Revision history for Panotools::Script.

    - Fix for 5.18.1 syntax errors (Igor Yu. Vlasenko)
    - new tool: gpano2pto - inserts Google photospheres into .pto projects
    - ptomorph works without Proc::Background
    - ptomorph fixes for internal paths (Paul Womack)
    - add parallel processing to ptomorph (Kornel Benko)
    - fix for 5.25.x test failure (SREZIC)
    - rename pto2mk2 to pto2mk
    - transfer from Hugin
    - new pto-ffmpeg tool to generate ffmpeg remap PGM files
    - new nona-deshake tool to remap and deshake webcam sequences

    - new tool: nona-svg - stitch a vector panorama image
    - new tool: pto2gpano - add GPano XMP metadata
    - ptovariable: support XYZ translation parameters
    - match-n-shift: create a project based on a CSV list input file
    - support new Tpy,Tpp yaw and pitch of remapping plane for translation
    - match-n-shift try and calculate fov correctly for portrait and fisheye setups
    - fix bug that failed tests with perl 5.17.*

    - remove linux desktop entries for tif2svg-gui enblend-svg process-masks-gui qtvr2erect-gui
    - apparently there is a bsd called dragonfly
    - new tool: ptoreset - reset photometric parameters in a .pto file
    - fix gigatile bug with uncropped output (Emad ud din Bhatt)
    - remove ptograph as superceded by Hugin layout mode
    - skip Panotools::Makefile tests if no suitable make executable found
    - some methods for fast querying of transformation coordinates via pano_trafo
    - new tool: ptomorph - distort photos before stitching
    - try and fix division by zero error when EXIF ExposureTime = 0 (Tobias Mueller)
    - erect2planet and erect2mercator now take multiple input files

    - ptoanchor now uses cpfind instead of autopano-sift-c, requires Hugin 2010.4.0
    - Panotools::Makefile fixes for irix/solaris
    - tests: workaround math on Darwin
    - tests: Use 'copy' instead of 'cp' on windows when running tests
    - new tools: ptohalve and ptodouble - resizes pto project files
    - fix Transform() and other potential bugs with linked stacks

    - Image Radius() method and Panotools::Script OptimalWidth() method
    - match-n-shift calculate panorama pixel size
    - match-n-shift populate white balance from EXIF data
    - gigastart 'images' target
    - ptofill: --ignoregroups option to force matching between unconnected groups
    - new tool: entile - splits images to google-maps style tiles
    - new tool: gmaptemplate - HTML template for viewing tiled images with Google Maps API
    - new tool: gigatile - crude stitching for very large panoramas
    - new tool: lens-submit - collect lens and EXIF data
    - remove GraphViz build dependency as ptograph is superceded by Hugin layout mode
    - bugfix: pafextract was miscalculating FoV (Pablo d'Angelo)
    - Support new Mask 'k' line

    - new tool: ptoanchor - add control points to a Hugin project
    - new tool: ptochain - add control points to a Hugin project between consecutive photos
    - new tool: ptobind - Join the ends of linked photos in a Hugin project
    - new tool: ptofill - add control points to a Hugin project between likely overlapping photos
    - new tool: pto2mk2 - Create a Makefile for stitching
    - new tool: gigastart - assemble multi-row panoramas
    - rewrite panostart to use ptoanchor
    - rewrite match-n-shift to use ptoanchor
    - rewrite ptovariable, CLI not the same
    - bugfix: crash in Subset() when project has no image metadata
    - bugfix: tif2svg,enblend-svg fix --jpeg-proxies option (Thomas Modes)
    - bugfix: match-n-shift fix detection of longest exposure in bracketed sets
    - bugfix: a full set of defaults are written to new .pto projects
    - bugfix: support P parameter in p-lines
    - bugfix: ptomerge fix mixing absolute and relative paths
    - feature: match-n-shift will get FoV and Eev from EXIF data
    - feature: panostart and match-n-shift use EXIF ExposureMode for detection of bracketed stacks
    - feature: erect2cubic --face option to optionally specify cubeface pixel size
    - feature: ptoinfo reports on stacks and exposure layers
    - feature: support i-line TiX,TiY,TiZ,TiS 'tilt' and TrX,TrY,TrZ 'XYZ transform' parameters in libpano13-2.9.1
    - factored Makefile generator to Panotools::Makefile
    - factored EXIF handling to Panotools::Photos
    - Panotools::Script new methods: Stacks() ExposureLayers() ConnectedGroups() Connections() UnifyLenses() LinkStacks() AngularDistance()
    - Panotools::Script::Line::Image new accessor methods: Path(), v() a() b() etc...

