Revision history for Perl module Perl::Critic

1.150 Sat Mar  4 21:17:45 CST 2023

    Added Test::Builder and Text::Wrap to the list of default exceptions in
    Variables::ProhibitPackageVars. Thanks, Graham Knop. (GH #1025)

    We now use PPIx::Utils instead of PPIx::Utilities, which is more recently

1.148 Sat Jan  7 15:20:07 CST 2023

    [Possible breakage]
    Removed Perl::Critic::Utils::DataConversion. Any add-on policies that used
    it will need to copy the functions from there into their own code.

    ProhibitCascadingIfElse no longer suggests using given/when.

    We no longer require Test::Deep for testing.

    Test::Kwalitee is now only recommended, not required.

    Random microoptimizations, like using hashes for array contents checking,
    and using any() instead of calling grep as a boolean.

1.146 Wed Dec 21 21:05:20 CST 2022

    [New features]
    ProhibitBarewordDirHandles now checks for sysopen as well as open. Thanks,
    Tadeusz Sośnierz. (GH #732)

    Added a Dockerfile in the extras/ directory for those who want to run P::C
    in a container. Thanks, Isaac Gittins. (GH #832)

    Subroutines::ProhibitBuiltinHomonyms now can take an "allows" parameter to
    specify subroutines that won't violate the policy. Thanks, UTAGAWA Kiki.
    (GH #14, #932)

    ProhibitStringyEval now allows package declarations in evals when
    allow_includes = true. This is a common way packages are declared.
    Thanks, Chris Novakovic. (GH #908)

    [Bug Fixes]
    Fixed some problems with how Perl::Critic determined scope. Thanks, Tom
    Wyant. (GH #793)

    Fixed improper violation for lexical subroutines in
    Subroutines::ProhibitBuiltinHomonyms. Thanks, TOYAMA Nao. (GH #973, #955,

    ValuesAndExpressions::RequireNumberSeparators no longer complains if your
    version numbers do not have number separators in them. Thanks, Tom Wyant.
    (GH #856, #904)

    Fixed a false positive with split() in ProhibitUnusedCapture. Thanks, Tom
    Wyant. (GH #888)

    We no longer use or need IO::String. Thanks, Graham Knop. (GH #997)

    Removed requirements and mentions of modules no longer used:
    * Fatal
    * IO::String
    * IPC::Open2
    * Pod::Parser
    * Task::Weaken

1.144 Mon Dec  5 09:44:04 PM CST 2022

    Perl::Critic now requires Perl 5.10.1.

    [New features]
    The ProhibitAugmentedAssignmentInDeclaration policy now allows augmented
    assignments to "our" variables, if the allow_our option is enabled.
    Thanks, Graham Knop. (GH #993)

    ProhibitExplicitISA now recommends "use parent" instead of "use base".
    (GH #987)

    RequireUseWarnings now recognizes that "use v5.36" implies warnings.
    Thanks, Andrew Grechkin. (GH #984)

    Subroutines::ProhibitNestedSubs now allows lexical subroutines can
    now be inside of other subroutines. Thanks, TOYAMA Nao. (GH #946,
    #971, #972)

    RequireUseStrict now knows that Test::Spec enables it. (GH #906)

    ProhibitUnusedCapture now understands @{^CAPTURE} and %{^CAPTURE_ALL} that
    were added in Perl 5.26.0. Thanks, Tom Wyant. (GH #778)

    Allow numeric operators on special number strings 'NaN' and 'inf'. Thanks,
    Omer Gazit. (GH #803)

    Miscellanea::ProhibitUselessNoCritic no longer filters out errors about
    itself, just as Miscellanea::ProhibitUnrestrictedNoCritic cannot. Thanks,
    Bernhard Schmalhofer. (GH #939)

    Fixed GH #878: bareword filehandle dies on `open(CHECK, '/foo');`. Thanks,
    Tom Wyant.

    Updated to using Perl 5.10.1. Starting migrating to Perl 5.10-isms like
    defined-or. Thanks, James Raspass.

    Updated some outdated docs in Perl::Critic::Utils. Thanks, Slaven Rezić.
    (GH #951)

1.142 Mon Nov 28 08:12:14 PM CST 2022

    This is the last version of Perl::Critic that will run on Perl 5.6.1.  The
    next release will require Perl 5.10.1.

    [New Features]
    Add new policy InputOutput::ProhibitBarewordDirHandles, comparable to
    ProhibitBarewordFilehanles.  Thanks, raf. (GH #912)

    References::ProhibitDoubleSigils policy now allows for Perl's
    postfix dereference syntax and does not report a policy violation.
    Thanks to Ilya Rassadin (GH #578)

    Added Test::Class::Moose and MooseX::MethodAttributes::Role to the
    list of modules that are equivalent to "use strict".  (GH #808, GH #886)

    Subroutines::RequireArgUnpacking now detects anonymous subroutines with
    attributes, prototypes or signatures.  Thanks, Tom Wyant. (GH #684)

    ProhibitVoidMap and ProhibitVoidGrep now detect void context inside subs,
    such as:

        sub { map { foo($_) } @list; return }

    Thanks, James Raspass. (GH #905)

    RequireArgUnpacking now allows a closure to be recognized as a way that
    subroutine arguments can be unpacked.  This is specified with an optional
    allow_closures configuration option.  Thanks, Tom Wyant. (GH #737)

    ProhibitTwoArgOpen now disallows one-arg opens as well. Also, it
    no longer allows two-arg opening of STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR.  Thanks,
    Dan Book. (GH #652, #653)

    ProhibitLeadingZeros would not handle sysopen and lexical variables
    correctly. This has been fixed. Thanks, Tom Wyant. (GH #789)

    We note that the any() function is available in both List::MoreUtils and

    Added instructions to perlcritic on how to integrate with Visual Studio
    Code.  Thanks, sigzero.

    Switch to using List::SomeUtils instead of List::MoreUtils.

1.140 Tue Mar 23 21:42:19 CDT 2021

    [New Features]
    Subroutines::RequireFinalReturn now lets you specify a
    terminal_methods parameter to specify methods that should been as
    terminal.  This is like the terminal_funcs parameter, but for methods.
    Thanks, Robin Smidsrød and Mike Bruins. (GH #920)

1.139_01 Tue Sep  1 23:52:18 CDT 2020

    Removed an extra /x in that caused
    deprecation warnings in Perl 5.22 and higher.  (GH #822)

    Documentation::RequirePackageMatchesPodName now recognizes the package
    name if it's in C<< I<> >> or C<< B<> >> markup.  Thanks, Renée Bäcker.
    (GH #913)

1.138 Fri Jan 24 15:50:34 CST 2020

    Stable release.  No changes since 1.137_01.

1.137_01 Thu Jan 23 16:44:57 CST 2020

    RequireCheckingReturnValueOfEval didn't count returning the result of an
    eval as checking it.  Now it does.  However, it's only if you "return eval
    { ... }".  It still doesn't handle the case of "return ( eval {} )".
    Thanks, Tom Wyant. (GH #324)

    ProhibitPunctuationVars would get confused and think that the expression
    qr/SOME$/ was using the $/ special variable.  Thanks, Tom Wyan. (GH #843)

1.136 Wed Nov 27 09:51:09 CST 2019

    Stable release.  No changes since 1.135_01.

1.135_01 Tue Nov 26 14:50:11 CST 2019
    [New Features]
    The ProhibitNoWarnings pollicy now handles warnings in the experimental::
    group.  Thanks, Renée Bäcker. (GH #892)

    Prevented some example code from showing up in `perldoc`.  Thanks, Tom
    Hukins.  (GH #799)

1.134 Wed May 22 21:17:21 CDT 2019

    Stable release.  No changes since 1.133_02.

1.133_02 Mon May 20 10:48:16 CDT 2019
    [New Features]
    * Support indented heredocs.  Thanks, Gregory Oschwald. (GH#861)

    * In Subroutines::ProhibitManyArgs, you can now omit the object
    variable (C<$self> or C<$class>) from the argument count.  Thanks,
    Szymon Nieznański. (GH#815)

    * Removed use of File::HomeDir. Thanks, Karen Etheridge.

    * Upgrade to PPI 1.265.  By Will Braswell.  (GH#860)

    * Fix failed tests caused by new PPI.  Thanks, Szymon Nieznański.
    (GH #858)

    * Updated the Appveyor config.  Thanks, Roy Ivy III. (GH#851)

1.133_01 Thu Oct 25 23:21:31 CDT 2018
    [New Features]
    * Added new policy BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitShiftRef.  It disallows
    this construct that causes a memory leak in Perl 5.21.4 and above:

        my $ref = \shift;

    The documentation for the policy contains details on when this can
    happen. Thanks, Todd Rinaldo. (GH#837)

    [Policy Changes]
    * The policy Documentation::RequirePodLinksIncludeText is obsolete and
    has been removed. Thanks, Salvatore Bonaccorso. (GH#494)

1.132    Thu May 31 21:48:48 CDT 2018
    [New Features]
    * Added the ability to specify a regex to tell what unused private
    subroutines are OK in Subroutines::ProhibitUnusedPrivateSubroutines.
    This is handy for Moose classes where there could be many false
    positives on _build_xxxx() subroutines.
    Thanks, Dave Cross.  (GH #811, #812)

    * Perl::Critic now no longer relies on the deprecated Email::Address.
    Thanks, Giovanni Mariani.  (GH #816)

1.131_02 Tue Feb 20 17:18:03 CST 2018
    [New Features]
    * Perl::Critic now assumes that .psgi files are Perl, too.  Thanks, Tom
    Hukins. (GH#805)

    * Variables::ProhibitUnusedVariables no longer gives a false positive for
    variables used in interpolation.  Thanks, Omer Gazit. (GH#801)

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Added missing requirement for

1.131_01 Tue Nov 21 17:28:06 CST 2017
    [New Features]
    * In the ProhibitLeadingZeros policy, added an exception for mkfifo.
    Thanks, Evan Zacks. (GH#786)

    * Add color support for Windows platforms.  Thanks, Roy Ivy III. (GH#700)

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Recode Perl::Critic::Utils::all_perl_files() to use File::Find instead
    of opendir/readdir.  This solves endless directory traversals if
    the directories contain circular symbolic references.  Thanks, Tom Wyant.

    * Added  Thanks, Jonas B. Nielsen.

1.130   Thu Jul 20 23:16:34 CDT 2017
    [New Features]
    * Policies which ensure that system calls are checked such as
      RequireCheckedSystemCalls now have an "autodie_modules" setting which
      allows you to tell the policy about other modules which export
      autodie. Fixes #699. PR #747. Thanks to Dave Rolsky.

1.128    Sat Jun 10 22:31:28 CDT 2017

Stable release.  No changes since 1.127_02.

1.127_02 Tue May 23 18:31:59 CDT 2017

Developer release leading up to 1.128.

    [Bug Fixes]
    * PPI misparsing a module caused an incorrect "Must end with a
      recognizable true value."  This is fixed by upgrading to PPI
      1.224. (GH #696, GH #607)
    * A test would fail under the upcoming Perl 5.26 that omits the current
      directory from @INC.  Thanks, Kent Fredric.
    * Fixed an invalid test in the RequireBarewordsIncludes test.  Thanks,
      Christian Walde. (GH #751)
    * If an element contained blank lines then the source "%r" displayed
      for a violation was wrong. Thanks, Sawyer X. (GH #702, #734)

    Perl::Critic now requires PPI 1.224.  PPI is the underlying Perl parser
    on which Perl::Critic is built, and 1.224 introduces many parsing fixes
    such as:
    * Fixes for dot-in-@INC.
    * Parse left side of => as bareword even if it looks like a keyword or op.
    * $::x now works.
    * Higher accuracy when deciding whether certain characters are operators or
      variable type casts (*&% etc.).
    * Subroutine attributes parsed correctly.

