Revision history for Perl module Perl::Critic::StricterSubs

0.05 2015-02-20

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Corrected dependencies listed in the META files. GH #1

0.04 2015-02-18

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Fixed RT #72022. Uses of labels in next(), last() or redo() are no
      longer seen by ProhibitCallsToUndeclaredSubs.

    * Fixed RT #66863. Test::Deep not needed for testing.

    * Fixed RT #62184. All subroutines imported in a quoted but
      unparenthesized list are now seen by ProhibitCallsToUndeclaredSubs.

    * Fixed RT #43314 and 44609. Modules::RequireExplicitInclusion now
      allows __PACKAGE__->foo().

    * Fixed RT #43310. Subroutines::ProhibitCallsToUndeclaredSubs now
      handles imports that specify version number.

    * Fixed RT #36783. Subroutines::ProhibitCallsToUndeclaredSubs now
      handles qw{...} strings inside a list.

    * Author-only tests have been moved to the xt/author directory.

    * The repository for this code has been moved to GitHub.

    * Modernized the format of this Changes log.

    Thank you Tom Wyant for contributing all these patches. Thank you
    Mark Gardner for motivating me to finally ship.

0.03 2008-01-10

     [Bug Fixes]
     Fixed test failures due to incompatibility with newer
     PPI versions.  This distro now requires PPI 1.2 vis-a-vi
     Perl-Critic 1.080.  Thanks cpantesters!

0.02 2007-07-01

     * ProhibitCallsToUndeclaredSubs is now configurable to exempt specific
       packages and subroutines.  See docs for details.

     * Added support for blocks-of-constants in ProhibitCallsToUndeclaredSubs.
       For example: use constant {FOO => 1, BAR => 2);

     * RequireExplicitInclusion now considers all "include" statements.  So
       a conditional or lexical "require" will now satisfy the policy, even
       if that condition is never satisfied during run-time, or the package
       is included in the wrong scope.

     * Refactored common code into the StricterSubs::Utils module.

     * Eliminated certain flavors of false-positives in several Policies.

     * Improved caching gives performance boost when analyzing many files.

     * Documented diagnostic messages.

     * Now requires Perl-Critic-1.052+

0.01 2007-04-12

     Beta release.