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* Changes in Parse::RandGen 0.202 8/31/2005
**	Fix bug in Literal::pick(match=>0) that resulted in the
	literal not being corrupted, as it should.

***	Refactored common code from pick() into pickRepetitions()
	[James Gregory]

***	$Parse::RandGen::Debug can be set to enable debug messages.

***	In the pick() functions, when a capture is specified and match=>1,
	only the last repetition of a Subrule gets the value of the capture
	(the others can be anything).

* Changes in Parse::RandGen 0.201 7/14/2005
**	Added "t/15_regex_pick.t" test to the MANIFEST
	(forgot it in 0.200)

* Changes in Parse::RandGen 0.200 7/13/2005

**	Fix bug in CharClass when min is specified but not max
	(e.g. /a{50,}/).  [James Gregory]

***	Added support for captures in Regexp (named or numbered).

***	Added ability for pick() to take user-specified values for
	subrules or regexp captures to constrain the generation of
	random data.

* Initial release of Parse::RandGen 0.100 8/19/2003

****	Initial release
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