    [Performance Enhancements]
    * Sped up BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitUselessTopic ~7%.  Thanks, James
      Raspass. (GH #656)

    * Fixed incorrect explanation of capture variables in
      ProhibitCaptureWithoutTest.  Thanks, Felipe Gasper.
    * Fixed incorrect links. Thanks, Glenn Fowler.
    * Fixed incorrect example for returning a sorted list.  Thanks, @daviding58.
    * Fixed invalid POD.  Thanks, Jakub Wilk. (GH #735)
    * Updated docs on ProhibitYadaOperator.  Thanks, Stuart A Johnston. (GH #662)
    * Removed all the references to the old mailing list and code repository
      at  (GH #757)

1.127_01 Sun May 21 21:57:16 CDT 2017

    Removed from CPAN because it did not get indexed correctly.

1.126 2015-08-10

    [New Policies]
    * Added a policy: ControlStructures::ProhibitYadaOperator - Never use ...
      in production code.

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Fixed problems arising from having -b in your .perltidyrc file. Thanks
    * Removed extra newline from policy names returned by P::C::Config->policies.
      Thanks @ratsbane.
    * `fc` and `say` are now covered by ProhibitUselessTopic. Thanks @JRaspass.

    * Add more strict/warnings importer modules. Thanks @oalders.
    * Path::Tiny is now recommended over File::Slurp
    * Micro-optimize by calling ->content() directly instead of going
      through the overloads. Thanks @JRaspass.
    * Square brackets are now allowed around your `## no critic` policy
      list. Thanks @zdm.

1.125 2015-03-02

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Corrected dependency on List::Util::any() to List::MoreUtils::any()

    * Revised and updated documentation.

1.124 2015-02-27

    [Policy Changes]
    * The ProhibitUnusedPrivateSubroutines policy can now ignore files that
      use particular modules with 'skip_when_using' option allows of, for
      example, skipping the policy for roles.  Thanks to Mark Fowler.

    * The RequireUseStrict and RequireUseWarnings policies now regard Moose,
      Moo, Mouse, Dancer, Mojolicious, and several other modules as equivalent
      to the strict and warnings pragma.

    [Bug Fixes]
    * The RequireChecked* family of policies has been fixed to accommodate
      version numbers when use-ing the autodie pragma. GH #612. Thanks citrin.

1.123 2014-11-11

    * Now requires PPI-1.220 which has numerous bug fixes. This may
      eliminate the need for some "## no critic" markers you inserted to
      work around those bugs. The "ProhibitUselessNoCritic" policy should
      help you find them.

    * Fixed a typo in the Variables::ProhibitPerl4PackageNames message.

1.122 2014-08-25

    * Now requires PPI-1.218 which has numerous enahncements and bug fixes.
      Also now requires Readonly-2.00, which obviates the need for Readonly::XS
      to get fast constants.

    * File::HomeDir, File::Which, and Term::ANSIColor are all required now
      instead of being optional or recommended. This simplifies our test code
      and ensures consistent optimal behavior for all users.

    [New Policies]
    * Added two new policies: BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitUselessTopic and

    * Updated the perlcritic.el script to use modern Emacs hooks.
      Thanks to @intrigeri and the Debian team for the patch.  Fixes GH #556.

    * Removed all the internal RCS keyword boilerplate blocks that were never
      getting expanded.

1.121_01 2013-11-17

    * Changes summarized above under 1.122

1.121 2013-11-02

    [New Features]
    * Added new themes based on CERT guidelines. Thanks Kirk Kimmel.

    [Administrative Changes]
    * The source code repository for Perl-Critic has been moved to GitHub
      at  All tickets from the
      RT queue have also been moved there.  Please use GitHub for submitting
      any new bugs or corresponding about existing ones.  Huge thanks to
      Tim Bunce, Andreas Marienborg, fREW Schmidt, and Graham Knop for
      making this happen.

    * This change log was reformatted to comply with CPAN::Changes::Spec,
      courtesy of Neil Bowers as part of a quest on
      Does your change log comply?

1.120_01 2013-10-29 *DEVELOPER RELEASE*

    * Changes summarized above

1.120 2013-10-25

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Corrected "Possible precedence issue with control flow operator"
      warning.  This fixes RT #88866

1.119 2013-09-25

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Tests were failing with Config::Tiny 2.17 or later, due to a
      change in the error messages produced by that module.
      This fixes #16 on Github,  #88679 & #88889 on RT.

    [Policy Changes]
    * BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitVoidGrep and ::ProhibitVoidMap: grep
      and map called as functions are now allowed in slice operations.
      RT #79289.  Thanks to Wade at Anomaly dot org for the patch.
    * Subroutines::RequireArgUnpacking: Most tests of the size of @_
      are now allowed.  RT #79138

    [Other Changes]
    * Modernized our usage of Exporter.  See RT #75300.  Thanks
      to Olivier Mengué for the patch.

1.118 2012-07-10

    [Policy Changes]
    * CodeLayout::RequireTidyCode: Revise to work with incompatible
      changes in Perl::Tidy 20120619. RT #77977.
    * TestingAndDebugging::ProhibitNoWarnings: Correct the parse of the
      'no warnings' statement, so that 'no warnings "qw"' is recognized
      as suppressing just 'qw' warnings. RT #74647.
    * Miscellanea::RequireRcsKeywords has been moved to the Perl-Critic-More
      distribution,  RT #69546

    [Other Changes]
    * Make all unescaped literal "{" characters in regexps into
      character classes. These are deprecated, and became noisy with
      Perl 5.17.0.  RT #77510.

1.117 2011-12-21 HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

    [New Policies]
    * Variables::ProhibitAugmentedAssignmentInDeclaration reports
      constructs like 'my $x += 1'. Contributed by Mike O'Regan.

    [Policy Changes]
    * BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitLvalueSubstr: Add explicit 'use version'.
      RT #68498.
    * CodeLayout::ProhibitHardTabs: Add 'pbp' to the default_themes list.
      RT #71093.
    * ControlStructures::ProhibitMutatingListFunctions now understands that
      tr///r (introduced in 5.13.7) does not change its operand.
    * ControlStructures::ProhibitMutatingListFunctions now understands that
      '//=', '<<=', and '>>=' are assignment operators. RT #70901.
    * ErrorHandling::RequireCheckingReturnValueOfEval now allows things
      like grep { eval $_ }. RT #69489.
    * Modules::RequireExplicitPackage now has configuration option
      allow_import_of, to allow the import of specified modules before
      the package statement. RT #72660.
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitEnumeratedClasses no longer thinks
      that [A-Za-z_] matches \w. RT #69322.
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusedCaptures now skips the first
      block of an 'if' or 'elsif' if the regular expression is bound to
      its operand with the '!~' operator. RT #69867.
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusedCaptures now looks into lists
      and blocks in the replacement portion of the regular expression if
      /e is asserted. RT #72086.
    * RegularExpressions::RequireDotMatchAnything,
      RegularExpressions::RequireExtendedFormatting and
      RegularExpressions::RequireLineBoundaryMatching now honor defaults
      set with 'use re "/modifiers"'. RT #72151.
    * Subroutines::ProhibitManyArgs now recognizes '+' as a prototype
    * Variables::ProhibitPunctuationVars now recognizes bracketed
      variables embedded in interpolated strings (e.g. "${$}"). For the
      purpose of the 'allow' configuration, these are considered
      equivalent to the unbracketed form. RT #72910.

    [Other Changes]
    * Corrected POD in Perl::Critic::PPI::Utils. RT #68898.
    * Perl::Critic::Violation source() method now returns the line
      containing the violation (not the first line) when the statement
      containing the violation spans multiple lines.

1.116 2011-05-15

    [Policy Changes]
    * BuiltInFunctions::ProhibitLvalueSubstr does not report violations
      if the document contains an explicit 'use n.nnn;' where the
      version is before 5.005.  RT #59112
    * Documentation::RequirePodSections no longer blows up on code
      having POD but no =head1. This problem was introduced with RT
      #59268. RT #67231
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusedCapture should more reliably
      find things like s/(a)/${1}2/.  RT #67273.
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitMagicNumbers and
      Module::RequireVersionVar now treat versions passed as the second
      argument of a 'package' statement the same as versions declared as
      'our $VERSION ...'.  RT #67159
    * Variables::RequireLexicalLoopIterators does not report violations
      if the document contains an explicit 'use n.nnn;' where the
      version is before 5.004.  RT #67760

1.115 2011-03-31

    [Minor Changes]
    * Fatal error in RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusedCapture here
      document check.  RT #67116.
    * Internal POD error in Documentation::RequirePodLinksIncludeText.  Patch
      by Salvatore Bonaccorso.  RT #67012

1.114 2011-03-26

    [Policy Changes]
    * Documentation::RequirePodLinksIncludeText now handles nested POD
      formatting. RT #65569
    * Clarified relation of severity numbers to names in Perl::Critic
      POD. RT #66017
    * Removed caveats from Variables::RequireLocalizedPunctuationVars,
      no longer necessary with PPI 1.208. RT #65514
    * Have InputOutput::RequireBriefOpen attempt to expand scope as
      necessary to deal with the case where the open() and the
      corresponding close() are not in the same scope. RT #64437
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusedCapture now looks inside
      double-quotish things. RT #38942.
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusedCapture now takes logical
      alternation into account, so that (e.g.)
          if ( /(a)/ || /(b)/ ) {
              say $1;
      is not a violation. RT #38942.
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitCommaSeparatedStatements now
      recognizes 'return { foo => 1, bar => 2 }' as containing a hash
      constructor, not a block. This was fixed by PPI 1.215. RT #61301.
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitCommaSeparatedStatements now
      recognizes 'bless { foo => 1, bar => 2 }' as containing a hash
      constructor, not a block. This was fixed by PPI 1.215. RT #64132.

1.113 2011-02-14

    [New Policies]
    * InputOutput::RequireEncodingWithUTF8Layer recommends
      ':encoding(utf8)' over ':utf8' in open() and binmode(). It is severity 5
      because of the bad things that can happen if invalid UTF8 gets loose in
      your code.
    * Modules::ProhibitConditionalUseStatements prohibits
      'use module' inside a conditional, since the statement is executed
      unconditionally at compile time.  Thanks to Peter Guzis for submitting
      the policy and tests in RT #59065.

    [Policy Changes]
    * CodeLayout::RequireConsistentNewlines produces multiple undefined
      value errors when a violation is found. RT #65663
    * ControlStructures::ProhibitMutatingListFunctions allows s///r,
      which was introduced in 5.13.2.
    * ControlStructures::ProhibitPostfixControls now looks for "when".  It is
      treated in the same way as "if".
    * Documentation::RequirePodSections now honors '## no critic'
      annotation anywhere before the '__END__', '__DATA__', or first
      '=head1', whichever comes first.  The line number of the offending
      '=head1 NAME' was added to the violation description.  RT #59268.
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusedCapture now takes account of the
      use of $- and $+ (and their English equivalents under 'use
      English') provided the subscripts are literal integers.
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusedCapture now takes account of the
      use of capture variables in the replacement portion of
    * Subroutines::ProhibitUnusedPrivateSubroutines now looks inside
      regular expressions.
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitMagicNumbers now supports Const::Fast.
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitMagicNumbers now has a
      constant_creator_subroutines parameter to allow the user to
      configure the names of subroutines that create constants. RT #62562.
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitMismatchedOperators didn't handle file
      test operators properly.  Patch by H.Merijn Brand.  RT #58751
    * Variables::ProhibitUnusedVariables now looks inside regular
    * ValuesAndExpressions::RequireInterpolationOfMetachars now detects
      and complains about "\b" and "\l" as documented in perlop, and
      "\1" through "\7", which are not documented there, but were found
      in toke.c.

