This file documents the revision history for Perl extension Patterns-UndefObject.

0.004   11 February 2015
        - Changed the way the dependencies are listed to solve installation issue
        - added a new way to use this via the 'maybe' namespace.

0.003   01 August 2012
        - Fixed a few more typos in the documention
        - We now properly set the development repository, should people wish
          to contribute.

0.002   01 August 2012	
        - Added missing change file
        - documentation updates, include a caveats / warning section
        - reduced the number of methods in the class to lower the risk of 
          namespace collision.
        - Changed the way the 'maybe' method works so that we improve DWIM
          should the target class have defined a 'maybe' method of its own.

0.001   08 June 2012
        - First usable version released.