    - Add new projections to pod documentation and ptoinfo output
    - Add empty 'v' line to all output as panotools chokes without 'v' lines
    - New enfuse-mask tool based on enblend-mask
    - New ptodummy tool for creating missing input photos
    - panostart: create default Makefile if no output specified
    - support 'i' line 'j' parameter introduced in gsoc layout project

    - Use ImageMagick to workaround matchpoint alpha channel bug
    - panostart --nostacks option for point-and-shoot sequences with random exposure
    - match-n-shift workaround EXIF exposure time in both decimal and fractions
    - unfinished tool ptovariable for setting optimisation parameters
    - match-n-shift does photometric optimisation unless --stacks specified
    - erect2qtvr uses sips instead of ImageMagick on OS X
    - remove pto2fulla as superceded by tca_correct
    - remove pto2tiff as superceded by pto2mk

    - ptoclean, don't give autooptimiser projects with invalid lenses
    - ptosplit choked on images without associated 'v' lines (Ryan Helinski)
    - new tool ptsed for editing project files, also useful for converting
      .pto projects to PToptimizer compatible scripts (Iouri Ivliev)
    - ptscluster tool for removing bad control points, uses PToptimizer
      output from libpano13-2.9.14 or later (Iouri Ivliev)

    - Centre() method to try and place images in middle of the panorama
    - new tool ptocentre
    - panostart rules for building qtvr, mercator, planet views etc...
    - Write() update 'o' lines when writing if project already contains 'o' lines
    - Merge() only merge image metadata if already existing
    - tif2svg only trace outlines if --trace option given
    - ptoget and ptoset tools to query and set global project parameters

    - add pafextract to MANIFEST

    - pafextract tool for using panoglview as a pteditor replacement
    - panostart MAKE_EXTRA_ARGS passed to make
    - panostart rename -s parameter to -t
    - panostart AP_EXTRA_ARGS passed to match-n-shift
    - new Distance() method to report control point errors,
      doesn't know about equirectangular/cylindrical input yet
    - new Prune() and Stats() methods for working with control point errors
    - ptoinfo reports global control point error distance
    - new tool ptoclean control point reaper
    - support for extra morph parameters (Iouri Ivliev)
    - match-n-shift runs ptoclean with --align option

    - match-n-shift workaround PTmender failure with separate /tmp/
    - match-n-shift write output even if no points found
    - panostart --loquacious verbose output
    - panostart use file date if no exif date
    - panostart .PHONY rule
    - panostart create rules for all output types

    - Read() and Write() accept STDIN and STDOUT using '-' placeholder
    - ptosort now allows sorting many aspects of .pto projects (Felix Hagemann)
    - Preserve 'disabled' flag for images (Felix Hagemann)
    - match-n-shift --stacks option to use align_image_stack
    - panostart does everything

    - Fix for ptograph negative coordinates (Felix Hagemann)
    - ptosort now removes duplicate points too, Duplicates() method
    - ptopath changes absolute to relative paths in .pto projects
    - erect2mercator creates a pto project for generating mercator views
    - ptosplit extracts subsets of .pto projects
    - ptomerge merges .pto projects

    - match-n-shift uses PTmender instead of nona/ImageMagick (now much slower)
    - new tool ptograph to visualise connections within a project
    - remove dependency on Math::Matrix
    - rationalise mixed licenses, now GPLv2+
    - support optimising photometric parameters for vig_optimize
    - ptosort for renumbering control points in spatial order
    - Fix nona-mask to allow -o parameter anywhere, use -i parameter sanely (Felix Hagemann)
    - enblend-svg, fix mask output (Serge Droz)

    - new match-n-shift control point finder tool
    - fix crash in ptoinfo

    - remove Preview(), Optimise() and Stitch() methods
    - enblend mask, merge mask rather than replace
    - enblend-svg, render just masks, use enblend-mask to merge
    - nona-mask, allow full command-line parameters
    - pto2fulla align_image_stack based tca calculator
    - ptoinfo hugin project reporting tool and gui wrapper
    - erect2planet output pto project instead of rendering image
    - read and write hugin image metadata and options in comment lines
    - remove pto2tiff-gui due to conflict with hugin_stitch_project
    - add .desktop files for Linux gui integration

    - replace Image::Magick with Image::Size for sizing images
    - jpeg2qtvr fix CRLF bug on windows
    - fix cubic2erect (Peter Crowley)

    - Stitch() method, fix stupid bug introduced by trying to fix windows bugs

    - tif2svg uses autotrace to generate initail vector masks
    - enblend-svg converts to tiff and runs enblend rather than enblend-mask
    - tif2svg and enblend-svg support creating jpg proxy images
    - replaced tempfile with tempdir for windows, still broken on OS X

    - new tools: qtvr2erect, tif2svg, enblend-svg
    - trivial zenity gui wrappers: enblend-svg-gui, erect2qtvr-gui, process-masks-gui, pto2tiff-gui, qtvr2erect-gui, tif2svg-gui
    - fixes for recent hugin updates
    - pto2tiff: don't generate cropped tiff images or specify blend levels
    - portability fixes: process-masks, enblend-mask, pto2tiff, erect2qtvr

    - blend any input filetypes with enblend-mask
    - prefer svg to tiff with enblend-mask
    - add nona-mask
    - allow setting STITCHER and OPTIMISER environment
    - pass options to Stitch()
    - New Clone() and Preview() methods
    - New accessor methods: Mode(), Panorama(), Variable(), Image(), Output(), Control(), ControlMorph()
    - Only pass optimisable variables to PTOptimizer but default to autooptimiser
    - New exposure, white balance, output mode, bitdepth and camera response parameters supported by hugin/nona
    - erect2qtvr add --yaw and --outfile options

    - change order of nona parameters for BSD (Milan Knizek)

    - add erect2qtvr

    - add jpeg2qtvr

    - Add Transform() method to rotate project files
    - various bugfixes

    - rewritten in less crappy OO style (Bruno Postle)

0.00 Sat May 04 13:01:00 2002
    - various half working stuff (Bruno Postle)