    [New Developer Features]
    * uses_module(), namespaces(), and subdocuments_for_namespace() methods on
    * Perl::Critic::Document->new() now accepts a -filename-override argument
      for setting the filename when the source code comes from something
      other than an actual file.

    [Other Changes]
    * Test::Perl::Critic::Policy no longer exports by default.
    * Build phase now requires Test::Deep.
    * Added example using Try::Tiny to documentation of
      ErrorHandling::RequireCheckingReturnValueOfEval. Suggested by Andy
      Lester on the developers mailing list.
    * In order to get more consistent behavior across all installations of
      Perl::Critic, IPC::Open2 (which actually is part of core), PPIx::Regexp,
      Perl::Tidy, Pod::Spell, and Text::ParseWords are no longer optional
    * Now depends upon PPIx::Utilities v1.1.0.

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Build.PL/Makefile.PL didn't specify a minimum version of, but
      TestingAndDebugging::RequireUseStrict did.  RT #58952
    * Perl::Critic::Annotation needs to look inside the __END__ statement to
      find the true end of the document, otherwise POD policies may give false
      positives.  RT #59176
    * BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitStringyEval no longer dies on eval
      "#...".  RT #60179
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusedCapture now takes account of the
      %LAST_PAREN_MATCH as well as %+ if English has been loaded.  RT #60002
    * Subroutines::ProhibitManyArgs now interprets prototype groups (e.g.
      \[$@%]) as representing a single argument.
    * Require Exporter version 5.63 (versus version 0) to get sane handling of
      export tags.  RT# 61071
    * Prevent Subroutines::ProhibitUnusedPrivateSubroutines from failing
      on &_subroutine().  RT #61311
    * Subroutines::ProhibitAmpersandSigils now allows references of the
      form \( &sub1, &sub2 ).  RT #49609

1.112_002 2011-02-09
1.112_001 2010-12-14

    * Changes summarized into 1.113 above.
      For exact details, see Changes on BackPAN.

1.111 2010-12-14

    [Bug Fixes]
    * TestingAndDebugging::ProhibitNoStrict and ProhibitNoWarnings no longer
      rely on the behavior of all() when the list is empty due to change in
      List::MoreUtils 0.28.  RT #63816

1.110_001 2010-11-30

    * Changes summarized into 1.113 above.
      For exact details, see Changes on BackPAN.
      (Yes, all of this stuff was not in 1.111.)

1.109 2010-08-29

    [Bug Fixes]
    * ValuesAndExpressions::RequireInterpolationOfMetachars fix due to changes
      in Email::Address 1.890.  Note that this may find problems in code that
      it didn't before, e.g. q<'@foo'>.

1.108 2010-06-22

    * This is the "Give Shawn Moore what we promised him a year ago and hurry
      up and get this out before Brad Oaks gives his YAPC::NA talk" release.

    [New Policies]
    * Documentation::RequirePodLinksIncludeText
    * Subroutines::ProhibitUnusedPrivateSubroutines

    [New Features]
    * There is a new global configuration item, 'program-extensions', which
      configures Perl::Critic's idea of which file name extensions represent
      programs.  The desired extensions are specified as a space-separated list,
      with leading '.' on each if that is desired.  Files whose names end in
      '.PL' will always be considered programs.  This can be overridden by
      command option --programs-extensions, which can be specified multiple
    * There is now a perlcritic --allow-unsafe switch.  Without this switch,
      Perl::Critic will silently refuse to load any Policy that is marked
      unsafe.  Unsafe Policies are usually ones that may compile or execute
      untrusted code (see Perl::Critic::DynamicPolicy for an example); Policy
      authors can mark their policies as unsafe by overriding the is_safe()
    * The framework that we use to test Perl::Critic Policies has been
      packaged into a convenient module that you can use to test your own
      Policies.  See Test::Perl::Critic::Policy and Perl::Critic::TestUtils
      for details.

    [Policy Changes]
    * BuiltInFunctions::ProhibitLvalueSubstr no longer complains when there
      is a low-precedence operator between the substr() and the assignment
    * CodeLayout::ProhibitParensWithBuiltins now allows 'state ($foo)'.  RT
    * ErrorHandling::RequireCarping now has an
      allow_in_main_if_not_in_subroutine option to allow "die" directly in
      the default namespace.
    * InputOutput::RequireBriefOpen now recognizes CORE::open(),
      CORE::close(), CORE::GLOBAL::open(), and CORE::GLOBAL::close().  RT
    * Modules::ProhibitEvilModules now complains by default about the modules
      deprecated by the Perl 5 Porters in 5.12.
    * Modules::RequireVersionVar documentation updated to make clear that "my
      $VERSION" does not work as a module version declaration.  RT #56667
    * The RegularExpressions::* policies have been converted from using
      Regexp::Parser to using PPIx::Regexp for their heavy lifting.
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitCaptureWithoutTest now allows capture
      variables inside when() {}.  RT #36081.
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusedCapture now checks for unused named
    * Subroutines::ProhibitManyArgs revised to count only characters in the
      prototype that represent arguments.  RT #56627
    * Subroutines::ProhibitNestedSubs no longer complains about scheduled
      blocks (BEGIN, etc.) inside subroutines and vice versa.
    * Subroutines::RequireFinalReturn should now understand a final given/when
      statement, and declare an error if there is no 'default' block or if any
      branch does not return.
    * TestingAndDebugging::RequireUseStrict now accepts 'use 5.011' or greater
      as equivalent to 'use strict'.
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitMismatchedOperators false positive with
      "'foo' x 15 . 'bar'".  RT #54524
    * Variables::ProhibitPunctuationVars gave false positives on qr// regexp's
      ending in '$'.  RT #55604

    [Bug Fixes]
    * The "## no critic" annotations now respect #line directives.
    * Annotations on statements spanning more than one line (e.g.
            my $foo =
                '$bar'; ## no critic (RequireInterpolationOfMetachars)
      ) are now handled as single-line annotations, not block annotations.
    * All instances of L<Foo> in the POD have been changed to L<Foo|Foo>.
      L</bar> and L<Foo/bar> were allowed to stand.  RT #37485
    * Spaces are now allowed immediately inside the enclosing parentheses in
      "## no critic ( Foo )".  RT #52038
    * With the introduction of PPIx::Regexp, Perl::Critic no longer dies
      when it encounters a Perl 5.010 regexp.  RT #49442.
    * DEVELOPER.pod typo in link to
      ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitConstantPragma policy. RT #57818
    * Spelling errors in documentation.  RT #57375
    * "die" used instead of "croak".  RT #56619
    * Fixed regex test that caused test failures on every Perl 5.11
      (credit Tom Wyant).
    * t/20_policy_pod_spelling.t now works (or at least no longer fails)
      in non-English locales (again).  RT #43291 and RT #48986.
    * Perldoc has broken link for McCabe score definition.  RT #53219
    * RT #33935 and #49679 were fixed by upgrading to PPI 1.208

    [Other Changes]
    * Perl::Critic::Utils::is_unchecked_call() updated to include chmod in the
      set of things covered by autodie (this happened in autodie v2.08).  The
      primary effect of this is on InputOutput::RequireCheckedSyscalls.
    * Now depends upon Task::Weaken to ensure that we only install with perls
      where Scalar::Util::weaken() works.
    * Email::Address was optional, but is now required.  So everyone
      gets the optimal behavior from RequireInterpolationOfMetachars.
    * Some infrastructure has been extracted to the new PPIx-Utilities
      distro.  It is also a required dependency here.  Over time a good
      portion of Perl::Critic::Utils* will be migrated to this distribution.
    * Perl::Critic::Utils::PPI::get_constant_name_element_from_declaring_statement()
      is deprecated because it doesn't handle multiple constants being
      declared within a single "use constant" statement.  Use
    * Removed all uses of Perl::Critic::Utils::PPIRegep.  Since the
      PPIx::Regexp update, Perl::Critic only used get_match_string() and
      friends, which were superseded by the corresponding PPI methods.
      Perl::Critic now depends on PPI-1.208 or newer.
    * Moved Perl::Critic::Utils::PPIRegexp to the Perl-Critic-Deprecated.
    * The PolicySummary.pod file is now generated when the distribution
      is created, rather than when you install it.  This ensures the file
      will be available on  Thanks to Bear Longyear
      for bringing this to our attention.

1.107_001 2010-06-20

    * Changes summarized into 1.108 above.
      For exact details, see Changes on BackPAN.

1.106 2010-05-10

    [Bug Fixes]
    * NamingConventions::Capitalization fix for PPI 1.212.  RT #57348

1.105_03 2010-03-21
1.105_02 2010-01-23
1.105_01 2010-01-16

    * Changes summarized into 1.108 above.
      For exact details, see Changes on BackPAN.

1.105 2009-09-07

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Variables::ProhibitPunctuationVars would complain about "%-" appearing
      anywhere in a string.  RT #49016

    [Policy Changes]
    * InputOutput::RequireCheckedSyscalls now complains about unchecked "say"
      by default.  RT #37487

1.104 2009-08-23

    * This release is dedicated to Tom Wyant in appreciation of the amount of
      effort he put into the enhancements and bug fixes in this release, for
      having the patience to wait for the amount of time that it took to get
      them out, and for overall awesomeness.  Thank you, Tom.

    [New Policies]
    * Objects::ProhibitIndirectSyntax
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitComplexVersion
    * ValuesAndExpressions::RequireConstantVersion

    [New Optional Requirement]
    * Email::Address, if you want
      ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitInterpolationOfLiterals to properly ignore
      email addresses.

    [New Features]
    * Perlcritic will list the names of files with violations if given the
      --files-with-violations option, or the names of files without
      violations if given the --files-without-violations options. These
      have synonyms -l and -L respectively.
    * Perlcritic has a new --list-enabled option, which lists the Policies
      that will be enforced, given the current configuration.  This is
      useful if you've written a complex command-line or modified your
      .perlcriticrc file and you want to see which Policies *would*
      be used with the current configuration, if you were actually going
      to critique a file with it.
    * Perl::Critic::Violation now takes #line directives into account in the
      %F, %f, and %l formats.  You can get the old values via the new %G, %g,
      and %L formats.

    [Policy Changes]
    * CodeLayout::ProhibitParensWithBuiltins was complaining in certain cases
      where parentheses are required due to operator precedence.  RT #46862.
    * ControlStructures::ProhibitMutatingListFunctions no longer complains
      about uses of tr/// that don't modify the operand.  Reported by EDAVIS,
      RT #44515.
    * Miscellanea::RequireRcsKeywords now accepts "qw$Keyword: ...$".  RT
    * Modules::RequireFilenameMatchesPackage now respects logical filenames
      defined by the "#line" directives.  This allows the Policy to work
      properly with IDEs and code generators.
    * NamingConventions::Capitalization now allows fully qualified subroutine
      declarations ( e.g. "sub Foo::Bar::baz {...}" ).  However, the
      non-package part of the subroutine name must still conform to whatever
      capitalization rule you have chosen.
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitCaptureWithoutTest no longer complains if
      the regex is followed by an "or die" or similar.  Reported by EDAVIS,
      RT #36081.
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitComplexRegexes no longer counts variable
      substitutions in the length.   Reported by EDAVIS, RT #36098.
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusedCapture now considers the body of
      while loops and not just their condition.  Reported by EDAVIS, RT
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitVersionStrings was getting confused by
      comments.  Reported by Kevin Ryde,  RT #44986.
    * ValuesAndExpressions::RequireInterpolationOfMetachars now allows sigils
      in the arguments to "use vars".  Contributed by Kevin Ryde, RT #47318.
    * ValuesAndExpressions::RequireInterpolationOfMetachars now properly
      ignores email addresses, if you have Email::Address installed.  Inspired
      by the Kevin Ryde contribution in RT #47318.
    * Variables::ProhibitPunctuationVars gained the ability to look inside
      interpolated strings.  Doing this correctly is challenging and things
      may not work out right; how the policy does this can be controlled via
      the new "string_mode" option.  Contributed by Edgar Whipple
      <perlmonk at misterwhipple dot com>.
    * Variables::ProhibitPunctuationVars now ignores $] by default since there
      is no equivalent.

