2010-01-23  Terrence Brannon  <tryon@li2-666.members.linode.com>

	* added a GOTCHAS section and one question

2009-08-13    <tbrannon@devel.cybertechnologyllc.com>

	* added Holger Helmuth's suggestion on how to make line numbers
	correspond to the grammar

2007-11-08  Terrence Brannon  <W049945@LNOHPOL8170MC1.NAEAST.AD.JPMORGANCHASE.COM>

	* FAQ.tt: added a link to Ted Zlatnov's solution on how to get 
	"substring" style matches in PRD.

2007-11-07  Terrence Brannon  <W049945@LNOHPOL8170MC1.NAEAST.AD.JPMORGANCHASE.COM>

	* For version 5.08:
	- Created section on relevant CPAN modules and added:
	** Data::Match
	** Parse::RecDescent::Consumer
	** Regexp::(List|Assemble)
	** Scalar::Listify
	- Mentioned the VIM syntax file

2007-09-05  Terrence Brannon  <W049945@LNOHPOL8170MC1.NAEAST.AD.JPMORGANCHASE.COM>

	* added information on parsing large files

2006-01-12  metaperl  <metaperl@gmail.com>

	* Took results from this Perlmonks search:

	  to add 2 new generative parsing questions

2003-10-16  metaperl  <metaperl@moksha>

	* FAQ.tt (Parse): added Hugh Myer's 17 tips on prd

2003-10-13  metaperl  <metaperl@moksha>

	* FAQ.tt (Parse): added Craig's Parse::RecDescent Area under

	* MANIFEST: removed Changes from MANIFEST. Added ChangeLog (since
	Emacs seems to have this thing for the file being named