Revision history for Path-Dispatcher

1.08      2020-07-12 02:40:52Z
        - add abstracts to modules that were missing them (RT#132909)
        - add MooX::TypeTiny for optimized type checks

1.07      2020-02-29 20:55:07Z
        - Switch from Any::Moose to Moo and Types::Standard
        based on PRs from chresomanci and hashbangperl

1.06    2015-02-18
        Switch packaging system to Dist::Zilla (David Pottage)
            Thanks to the CPAN Pull Request Challenge :)

1.05    2013-03-14
        eval q{$'} before regex match when needed to soothe bleadperl
            Thanks Dave Mitchell!

1.04    2011-09-01
        Explicitly depend on Test::Fatal (reported by Jérôme Quelin  [ #70666])

        Convert all tests from Test::Exception to Test::Fatal

1.03    2011-08-30
        Provisional support for arbitrary payloads, not just code blocks, as results
        Eventually blocks will be deprecated, but not for a while. Internally blocks are
        rewritten as payloads so if you're doing deep magic with PD you may be exposed to
        that implementation detail.

1.02    2010-11-02
        Various improvements to the handling of $match->leftover with undef

1.01    2010-10-24
        Skip t/026-named-captures.t if you don't have 5.10.1

        Give matches a ->parent for inspecting an Under prefix rule's captures etc

1.00    2010-10-17
        Bump to 1.0 to indicate back compat breakage

        Add match->named($key) for pulling out a named capture

        Use Try::Tiny to avoid swallowing exceptions (rafl)

0.16      2010-10-17
        ** BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Pass the match object into rule
        **    blocks rather than assigning $1, $2, $3. Use ->pos(1), (2), (3),
        **    etc. instead. This cleans up the code a lot and makes
        **    Path-Dispatcher more flexible.

        Add support for named captures

        Make all attributes read-only. If you need something to be read-write,
            I am open to such a change. Just let me know!

        Make _dispatcher_rule private

        Remove trace/readable_attribute/name support. This wants to be
            implemented in a different, better, more comprehensive way.

        Add documentation for shell tab completion

        Plenty other updated documentation

0.15      2010-03-16 09:40:40Z
        ** Factored Path-Dispatcher-Declarative into its own distribution
        ** Be sure to update your dependency lists!

        Implement ->complete for Rule::Dispatch

        Add Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Alternation

        Implement case insensitivity for Rule::Eq

        Add Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Sequence - like Rule::Tokens but

        Add Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Enum

        Path autoboxing has been factored out into a private method for
            more overridability

        A few documentation improvements as usual :)

0.14      2009-12-31 13:18:19Z
        Add Path::Dispatcher->complete for tab-completion

        Handle delimiters better in Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Tokens

        Factor out a _prefix method for rules to simplify their logic

0.13      2009-08-09 13:38:19Z
        Add unshift_rule to classes that do Role::Rules

        Several distribution improvements

0.12      2009-04-17 03:21:05Z
        Fix a bug with undefined capture variables being converted to the
            empty string and throwing warnings (reported by obra)

        Give Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Dispatch a "rules" method

0.11      2009-04-15 02:47:50Z
        Fix some misnamed keys caused by de-AttributeHelper-ing

        Stop using some deprecated Moose features

        Doc fixes (Sartak and confound)

0.10      2009-03-06 23:40:42Z
        The way you specify token_delimiter and case_sensitive_tokens has
            changed! You now say:
                use Path::Dispatcher::Declarative -base, -defaults => {
                    token_delimiter       => '/',
                    case_sensitive_tokens => 0,

        Added Path::Dispatcher::Cookbook (grink)

        Added Path::Dispatcher::Builder which now backs
            Path::Dispatcher::Declarative (grink)

        then {} rule which is an "always" with that uses next_rule (grink)

        chain {} rule which is like Catalyst's chain (grink)

        Remove the last vestiges of stages (Sartak)

        Many minor fixes (Sartak)

0.09      2009-02-09 21:12:18Z
        Avoid using method modifiers since it's potentially another dep.

0.08      2009-02-05 12:15:38Z
        Inline uses of MooseX::AttributeHelpers.

        Now use "Any::Moose" (basically Squirrel done right)

0.07      2009-01-28 01:39:37Z
        Paths are now boxed with the new Path::Dispatcher::Path.

        New rule type "Intersection" which matches only when each of its
        subrules match.

        New rule type "Metadata" which matches the optional metadata (a hash)
        of the path. The sugar for this is: on { foo => "bar" }

        New rule type "Eq" which just does basic string equality.

        Rules can now be named. In Path::Dispatcher::Declarative, each rule is
        named with its dispatcher's name and the file:line where the rule was

        Dispatch tracing output, for debugging. Set environment variable
        PATH_DISPATCHER_TRACE to a number. The higher the number, the more
        output will be generated. The current maximum value of 10 will dump
        code references.

0.06      2008-11-15 21:02:29Z
        New rule type "Empty" which matches only the empty path.

            on '' now matches only the empty path.

0.05      2008-11-15 16:36:41Z
        Improve test coverage
        New rule type "Always" which always matches.

            ends_dispatch is now an attribute

            Support for case insensitive matching
            Fix for tokens' type constraint

            Allow rules to be specified in the constructor (a typo prevented it)

            first_match, has_match methods which do what you'd expect
            The run method will now collect return values and return them

            redispatch_to sugar which adds a Dispatch rule
            "on '' => sub" as a special case will match all paths

0.04      2008-10-28 17:56:41Z
        Dist fixes

0.03      2008-10-28 17:42:47Z
        "rewrite" rules
        Super dispatchers are GONE! Yay.
        New Rule::Dispatch which just takes some other dispatcher. nothingmuch++

            Fix for always matching just a prefix whether you wanted to or not
            Make tokenization and untokenization into methods for overriding

            -base is required, otherwise unrelated modules using your dispatcher
                would get their @ISA set!

0.02      2008-10-20 14:10:12Z
        Prefix matches
        "under" rules
        Remove stages until they're actually needed

            The codeblock is no longer required
            Empty tokens are ignored
            The token attribute is now 'delimiter' instead of 'splitter'
            Allow regexes and alternations in the token rules

            No longer Dispatch::Match
            Created by the Rule instead of the Dispatcher

            You now must subclass Path::Dispatcher::Declarative
            Allow overriding the token delimiter

0.01      2008-08-27 11:04:18Z
        Initial release