    [Other Bug Fixes]
    * Perl::Critic::Utils::parse_arg_list() was slurping up the "or die ..."
      portion of "open my $foo, 'somefile' or die ...", causing
      InputOutput::ProhibitTwoArgOpen to not complain about this example.
      Reported by Alexandr Ciornii,  RT #44554.

    [Minor Changes]
    * The line count emitted by the --statistics option is further broken down
      by line content.

    [Minor Documentation Fixes]
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitInterpolationOfLiterals.  Reported by
      Debian in,  RT #48936

    [Build Fixes]
    * There wasn't a specific version given for the List::MoreUtils dependency
      and we're using features that weren't available until 0.19.  So, we now
      require version 0.19.  Noticed by John J. Trammell,  RT #48917.
    * Some tests were tied to the specific "true" and "false" values that some
      functions were returning.  Reported by Michael Schwern,  RT #43910.

    [Other News]
    * Komodo version 5.1.1 now has built-in support for Perl-Critic,
      if you have the Perl::Critic and criticism modules installed.
      Both should be available through the ActiveState Perl Package
      Manager ppm(1).

1.103 2009-08-03

    * Fix configure_requires prerequisite on Module::Build 0.34_02.

1.102 2009-08-03

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Works with PPI 1.205.  Yay for 5.10 support!
    * Variables::RequireLexicalLoopIterators didn't work correctly on foreach
      loops with labels.

1.101_003 2009-07-22
1.101_002 2009-07-21
1.101_001 2009-07-21

    * Changes summarized into 1.102 above.
      For exact details, see Changes on BackPAN.

1.100 2009-07-17

    * This is a POD fix release to deal with issues identified by Test::POD
      1.40.  There is no functional difference between this release and 1.098.
      This is the last release of Perl::Critic that will be compatible with PPI
      1.203.  PPI's parsing of for(each)? loops is changing in its next release
      in an incompatible manner and there will be a release in the near future
      to make Perl::Critic compatible with that change.

1.099_002 2009-06-27
1.099_001 2009-06-25

    * Experimental releases.  For exact details, see Changes on BackPAN.

1.098 2009-03-07

    [Some Exciting News]
    * The Perl Development Kit (PDK 8.0) from ActiveState now includes a
      very slick graphical interface to Perl-Critic.  I highly recommend
      that you check it out.  Here's a link to screenshots and docs:

    [New Features]
    * Violation coloring is now configurable via command line or profile. The
      profile entries are color-severity-highest, -high, -medium, -low, or
      -lowest. Numbers are accepted in lieu of named severities (e.g.
      'color-severity-5' for 'color-severity-highest'), and 'colour' is
      accepted in lieu of 'color'.
    * Handling of unrecognized policy configuration items is now controlled by
      the profile_strictness. The default is to warn about them. The previous
      default was that they were fatal.
    * -p is now a synonym for --profile.
    * The --verbose option for perlcritic now supports a %C format that will
      displays the class of PPI::Element that caused the violation.

    [Policy Changes]
    * ControlStructures::ProhibitNegativeExpressionsInUnlessAndUntilConditions
      didn't include "pbp" in its default themes even though it is derived
      from the book.  Now it does.  :]
    * ErrorHandling::RequireCarping now allows a here document as the last
      element if the "allow_messages_ending_with_newlines" option is true.
    * Fix Subroutines::ProhibitAmpersandSigils so it allows "defined(&x)" as
      well as "defined &x".  Patch from Kevin Ryde, RT #38855.
    * Subroutines::ProtectPrivateSubs now has an "allow" option to specify
      subroutines which are exempt from this policy.  RT #38678.
      Additionally, a "private_name_regex" option has been added that allows
      you to specify what a private subrouting name looks like.
    * Subroutines::RequireArgUnpacking now has an "allow_subscripts" option
      to allow array slices and elements.  RT #34009.
    * Subroutines::RequireArgUnpacking now has an "allow_delegation_to" option
      to allow the usual delegation idiom. Delegation to 'SUPER::' and
      'NEXT::' are allowed by default.  RT #33839.
    * Subroutines::RequireArgUnpacking no longer generates a false positive
      for '$$_[]', which is an obfuscated way of saying '$_->[]'.  RT #37713.
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitMagicNumbers now has an
      allow_to_the_right_of_a_fat_comma option, which defaults to true.  Note
      that it currently only works /directly/ to the right of a fat comma.
    * Variables::ProhibitMatchVars had its default themes changed to "core
      performance pbp", instead of "core bugs pbp" because, while the match
      variables make regular expressions slow, it doesn't cause them to not
      work correctly.
    * Variables::ProhibitPackageVars has had FindBin and Log::Log4perl added
      to the default exemptions.
    * Variables::ProhibitReusedNames now has an "allow" option to specify
      names that can be reused.  It defaults to enabling $self and $class.  RT
    * Variables::RequireLocalizedPunctuationVars has a customizable set of
      exemptions via the "allow" option.

    [New Developer Features]
    * The guts of perlcritic have been moved to Perl::Critic::Command.  You
      can invoke Perl::Critic::Command::run() to get the equivalent of running
      the command.  (Note, however, this interface WILL change, so don't count
      on the current one.)
    * Modules have had an "INTERFACE SUPPORT" section added which states
      whether the Perl::Critic developers consider the particular module is
      public or not.  Any removal of functionality from a public module will
      go through a deprecation cycle.  Non-public modules may have their
      interfaces changed without notice.
    * P::C::Policy now has an is_enabled() method.
    * P::C::Violation now has an element_class() method.

    [Bug Fixes]
    * CodeLayout::ProhibitTrailingWhitespace didn't notice cases where PPI
      would produce instances of PPI::Token::Whitespace that contained
      multiple lines.
    * Subroutines::ProtectPrivateSubs no longer regards the exportable POSIX
      subroutines whose names begin with underscore as private.  RT #38678.
    * Subroutines::RequireArgUnpacking mishandled a complicated situation with
      $_ being an array reference.  RT #39601.
    * Variables::RequireLocalizedPunctuationVars now applies to subscripted
      names.  RT #29384.

    * The guts of Build.PL and Makefile.PL have been rearranged.

1.097_002 2009-03-01
1.097_001 2009-03-01

    * Changes summarized into 1.098 above.
      For exact details, see Changes on BackPAN.

1.096 2009-02-01

    [New Policies]
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitSpecialLiteralHeredocTerminator

    [Policy Changes]
    * Documentation::PodSpelling now has a stop_words_file option.
    * Modules::ProhibitEvilModules now has a modules_file option.

    [Bug Fixes]
    * ErrorHandling::RequireCarping will now allow a literal newline
      as well as "\n".  Fixed by Kyle Hasselbacher, RT #25046
    * Fix InputOutput::ProhibitTwoArgOpen so it allows '-|' or '|-' as the
      second of two arguments.  Patches from Kyle Hasselbacher and Leland
      Johnson, RT #42384.
    * InputOutput::RequireBracedFileHandleWithPrint applies to printf as well
      as print.  Fixed by Kyle Hasselbacher, RT #42537.
    * TestingAndDebugging::RequireUseStrict and
      TestingAndDebugging::RequireUseWarnings are no longer fooled by a
      block-scoped pragma.  RT #42310.
    * ValuesAndExpressions::RequireInterpolationOfMetachars allows for escaped
      backslashes.  Fixed by Tom Wyant, RT #38530.
    * Fix for problem in P::C::Document in dealing with underscores in
      expressions like "use 5.009_001".  Patch by Kevin Ryde, RT #36570 and
    * Fix in extras/perlcritic.el for a radio button.  Patch by Kevin Ryde, RT
    * Fix distclean target in Makefile.PL.  Patch by Richard Soderberg,
      RT #42088.
    * Fix temporary files not being cleaned up after tests.  Patch by Kyle
      Hasselbacher, RT #41443.
    * Deal with changes in Pod::Parser v1.36 in test in t/05_utils_pod.t.

    [Minor Changes]
    * Documentation improvements contributed by Mark Grimes in response to RT

1.095_001 2009-01-18

    * Changes summarized into 1.096 above.
      For exact details, see Changes on BackPAN.

1.094001 2009-01-01

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Tests would fail on systems without Regexp::Parser installed.

1.094 2009-01-01

    [Incompatible Changes]
    * The way that "## no critic" markers was refactored.  As
      a result, we discovered that the syntax for the markers was pretty
      vague.  If you didn't do it just right, it would disable all policies,
      and not just the specific ones that you wanted.  So we've tightened this
      up a bit.  If you followed the examples that have been in the docs for
      the last couple years, then you should be fine.  But if you've been
      using certain other variations in your "## no critic" markers, then you
      might suddenly find yourself violating the new
      ProhibitUnrestrictedNoCritic policy.  To fix this, just make sure your
      Policy names appear in parentheses:

        ## no critic Foo, Bar, Baz     # wrong!
        ## no critic Foo Bar Baz       # wrong!

        ## no critic (Foo, Bar, Baz)   # ok!
        ## no critic qw(Foo Bar Baz)   # also ok!

    * The deprecated $FORMAT variables for Perl::Critic::Policy and
      Perl::Critic::Violation no longer exist.  Use the corresponding
      get_format() and set_format() functions instead.

    [New Policies]
    * Miscellanea::ProhibitUnrestrictedNoCritic
    * Miscellanea::ProhibitUselessNoCritic
    * NamingConventions::Capitalization
    * Subroutines::ProhibitReturnSort
    * Variables::ProhibitReusedNames

    [Removed Policies]
    * NamingConventions::ProhibitMixedCaseSubs and
      NamingConventions::ProhibitMixedCaseVars have been moved to a separate
      Perl-Critic-Deprecated distribution.  The
      NamingConventions::Capitalization policy does everything they do, plus

    [Policy Changes]
    * BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitStringyEval now has an allow_includes option
      that makes it behave (mostly) like Ricardo SIGNES'
    * InputOutput::RequireCheckedClose, InputOutput::RequireCheckedOpen, and
      InputOutput::RequireCheckedSyscalls now all support autodie.
      Unfortunately, autodie is currently treated like a module and not a
      pragma, which means that the lexical scoping is not taken into account.
    * InputOutput::RequireCheckedSyscalls now has an exclude_functions
    * Modules::ProhibitEvilModules now allows you to specify what the
      description of a use of a bad module should be, to, say, suggest that
      people use autodie instead of Fatal.
    * Subroutine::ProhibitExcessComplexity violation descriptions now include
      the name of the subroutine, thanks to Andreas Koenig, RT #40070.
    * TestingAndDebugging::RequireUseStrict and
      TestingAndDebugging::RequireUseWarnings now have equivalent_modules
      parameters that allow you to designate other modules as being equivalent
      to the strict and warnings pragmata.  This one is for all you Moose fans
      out there.  :]

    [Bug Fixes]
    * ControlStructures::ProhibitUnreachableCode would treat package
      statements as unreachable.  Fixed by Kevin Ryde.  RT #41734
    * Fix warning from InputOutput::ProhibitOneArgSelect when select was
      called with no arguments.  RT #41926
    * Miscellanea::RequireRcsKeywords couldn't find keywords after __END__
      that didn't look like part of POD.
    * Modules::RequireFilenameMatchesPackage would incorrectly complain about
      programs.  Yet more greatness contributed by Schwern.  RT #39024.
    * If a perlcriticrc file referred to a policy that wasn't installed and
      the profile-strictness option was set to "fatal",
      Perl::Critic::PolicyFactory fell over instead of reporting the
      problematic policy name.

