-devel-checklib
     script next time

0.90.10: Tue May 27 12:11:11 EDT 2008
   - (wow, use version has to be on the same line as our $VERSION
      for older EUMM)

0.90.9: Mon May 26 15:57:34 EDT 2008
   - I might as well do a new version of everything using while I wait for all my CPAN deletes to go
     through.  I just discovered that doesn't/didn't
     go core until perl 5.9...  I really wish I'd have prereqed
     it everywhere I used it, but I didn't.  *sigh*

0.90.8: Sat May 24 09:22:10 EDT 2008
   - Gah, Andreas Koenig himself took the trouble to point out
     further problems with my three number versioning.  I'll now
     'use version' as he suggests.

0.90.6: Wed May 21 12:56:49 EDT 2008
   - The Irix compiler (and probably others) can't deal with having
     if() blocks in the PREINIT -- a braindead error on my part.

0.90.4: Wed May 21 12:56:49 EDT 2008
   - I misunderstood the use of Devel::CheckLib.
     You're meant to include it with your distribution, duh.

0.90.3: Sun May 18 09:17:56 EDT 2008
   - Windows? Seriously?  You're going to need libc I guess.
     Really, I never gussed windows people would try to compile
     this.  CPAN Testers rocks in that way.
   - Devel::CheckLib now looks for libc and regex.h
   - Wow, linux (really gnu platforms) is the only place where \|
     works under basic REs.  gnu grep apparently lexes it's own
     basic REs and only uses regcomp() for certain balancing
     error-checks.  I did not know that.  Again: perl testers

0.90.1: Sun May 18 09:17:56 EDT 2008
   - Made the Makefile.PL require a modern ExtUtils::MakeMaker w/
     ExtUtils::Constant (bsd 6.1 is apparently pure evil)

0.90: Sat May 17 06:54:46 EDT 2008
   - Fixed various error message typos
   - Fixed various BSD problems that hopefully also fix the same
     problems in solaris (installing a bsd virtual machine was
     enough trouble, ... where would I find solaris?) (bottom
     line: god bless the perl testers!)

0.89:  Fri Aug 18 16:21:57 EDT 2006
   - jettero upgraded the version to 89...

0.54:  Fri Aug 18 16:21:33 EDT 2006
   - jettero added a few gnu regex options

0.53:  Fri Aug 18 15:50:24 EDT 2006
   - jettero got the matching routines to work great

0.52:  Fri Aug 18 14:24:07 EDT 2006
   - jettero got some of the primary methods like regcomp and
     DESTROY working

0.01  Thu Aug 17 18:16:16 2006
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
      --skip-ppport /usr/include/regex.h