    * Perl::Critic::Violation will automatically strip trailing periods
      from your Policy description and explanation strings.  This ensures that
      the punctuation is consistent with the format specified by the user via
      the -verbose formatting options.

    [New Developer Features]
    * Perl::Critic::Policy::prepare_to_scan_document() is now checked and a
      Policy can disable itself for just a single document, which can speed
      things up.

1.093_03 2008-12-11
1.093_02 2008-10-30
1.093_01 2008-09-07

    * Changes summarized into 1.094 above.
      For exact details, see Changes in 1.093_003 on BackPAN.

1.092 2008-09-02

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Fixed POD errors that were causing build failures.  Sorry
      about that.

1.091 2008-09-01

    [New Policies]
    * RegularExpressions::RequireDotMatchAnything

    [New Features]
    * perlcritic now supports a -pager option, so you can more easily
      send the output to your favorite pager.  You can set this option
      on the command-line or in your .perlcriticrc file.  See the
      perlcritic perldoc for more details.  Credit to Michael Schwern.
    * The output from "perlcritic -doc PATTERN" will be automatically
      sent to your pager if you have set the -pager option.

    [Policy Changes]
    * CodeLayout::ProhibitQuotedWordLists no longer applies if the list
      contains any non-words, by default.  A non-word is anything that does
      not match /[\w-]+/.  You can restore the former behavior by setting the
      "strict" option.  RT #37886.
    * CodeLayout::ProhibitQuotedWordLists also now applies to the import
      arguments of a C<use> statement.  RT #24467.
    * ErrorHandling::RequireCheckingReturnValueOfEval now recognizes ternary
      left-sides as valid checks.
    * RegularExpressions::RequireExtendedFormatting gains a
      minimum_regex_length_to_complain_about option.  Also, regexes that
      contain only word and whitespace characters are now exempt from this
      policy, by default; you can make it complain about them by turning on
      the new strict option.  Contributed by Michael Schwern.  RT #38531.
    * TestingAndDebugging::ProhibitNoWarnings now supports a
      allow_with_category_restriction option, thanks to Michael Schwern.
      RT #38514.
    * CodeLayout::ProhibitHardTabs now allows leading tabs in qw() word lists
      and regexes with the /x modifier.  You can still configure this
      policy to forbid all hard tabs, if you like.  RT #32440

    [Bug Fixes]
    * perlcritic should now work under PAR.  RT #38380.
    * URL for our repository in META.yml now works for anonymous
      checkout.  The password is "" (empty).  RT #38628.
    * color for high-severity violations is now magenta because
      it is more readable than yellow on white backgrounds.  RT #38511.

1.090 2008-07-22

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Test was incorrectly failing when Regexp::Parser wasn't installed.

1.089 2008-07-21

    [Minor Enhancements]
    * -s is now a synonym for --single-policy.

    [Policy Changes]
    * Subroutines::ProhibitBuiltinHomonyms now also prohibits subroutines
      with the same name as a Perl keyword (e.g. if, foreach, while).
      Inspired by RT #37632.
    * Subroutines::ProtectPrivateSubs now allows expressions like
      "shift->_some_private_method();".  Note that this *only* applies
      to the "shift" function -- a private method call on the right of any
      other bareword still causes a violation.  RT #34713.
    * Subroutines::RequireFinalReturn now includes exec in the set of things
      that mark a successful return.  RT #37672
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitInterpolationOfLiterals now takes a
      allow_if_string_contains_single_quote option.  Contributed by Ed
      Avis <>.  RT #36125.
    * ValuesAndExpressions::RequireInterpolationOfMetachars now supports a
      rcs_keywords option to allow for the common case where those require
      dollar signs.

    [Bug Fixes]
    * BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitSleepViaSelect would complain if there were
      three undefs as arguments to select(), but one of them was the timeout.
      RT #37416.
    * Reduced false positives in
      RegularExpressions::ProhibitSingleCharAlternation.  Thanks to
      Andy Lester and Elliot Shank test cases.
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusedCapture would complain if there were
      multiple captures used in a substitution, e.g. s/(.)(.)/$2$1/.
    * Subroutines::ProhibitAmpersandSigils no longer complains about
      "sort &foo(...)".
    * Makefile.PL, Build.PL and other ".PL" scripts which typically do not
      have a shebang are no longer mistaken as modules.  This prevents
      spurious warnings from Modules::RequireEndWithOne.  RT #20481.

    * Tests are now self compliant.

1.088 2008-07-04

    [New Policies]
    * ErrorHandling::RequireCheckingReturnValueOfEval

    [Policy Changes]
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitLeadingZeros now accepts octal numbers
      for the Unix permissions argument to chmod, dbmopen, mkdir, sysopen, or
      umask, by default.  Use the "strict" option to get the old behavior.
      RT #31977.
    * Due to the consensus at YAPC::NA 2008,
      Variables::ProhibitUnusedVariables default severity has been raised to

    [Minor Changes]
    * The perlcritic "--Version" option is now "--version" in order to act
      like the rest of the world.

1.087 2008-06-21

    [Policy Changes]
    * CodeLayout::ProhibitParensWithBuiltins no longer complains about
    * TestingAndDebugging::RequireUseWarnings will not complain about files
      that contain a "use 5.005" statement or similar for perls prior to 5.6.
      Lesson of the day: computer conferences where you can meet in the real
      world can clarify conversations greatly.  Good to finally meet you Adam.
    * InputOutput::ProhibitTwoArgOpen similarly will not complain if there's
      a "use/require 5.005" statement in the file.  RT #34385.

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Perl::Critic can now critique a file named "0".  However, PPI will give
      a parse error until the next version comes out.  Fixes RT #36127.
    * Moved detection of the lack of any enabled Policies from P::C::Config
      to Perl::Critic.  This was causing the perlcritic.t in Parrot to fail.
      Note, however, there are plans afoot to change how Perl::Critic is
      configured and things that depend upon that may break.  Please contact and tell us how you're using P::C::Config
      directly so that we can take your needs into account.

1.086 2008-06-12

    [Policy Changes]
    * NamingConventions::ProhibitAmbiguousNames now specifies the name that
      it had problems with in its violation descriptions.

    [Bug Fixes]
    * The color option wasn't being correctly set from a .perlcriticrc.
      RT #36569.

    [Minor Changes]
    * --colour is now a synonym for --color.

1.085 2008-06-07

    [New Policies]
    * Documentation::RequirePackageMatchesPodName

    [Policy Changes]
    * Variables::ProhibitUnusedVariables detects a few more cases.  It's
      still very limited, though.

    [Bug Fixes]
    * ControlStructures::ProhibitUnreachableCode didn't notice "until" was an
      conditional expression.

    [Minor Changes]
    * Documentation updates.

1.084 2008-05-24

    [New Features]
    * perlcritic now supports a --list-themes option.
    * You can specify the maximum number of violations you want per Policy
      per document.  Developers can give a default value for this for a
      Policy by overriding default_maximum_violations_per_document().
      See RequireUseStrict and ProhibitMagicNumbers for examples.

    [Policy Moved]
    * The ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitMagicNumbers policy has been moved
      from Perl::Critic::More into the primary Perl::Critic distribution.

    [New Policies]
    * Variables::ProhibitUnusedVariables (very dumb, limited initial
    * ControlStructures::ProhibitLabelsWithSpecialBlockNames
      Contributed by Mike O'Regan.  Kickin' ass, Mike.

    [Policy Changes]
    * ControlStructures::ProhibitUnreachableCode now handles the perl 5.10
      "//" and "err" operators.  RT #36080
    * InputOutput::RequireBriefOpen now ignores opens of STDIN, STDOUT,
      and STDERR.  You're generally trying to make long-lasting global
      effects when manipulating these.  (RT #35774)
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusualDelimiters now supports an
      "allow_all_brackets" option.
    * RegularExpressions::RequireBracesForMultiline now supports an
      "allow_all_brackets" option.
    * TestingAndDebugging::RequireUseStrict now accepts "use Moose::Role"
      as equivalent to "use strict".  (RT #34838)
    * TestingAndDebugging::RequireUseWarnings now accepts "use Moose::Role"
      as equivalent to "use warnings".  (RT #34838)
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitMagicNumbers now accepts constant
    * Variables::ProhibitMatchVars no longer detects "use English;".
      This problem is detected in a more clear way by
    * Variables::ProhibitPerl4PackageNames no longer complains about
      $'/$POSTMATCH.  RT #36059
    * Variables::RequireLocalizedPunctuationVars now allows the use of "my".
      RT #33937

    [Bug Fixes]
    * No longer falls over if a single file has a parse error.

    [New Developer Features]
    * If a document specifies a minimum perl version, e.g. "use 5.008003",
      P::C::Document::highest_explicit_perl_version() will tell you what it
    * The parameter to P::C::Policy::initialize_if_enabled is now a
      P::C::PolicyConfig object instead of a hash reference.

    [Minor Changes]
    * LOTS of documentation updates.
    * A few more statistics are emitted by perlcritic with the --statistics
    * perlcritic --profile-proto now includes policy abstracts in its

    * Now depends upon PPI 1.203.
    * New dependency upon version.

1.083_006 2008-05-20
1.083_005 2008-05-19
1.083_004 2008-05-18
1.083_003 2008-05-17
1.083_002 2008-05-17
1.083_001 2008-04-13

    * Changes summarized into 1.084 above.
      For exact details, see Changes in 1.083_006 on BackPAN.

1.082 2008-03-08

    [New Features]
    * A new metadata system for defining policy parameters/options has been
      added.  This makes the life of policy authors easier because
      configuration validation and parsing can be taken care of
      automatically, in most cases.  This allows greater integration with
      IDEs and allows the perlcritic "--profile-proto" option to produce
      better output.

      Note: This change does NOT REQUIRE ANY CHANGES to policies outside of
      this distribution; they should continue to work as is.  However, use
      of this facility can reduce the size of your code and provide the
      means for tools to discover more about your policy.  If this change
      does break any of your policies, please let us know.

      To learn how to take advantage of this facility, read
      Perl::Critic::DEVELOPER and look at the source of any of the
      configurable policies included in this distribution.

      There is a discussion of the design considerations for this facility in
      the source repository under doc/PolicyParameter_Notes.pod.
    * Added support for "criticism-fatal" option in your perlcriticrc
      file.  This will be used by the criticism pragma to cause execution
      to abort if the file contains any violations.

    [New Policy]
    * Module::RequireNoMatchVarsWithUseEnglish

    [Policy Changes]
    * Added an allow_last_statement_to_be_comma_separated_in_map_and_grep
      option to ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitCommaSeparatedStatements.
      Partial response to
    * ControlStructures::ProhibitPostfixControls gains the ability to have
      the flow control statements allowed to be modified.  This in response
      to RT #29540.
    * TestingAndDebugging::RequireUseStrict now accepts "use Moose" as
      equivalent to "use strict".
    * TestingAndDebugging::RequireUseWarnings now accepts "use Moose" as
      equivalent to "use warnings".

    [Bug Fixes]
    * RT #31281 perlcritic doesn't recognize "#!/bin/env perl" shebang
    * Replace usage of Unicode property escapes with POSIX character classes
      order to restore 5.6 compatibility.
    * RT #30388 ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitVersionStrings complained
      about numbered directories in "use lib".
    * Fixed handling of badly behaved spelling programs in PodSpelling.

1.081_006 2008-03-02
1.081_005 2007-12-29
1.081_004 2007-12-20
1.081_003 2007-12-16
1.081_002 2007-12-16
1.081_001 2007-12-15

    * Changes summarized into 1.082 above.
      For exact details, see Changes in 1.081_006 on BackPAN.

1.080 2007-11-11

    [New Features]
    * Allow a "## no critic" statement after a shebang on line 1 of a
      file.  This allows users to block violations that apply to
      whole files and still allow shebangs.

    [New Policies - funded by a Perl Foundation grant]
    * InputOutput::ProhibitExplicitStdin
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitFixedStringMatches
    * RegularExpressions::RequireBracesForMultiline
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusualDelimiters
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusedCapture
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitComplexRegexes
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitSingleCharAlternation
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitEscapedMetacharacters
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitEnumeratedClasses
    * InputOutput::RequireBriefOpen
    * InputOutput::RequireCheckedSyscalls

    [Other New Policies]
    * ControlStructures::ProhibitNegativeExpressionsInUnlessAndUntilConditions

    [Policy Changes]
    * Variables::ProhibitConditionalDeclarations now permits you to local-ize
      variables in conditional declarations.  This makes sense, since
      C<local> is actually a variable modifier, rather than a declaration.
      Thanks to David Golden for reporting this.

    [New Developer Features]
    * Perl::Critic::Utils::PPIRegexp encapsulates interaction with
      the PPI Regexp token classes.  Those classes have very sparse
      APIs, so this package hides away the ugly fiddling with PPI
    * Added a new optional_modules parameter for the .run syntax.

    [Bug Fixes]
    * PPI::Structure::List can now contain multiple children,
      so P::C::Utils::parse_arg_list() needs to handle it.
      This was done in the process of fixing, which was a problem
      with TestingAndDebugging::RequireTestLabels.
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitLongChainsOfMethodCalls wasn't resetting
      chain length when it ran into the end of a sub-expression.
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitCommaSeparatedStatements was reporting
      false positives when builtins which accept both no and multiple
      arguments were involved.

    * Removed all use of Carp in favor of exceptions.

    * Now requires PPI 1.201.  A number of workarounds for PPI bugs have been
    * New dependency upon Exception::Class.

    * Use Devel::CheckOS to see whether Perl::Critic is being installed on
      a Solaris system and warn about tar(1) chopping file names off if it

1.079_003 2007-10-22
1.079_002 2007-10-21
1.079_001 2007-10-09

    * Changes summarized into 1.080 above.  For exact details, see Changes in
      1.079_003 on BackPAN.

1.078 2007-09-19

    * Restore Perl::Critic::TestUtils::should_skip_author_tests() and
      get_author_test_skip_message().  Some Perl::Critic add-on distributions
      are using them.

1.077 2007-09-15

    * Note: if you don't have any problems installing Perl::Critic 1.076, there
      is no need to upgrade to this version.  There are no functionality
      changes.  This release only contains changes related to installation that
      a few people were experiencing.

    [Minor Changes]
    * Removed build-time use of Readonly, again, due to problems some people
      were having when trying to compile the code by hand, rather than using
    * Don't run author tests if there's a .svn directory present because
      users who grabbed the code from the source repository were executing
      them and getting failures.
    * Don't generate optional, module-hiding test wrappers if author tests
      are not enabled.

1.076 2007-09-07

    * It appears from reports on the 1.075_001 release that the subroutine
      sigils were indeed the problem.  Release to the general populace.

1.075_001 2007-09-06

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Undo the changes in 1.073 and 1.074.  Instead, stop using the subroutine
      sigil in import and export lists.  It is suspected that the problem lies
      with Exporter stripping off ampersands.

1.074 2007-09-04

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Repeat the Makefile.PL change on
      I love CPAN Testers.

1.073 2007-09-04

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Work around problems with the combination of Exporter & Readonly in
      Makefile.PL on some machines.

1.072 2007-09-03

    [Bug Fixes]
    * The Makefile generated by Makefile.PL was not syntactically correct
      according to some versions of Solaris.  Thanks to Diab Jerius
      (DJERIUS) for discovery and testing.
    * Fixed mis-definition of "quiet" value for the "--profile-strictness"
    * Enhanced testing with the absence of optional modules.

1.071 2007-08-24

    * The "Brown Paper Bag" Release

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Tests would not pass in environments that did not have all optional
      dependencies installed.

1.07 2007-08-21

    [New Policies - funded by a Perl Foundation grant]
    * BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitBooleanGrep
    * BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitComplexMappings
    * Documentation::PodSpelling
    * InputOutput::ProhibitJoinedReadline
    * Subroutines::ProhibitManyArgs
    * Subroutines::RequireArgUnpacking
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitImplicitNewlines
    * Variables::RequireLocalizedPunctuationVars

    [Other New Policies]
    * Subroutines::ProhibitNestedSubs

    [New Features]
    * The "perlcritic --profile-proto" output now includes the "add_themes"
      parameter for each policy.
    * The perlcritic "--strict-profile" option has been replaced with a
      "--profile-strictness" option.  This new option takes values of "warn"
      (the default), "fatal", and "quiet", which controls what happens with
      ignorable problems in a .perlcriticrc file.

    [New Developer Features]
    * Perl::Critic::Policy now has an overridable initialize_if_enabled()
      method which allows a Policy to perform expensive initialization after
      it has been determined whether the user has it enabled or not.  Also,
      this method allows a Policy to say that it should be disabled
      regardless of what the user says.

      Actually, use of this method is now encouraged over using a

    [Other Stuff]
    * Now requires the Readonly module in order to be more self-compliant.

1.061 2007-07-24

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Fix P::C::Theme-- Exporter in Perl 5.6 does not export import(), so you
      must subclass it.  *sigh*
    * Fix P::C::Config::_validate_and_save_theme()-- eval of an empty string
      does not reset $@/$EVAL_ERROR in Perl 5.6.
    * Big thanks to Anirvan Chatterjee for identifying and helping debug these

1.06 2007-06-27

    [New Features]
    * perlcritic now emits errors for all the problems it can find for the
      global options in the command-line parameters and .perlcriticrc file,
      rather than bailing on the first one it encounters.
    * perlcritic now has a "--strict-profile" option which will make warnings
      about problems in a profile fatal.
    * perlcritic now has a "--statistics-only" option which suppresses the
      display of individual violations and only shows the additional output
      produced by the "--statistics" option.

    [Feature requests]
    * A value for "color" can now be specified in a .perlcriticrc.

    [New Policies]
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitQuotesAsQuotelikeOperatorDelimiters
      As suggested in
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitLongChainsOfMethodCalls
    * Modules::ProhibitExcessMainComplexity
      As suggested in

    [Minor Changes]
    * The perlcritic "--profile-proto" option now emits the short names for
      policies, rather than the full ones.
    * The "-profileproto" and "-singlepolicy" options have been renamed to
      "-profile-proto" and "-single-policy" in order to make the growing
      number of command-line options comprehensible.  The change of
      "singlepolicy" also affects your F<.perlcriticrc> file.

1.053 2007-06-02 *DEVELOPMENT RELEASE*

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Fixed bug in 15_statistics.t test script, which caused the build
      to fail on machines that don't have Perl::Tidy installed.

1.052 2007-06-01 *DEVELOPMENT RELEASE*

    [New Features]
    * perlcritic now emits a summary about the scanned code when enabled by
      the "-statistics" option.

    [Policy Enhancements]
    * InputOutput::ProhibitBacktickOperators can now be configured to only
      check in void contexts.

    [Bug Fixes]
    * 27073: False positive in RequireUpperCaseHeredocTerminator
    * 27065: CodeLayout::ProhibitTrailingWhitespace breaks under Perl 5.6.1
    * 26462: ControlStructures::ProhibitCascadingIfElse pod typo
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitCommaSeparatedStatements was complaining
      about multiple values in the list to be iterated over by a foreach loop.
    * Corrected PBP page numbers for some policies (Quinn Weaver).

1.051 2007-04-12 *DEVELOPMENT RELEASE*

    * No new policies.
    * No particular bug fixes.

    * Added several new utility functions to support the StricterSubs distro.
      Also, some of the existing functions in Perl-Critic-Utils have
      changed in ways that might break your custom policies.

    * Updated Emacs plugin (Courtesy Josh ben Jore).
      See extras/perlcritic.el for details.
    * Added copy of BBEdit plugin (Courtesy of Josh Clark).
      See extras/ for details

1.05 2007-03-19

    [Bug Fixes]
    * 25557: t/20_policy_prohibittrailingwhitespace.t fails on Perl 5.8.0

1.04 2007-03-18

    [Bug Fixes]
    * 25008: Subroutines::RequireFinalReturn should allow "throw"
    * 25085: False Positive - Heredoc terminator must be quoted
    * 18423: VERSION check does not notice Readonly::Scalar version
    * 25449: Proposal of $VERSION declaration (DUPLICATE)

    [New Policies]
    * CodeLayout::ProhibitTrailingWhitespace
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitCommaSeparatedStatements
    * Variables::ProhibitPerl4PackageNames

    [Policy Enhancements]
    * Subroutines::RequireFinalReturn can now be configured to recognize
      your custom functions that behave like "die" or "exit".
    * Documentation::RequirePodSections can be configured to match
      Module::Starter:PBP or to really match the PBP book.

1.03 2007-02-13

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Fixed a few more problems with the %f, %F, and %r format escapes.
    * I forgot to put Conway's perlcriticrc file in the MANIFEST. Sorry.

    [Interface Changes]
    * Perl::Critic::Utils automatically exports everything.  However,
      this is deprecated.  In the future, you must request your exports.

    [Policy Changes]
    * Duplicate violations of RequireExplicitPackage are now squelched,
      in the same way as RequireUseStrict and RequireUseWarnings.

1.02 2007-02-11

    [Bug Fixes]
    * "undef" incorrectly triggered ProhibitMutatingListFunctions.
    * 24876: %f and %F escapes not working in custom "verbose" format strings.
    * 24875: Documentation bug in TestingAndDebugging::ProhibitNoStrict

    [New Policies]
    * InputOutput::RequireCheckedOpen
    * InputOutput::RequireCheckedClose

    [Other Cool Stuff]
    * Added Conway's own suggested Perl::Critic configuration as
    * See the examples/ directory for some neat demonstrations of using
      the Perl::Critic API. Contributed by Elliot Shank.

    [Interface Changes]
    * Perl::Critic::Utils no longer exports anything by default.  Policies
      outside the distribution will need to specify what exactly they need
      from this module.  There are a number of tags that can be used in
      addition to individual imports.

1.01 2007-01-24

    * PRODUCTION RELEASE:  You may now consider the public Perl::Critic
      API as "stable."  Future minor releases will focus on bug fixes,
      new policies, and internal refactoring.

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Fixed memory leak.  This was reported by the Parrot team at

0.23 2007-01-19

    [Bug Fixes]
    * 23994: Test 56 in t/05_utils.t of Perl::Critic v0.22 fails
    * 24005: test 95 in t/13_bundled_policies fails in 0.22

    [Groovy New Features]
    * Added '%F' to the Violation format specifications.  This will
      give you just the name of file where the violation occurred
      (i.e. without the path).
    * Improved validation of .perlcriticrc file.  An invalid
      default setting will now cause a fatal exception. A
      strange-looking policy name will cause a warning.

    [Interface Changes]
    * The syntax for theme expressions has changed.  Instead of using
      mathematical operators qw(+ * -) you must now use the logical
      operators qw(|| && !).  See the Perl::Critic docs for more info.
    * The @GLOBALS and @BUILTINS variables are no longer exported by
      Perl::Critic::Utils.  Use the is_perl_global() and is_perl_builtin()
      functions instead.
    * Perl::Critic::Policy::policy_parameters() has bee renamed to
      Perl::Critic::Policy::supported_parameters().  This was an
      undocumented feature anyway, so it shouldn't affect anyone.

    [Other Internal Changes]
    * Perl::Critic now requires B::Keywords v1.05 or newer.
    * A few internal classes have been refactored.  As a result,
      Set::Scalar is no longer a required dependency.

0.22 2006-12-15

    [New Features]
    * Introduced named severity levels: gentle, stern, harsh, cruel, brutal
      You can use these named levels instead of the numeric ones.
      For example: "perlcritic --severity=cruel"
      Or just:     "perlcritic --cruel"
    * For perlcritic, the "-List" option has been renamed to
      "-profileproto".  The output now includes the names of the
      parameters that each Policy supports, if any.
    * Improved validation of Policy parameters in your F<.perlcriticrc>
      Any invalid parameter now causes a fatal exception.

    [Major Changes]
    * Reassigned themes for most policies.  Now there are fewer
      themes and they are organized around programming concepts
      instead of severity levels.  If you have assigned your own
      themes to any Policies, they should still work as expected.

    [Policy Changes]
    * ErrorHandling::RequireCarping will not complain if it can figure
      out that the die or warn message will always end in a newline
      ("\n").  The idea is that, if you put the newline there, you
      don't indend for there to be any file/line/stack information
      emitted, in which case you really don't want carp/croak.

      You can restore the old strict behavior by giving the policy
      a false value for "allow_messages_ending_with_newlines" in your

    [Misc Changes]
    * Added single-letter uppercase alternatives for some perlcritic options.

0.21_01 2006-12-03

    [New Policies]
    * TestingAndDebugging::ProhibitProlongedStrictureOverride
    * ControlStructures::ProhibitMutatingListFunctions

    [New Features]
    * Say "perlcritic -List" to get an expanded listing of all Policies.
      The format is suitable for use as your .perlcriticrc file.
    * Say "perlcritic -doc PATTERN" to get the documentation for all
      Policies that match m/PATTERN/imx.  This is a little easier than
      typing in the full name of the Policy module with "perldoc".
    * Say "perlcritic --singlepolicy PATTERN" to use one and only one
    * Can now specify exceptions to Variables::ProhibitPackageVars,
      for packages like File::Find that only interface through
      package variables.

    [Bug Fixes]
    * 21713 false positive for parens used with substr and unpack.
    * 22890 allow Rcs keywords in POD.

    * Testing system overhauled.  Details on the Policy/subtest
      framework is in t/run.t.
    * Added Perl::Critic::Utils::words_from_string.  This is safer
      than plain old C<split /\s+/>.

0.21 2006-11-05

    [New Policies]
    * BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitReverseSortBlock
    * BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitVoidGrep
    * BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitVoidMap
    * CodeLayout::RequireConsistentNewlines
    * Modules::RequireFilenameMatchesPackage
    * TestingAndDebugging::RequireTestLabels
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitMismatchedOperators

    [New Features]
    * Introduced policy "themes."  Themes are arbitrary names that can
      be used to identify a group of related Policies.  You can select
      your favorite policies by combining themes in a mathematic expression
      such as "pbp * (danger + risky)".  See POD for details.
    * perlcritic output is colorized if you have Term::ANSIColor.  This
      only works on non-Win32 platforms.  Use -nocolor switch to disable.
    * Say "perlcritic -count" to get just the the total number of
      violations per file.  Use this feature to quickly identify hot-spots.
    * Use the -only switch to choose only from policies mentioned in your
      .perlcriticrc file.  This is useful if you usually only want to
      work with a small subset of the policies.
    * Default values for most of the perlcritic and Perl::Critic options
      can now be defined in your .perlcriticrc file.  See POD for details.

    [Bug Fixes]
    * 21236: wrong page number for "printing to filehandles"
    * 21916: File handle ... wrong page reference in PBP [DUPE]
    * 21714: false positive for capture var used in ternary condition
    * 21718: No skip for File::Slurp in includes.t
    * ProhibitBarewordFilehandles doesn't complain if you open
    * Parrot 40564: Subroutines::RequireFinalReturn should allow die,
      exit, etc.
    * Each "for" and "foreach" loop now adds one point to the McCabe
      complexity score.

    [Other Stuff]
    * The internals of Perl::Critic have been significantly refactored,
      but should still be compatible with existing third-party Policies.
    * Added author-only tests to the release, but disabled by default
    * New Perl::Critic::Utils::shebang_line() method
    * Support for filename-based policies
    * Additional prerequisite: Set::Scalar
    * Now requires PPI version 1.118

0.20 2006-09-10

    * Perl::Critic now requires PPI version 1.117, which fixes
      several bugs that were introduced in version 1.116.

    [Bug Fixes]
    * 21079: grep clears @SITE_POLICIES
    * 21352: Test failures with PPI 1.117
    * 11365: sub DESTROY detected as a builtin homonym

0.19 2006-08-20

    [New Policies]
    * BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitStringySplit
    * ControlStructures::ProhibitDeepNests
    * RegularExpressions::ProhibitCaptureWithoutTest
    * Variables::RequireLexicalLoopIterator

    [New Features]
    * "perlcritic -quiet" suppresses the "source OK" message.
    * Variables::ProhibitPunctuationVars is now configurable.

    [Bug Fixes]
    * 20965: "Hard tabs used at" shouldn't check __DATA__
    * 21070: ProhibitNoisyQuotes hates overload
    * Punctuation variables are now exempt from ProhibitLocalVars

    [Other Stuff]
    * Test coverage is now over 95%

0.18_01 2006-08-06

    [New Policies]
    * Variables::RequireNegativeIndices
    * InputOutput::ProhibitInteractiveTest
    * ErrorHandling::RequireCarping

    [Bug Fixes]
    * RequireTidyCode tests fail if user has custom .perltidyrc file
    * 20612: RequirePerlTidy was ignoring HEREDOCs
    * 20659: __END__ statement considered "unreachable"
    * Fix for PPI::XS (no C<use overload '""'> support)
    * Support for 'goto' in ProhibitAmpersandSigils and

    [Performance Enhancements]
    * Introduced Perl::Critic::Document class.  This is a facade for
      PPI::Document which internally caches search results.  This
      reduces the running time by about 35%.  The facade should be
      invisible, unless you are doing something really sneaky.
    * Extraction of the 'diagnostics' information is postponed
      until it is really needed.  Speedup has not been measured.
    * Calls to helper-subs have been reordered for maximum efficiency.

    [Other Cool Stuff]
    * Includes updated version of perlcritic mode for emacs.  See
      "extras/perlcritic.el" for details.

0.18 2006-07-16

    [Bug Fixes]
    * 14855: Home discovery is dangerously naive.
    * 20060: Incorrect page numbers in ProhibitLeadingZeros
      and RequireNumberSeparator policies.
    * 20068: .perlrc file - inconsistent documentation
    * 20254: "use vars qw(@EXPORT_OK)" not recognized
    * 20463: No-case heredoc terminator incorrectly detected as lower case.
    * ProhibitOneArgBless doesn't understand "bless {} => $class;"
    * ProhibitExcessComplexity doesn't count 'while' and 'until' stmnts
    * ProhibitLeadingZeros was falsely hits '.0456'

    * If File::HomeDir is available, we use it to locate the
      .perlcriticrc file.  This should help make Perl::Critic
      more portable to Win32 platforms.  If File::HomeDir is
      not installed, we resort to looking at the usual
      environment variables.

    [Other Stuff]
    * Added "perlcritic.el", which is a super-cool emacs minor-mode
      that runs perl-critic on the current buffer and returns the
      results in a sexy hot-linked "compiler" window.  You can run
      it on demand, or have it run automatically every time you
      save the buffer.  You can find this in the extras/ directory.
      Thanks to Josh ben Jore for contributing this.
    * Moved "Perl::Critic::TestUtils" into the installed build.  This
      module is only used for unit-testing Perl::Critic, but we
      are putting it in the installation so folks who want to
      extend Perl::Critic can make use of it.

0.17 2006-06-13

    [Bug Fixes]
    * 19836: Perl-Critic0.16 fails tests during install.  This was
      caused by a bug in version 3.01 of Module::Pluggable.  See for details.
    * Fixed bug in no-critic pragma parser.

    [New Policies]
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitEscapedCharacters
    * BuiltinFunctions::RequireSimpleSortBlock

    * Perl::Critic can export critique() as a static function.  This
      may appeal to folks who dislike the object-oriented interface.

0.16 2006-05-14

    * Perl::Critic->critique() now accepts a PPI::Document as the
      argument.  This feature creates an additional dependency on
      Scalar::Util, but that shouldn't be a problem because it is
      included with List::Util, which we already use.

    * Increased PPI dependency from v1.110 to v1.112

0.15_03 2006-05-07

    [Bug Fixes]
    * The "## no critic" feature is now implemented without eval-ing
      the code.  This keeps Perl::Critic pure and safe :)
    * 19082: Page number for AUTOLOAD is incorrect

    [New Policies]
    * ControlStructures::ProhibitUnreachableCode (by Peter Guzis)
    * Modules::ProhibitAutomaticExportation
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitVersionStrings

0.15_02 2006-04-26

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Reimplemented the '##no critic' pragmas to have effect on the
      line where the violation is reported, not on the line where
      the candidate element lives.  This is because some policies
      may report violations that are nowhere near the element that
      is being evaluated.
    * RequireUseStrict, RequireUseWarnings, and RequireExplicitPackage
      all emit violations for _every_ statement that violates the
      Policy.  This closes a loophole that allowed you to circumvent
      the Policy by using '## no critic' on just the first statement
      that violated the policy.
    * Fixed the workaround for the magic shebang that is inserted
      by EU::MM and M::B.  This had stopped working around version 13.
    * Fixed -noprofile option on 'perlcritic'.  This also had stopped
      working at some point.

0.15_01 2006-04-16

    * Added diagnostic messages if the .perlcriticrc contains entries
      for Policy modules that don't seem to exist.
    * Now you can specify which policies to disable with the
      "## no critic" pseudo-pragmas.  This feature is still
      experimental.  See docs for details.
    * perlcritic's directory searching now skips backup files, such
      as *.swp, *.bak and *~.  It also ignores version control system
      directories, and the blib directory in module build directories.

    [Bug Fixes]
    * 18386: Bad example in POD for Documentation::RequirePodSections
    * 18670: Test failure if Perl::Tidy is not installed
    * 18698: Policy idea ProhibitUniversalFunctions (see New Policies)
    * RequireInterpolationOfMetachars falsely hit strings like 'foo=s@'
      which are commonly used with Getopt::Long.

    [New Policies]
    * BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitUniversalCan (by Chris Dolan)
    * BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitUniversalIsa (by Chris Dolan)

    * All spurious options for `perlcritic` are now fatal.
    * Changed several of the -verbose formats to be more readable.
    * Explicit -severity option now overrides -[12345] shortcuts instead
      of being the other way around.

0.15 2006-03-26

    [Bug Fixes]
    * 17964: Insists my code is not tidy (may not be fixed for all cases)

0.14_02 2006-03-19

    [Bug Fixes]
    * 15653: False positive in OneArgSelect (fixed for real this time)

    [New Policies]
    * ClassHierarchies::ProhibitAutoloading
    * Documentation::RequirePodSections
    * InputOutput::RequireBracedFileHandleWithPrint
    * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitMixedBooleanOperators
    * Variables::RequireInitializationForLocalVars

0.14_01 2006-03-05

    [Bug Fixes]
    * 14731: False positive: Builtin function called with parens
    * 17554: False positive in CodeLayout::RequireTrailingCommas

    [New Policies]
    * ClassHierarchies::ProhibitExplicitISA
    * InputOutput::ProhibitReadlineInForLoop
    * Miscellanea::ProhibitFormats
    * Miscellanea::ProhibitTies
    * Variables::ProhibitConditionalDeclarations

0.14 2006-01-29

    * More documentation edits.

    [New Policies]
    * Documentation::RequirePodAtEnd
    * Subroutines::ProtectPrivateSubs
    * Variables::ProhibitMatchVars
    * Variables::ProtectPrivateVars

    [Bug Fixes]
    * 15295: "## no critic" pragmas too aggressive on compound statements.
    * t/01_config.t failed in the presence of third-party policies
    * Implemented workaround for failing pod_coverage tests.
    * 16906:  tr/// created false-positives with RegularExpression polices.

0.13_04 2005-12-31

    * Moved DEVELOPER.pod file into the Perl/Critic dir.
    * More documentation edits.

0.13_03 2005-12-30

    * perlcritic now prints 'source OK' if it doesn't find any
      violations.  This gives folks a warm fuzzy feeling.
    * Tweaked some test cases that were failing on my Solaris
      environment at work.

0.13_02 2005-12-29

    * Fixed Config to recognize fully-qualified module names in the
      .perlcriticrc file.
    * Various documentation edits.

0.13_01 2005-12-28

    * Replaced 'priority' concept with 'severity'.  Now each Policy module
      has a predefined severity level ranging from 1 to 5.  By default,
      perlcritic only reports the most severe violations.  You can adjust
      the severity threshold at the command line, and you can change
      the severity for any Policy using the config file.
    * Chris implemented the applies_to() mechanism, which allows each Policy
      class to declare the types of PPI elements that it wants to examine.
      When traversing the document, Perl::Critic invokes the Policy only
      for elements that are of the correct type.  This improves performance
      by about 33%.
    * Perl::Critic now uses a Plugin architecture to automatically
      discover Policy modules.  So if you have custom Policies, all you
      have to do is install them in the Perl::Critic::Policy namespace --
      no need to add anything to your .perlcriticrc file.  If you write
      policies in a different namespace, you can configure that too.  See
      the Perl::Critic::Config docs for details.

    [New Policies]
    * Modules::RequireEndWithOne
    * NamingConventions::ProhibitAmbiguousNames
    * References::ProhibitDoubleSigils
    * Subroutines::RequireFinalReturn
    * Subroutines::ProhibitAmpersandSigils
    * Subroutines::ProhibitExcessComplexity
    * TestingAndDebugging::ProhibitNoStrict
    * TestingAndDebugging::ProhibitNoWarnings

    [Bug Fixes]
    * 15101: Plugin architecture improves support for 3rd-party code
    * 16319: Fixed incorrect PBP page number in ProhibitBarwordFilehandle
    * 16321: Lists of empty quotes are now allowed by ProhibitQuotedWordLists
    * 16288: Empty lists caused a fatal error RequireTrailingCommas
    * 15653: Fixed false positive in OneArgSelect.

0.13 2005-10-31

    * Renamed -Policy option to -include.  Added -exclude to give the
      opposite effect.
    * Refactored constructor of Perl::Critic.  Now, most of the work
      is delegated to Perl::Critic::Config.  I'm not sure I like how
      this turned out, but we'll see how it goes.
    * Renamed some Policy modules to be a bit more comprehensible.  Note
      that you may need to change your .perlcriticrc file accordingly.
      I also suggest removing your current Perl::Critic installation
      before installing this one.
    * Improved error message when Perl::Critic dies because PPI can't
      parse the input code.
    * Changed output of -help to be more terse.
    * Added -Policy option to perlcritic.  The idea is to provide a
      compact interface for selecting Policy modules at the command-line.
      This feature is experimental and subject to change.
    * Added a warning message if -verbose value looks strange.  In most
      applications, the -verbose option does not require a value, so people
      might be puzzled when they write 'perlcritic -verbose' and
      nothing seems to happen.
    * Command-line options to perlcritic are now case-sensitive.  This
      makes it easier to abbreviate options that start with the same letters
      (e.g. 'Version' and 'verbose')
    * Fixed the new Policy modules that were misnamed and misplaced in the
      previous distribution.
    * Rewrote some of the ControlStructures and BuiltinFunction
      policies to be simpler (and probably a little faster).
    * Edited POD.  Fixed some typos.  Added PREREQUISITES section
      to Perl::Critic documentation.
    * Fixed the -verbose FORMAT option so that you can put metachars
      in the FORMAT specification.  If using perlcritic, be careful to
      protect them from getting munged by the shell first.
    * Replaced ProhibitRequireStatements with RequireBarewordIncludes
      module. Courtesy of Chris Dolan <>
    * Added configuration to ProhibitInterpolationOfLiterals so that
      certain flavors of quotes can be exempt.  This is for folks who
      have configured their editor to use special syntax highlighting
      for certain kinds of strings (SQL, for example).
    * perlcritic now accepts multiple file arguments, so now you can
      critique your entire distribution in one shot.  As a result, the
      output-formats have changed slightly.

    [New Policies]
    * BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitLvalueSubstr
    * BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitSleepViaSelect
    * ClassHierarchies::ProhibitOneArgBless
    * CodeLayout::RequireTrailingCommas
    * CodeLayout::RequireQuotedWordLists
    * InputOutput::ProhibitTwoArgOpen
    * InputOutput::ProhibitOneArgSelect
    * InputOutput::ProhibitBarewordFileHandles
    * Miscellanea::RequireRcsKeywords
    * Modules::RequireVersionVar
    * RegularExpressions::RequireExtendedFormatting
    * RegularExpressions::RequireLineBoundaryMatching

    [Name Changes]
    * ProhibitUnpackagedCode => RequireExplicitPackage
    * RequireQuotedWords     => ProhibitQuotedWordLists

    [Bug Fixes]
    14923: 'require' is now permitted. See RequireBarewordIncludes.
    15022: Fixed false-positives when keywords are used as hash keys.
    15023: Fixed spurious Violations by removing magic shebang.
    15031: Fixed spelling mistakes (and probably added some new ones).
    15233: Postfix 'if' is now allowed with 'die', 'croak', etc.

0.12 2005-10-10

    * The internal dynamics and API of Perl::Critic have changed
      considerably.  The result is a 300% increase in performance.
      See the POD in Perl::Critic::Policy for details.
    * Redesigned the 'verbose' feature.  Now the output format
      can be user-defined using a sprintf-like specification.
      perlcritic also has a predefined output format that is
      compatible with grep mode in editors like vim and emacs.
    * 'return' is now exempt from ProhibitParensWithBuiltins.  I may
      extend this exemption to all unary functions.
    * Edited POD. Added a super brief description of each policy
      in the main Perl::Critic documentation.  Added details about
      editor integration.

    [New Features]
    * Added -verbose option to put more stuff in the output.  In the
      extreme, you can get the POD from Policy attached to each
      and every violation.

    [Additional Prerequisites]
    * String::Format
    * IO::String
    * Pod::PlainText

0.10 2005-10-05

    * Fixed stupid bug in newest Policy modules.  They were returning
      PPI objects instead of Perl::Critic::Violation objects.  Doh!
    * Fixed test scripts to prevent failures if the user already has a
      .perlcriticrc file.
    * 'ProhibitHardTabs' now allows leading tabs by default.
    * Put the Changes file in reverse-chronological order, so the most
      recent stuff is easy to find at the top of the file

0.09 2005-10-04

    * Changed the syntax for the magic comments.  Adam had the
      idea of using a pragma-like notation.  I liked it.

    [Bug Fixes]
    * 14810: Now you are allowed to create your own 'import' function,
             since this is frequently done with fancy modules.
    * 14817: Parens, brackets, and braces are now excluded from
             'ProhibitNoisyQuotes' since they look better in quotes anyway.
    * 14787: $1..$9 and '_' are exempt from ProhibitPunctuationVars
    * 14899: Object methods with the same name as a built-in can
             be called with parens (ProhibitParensWithBuiltins).
    * 14901: Normalized the exit status of perlcritic to 0, 1, or 2.
             See documentation for explanation.
    * 14855: Partially fixed home directory discovery.  Still not
             completely portable, but at least doesn't create warnings.

    [New features]
    * 14734: Limit for number separators is now configurable

    [New Policy modules]
    * CodeLayout::ProhibitHardTabs
    * ControlStructures::ProhibitUnlessBlocks
    * ControlStructures::ProhibitUntilBlocks
    * ControlStructures::ProhibitCStyleForLoops

0.08_2 2005-09-27

    * Fixed problems with Perl::Critic::Config that caused File::Spec
      to emit 'uninitialized value' warnings during the build.
    * Added 1 Policy module contributed by Graham TerMarsch
    * Switched from File::Spec::Functions to plain File::Spec because
      I think its usage is more common.
    * Removed 'FindBin' from the test files so I can be sure that the
      right libraries are getting loaded.  This means I'll have to
      use the -l option with C<prove>.
    * Fixed "ProhibitParensWithBuiltins" to allow parens to be used with
      object method calls that have the same name as a builtin functions.
    * Introduced magical comments that allow developers to configure
      Perl::Critic on-the-fly from within their code.
    * Added META.yml files and POD tests to the build.  I did this
      mostly just to boost the Kwalitee score on CPANTS.
    * Switched from "Config::Std" to "Config::Tiny" because it doesn't
      require those fancy Damian modules that don't seem to work on
      some older versions of Perl.
    * Edited more POD.

0.07 2005-09-21

    * Fixed bugs in the ProhibitCascadingIfElse policy.
    * Added ProhibitExplicitReturnUndef policy
    * Made ProhibitUnpackagedCode configurable so you can exempt scripts,
      which typically don't have an explicit 'package' statement.
    * ProhibitPackageVars policy now exempts vars in ALL_CAPS.  This
      is to permit common package variables like @EXPORT and $VERSION.
    * Renamed "ProhibitStringyGrep and "ProhibitStringyMap" because
      the so-called string form doesn't really exist.  Now called
      "RequireBlockGrep" and "RequireBlockMap"
    * Corrected documentation on defining Policy names within the
      configuration file.  This still isn't very clear and needs
      to be rewritten.
    * Perl::Critic now requires PPI version 1.003, which has a few bug
      fixes of its own.
    * Rewrite some code just to make Perl::Critic more self-compliant.
    * Added test cases to verify the configuration functionality.  These
      are not completely thorough and need more work.

0.06 2005-09-17

    * Now called 'Perl::Critic'.
    * Added 4 new policy modules.
    * Fixed bugs in build process.
    * Added support for Module::Build.

0.05 2005-09-17

    * End of 'Perl::Review' releases.  I have changed the name to
      'Perl::Critic' to avoid possible confusion with "The Perl Review"

0.04 2005-09-14

    * Version 0.03 was a bust because I uploaded the wrong tarball to PAUSE.

0.03 2005-09-13

    * Fixed some POD links.
    * Removed test cases for missing policy module.

0.02 2005-09-13

    * Major overhaul based on feedback from Perl community.
    * Factored coding standards into separate modules (known as
      Policies).  The idea here is to allow other developers to easily
      contribute additional coding standards.
    * Reworked Perl::Review into a simple engine for loading and running
      Policy modules.
    * Gave perlreview a command-line interface and configuration file
      for selecting which Policy modules to use.

0.01 2005-08-16

    * Initial version.

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