2011-01-04  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	---- Version 0.59 CPAN ----

	* t/*.t: Use Test::More for tests.

	* Build.PL: Use Module::Build

	* LaTeX.pm: Fix typo in pod (RT #46887 via Dave Mitchell)

2004-12-29  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	---- VERSION 0.58 CPAN ----

	* t/pod2latex.t: Add test for square bracket in item

	* LaTeX.pm (add_item): Fix items when the item contains a square
	bracket (thanks to R. de Vries - RT#7570)

2004-03-07  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* Version 0.57 CPAN

	* README: Forgot to update prior to 0.56 release.

2004-03-07  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* Version 0.56 CPAN

	* LaTeX.pm (end_pod): Fix bug where UserPostamble and UserPreamble
	were written even if AddPostamble and AddPreamble were false.

	* pod2latex.PL: Add -pre/postfile and -pre/postamble to pod2latex.
	(thanks to Adriano Rodrigues Ferreira)

	* LaTeX.pm (end_pod): Fix doubling up of \end{document} when user
	postamble is used (and add new test t/user.t). (thanks to Adriano
	Rodrigues Ferreira).

2003-07-27  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* MANIFEST: Forgot to add MANIFEST to the MANIFEST!!

2003-04-05  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* Version 0.55 CPAN

	* t/pod2latex.t: Update the test to work with Pod::ParseUtils
	v0.30 but retain backwards compatibility. (thanks to Mark Veltzer
	for pointing this out).

	* pod2latex.PL: Change pod2latex so that the binary is generated
	from a .PL (this allows it to work on VMS). Imported from bleadperl.

	* LaTeX.pm (begin_pod): Add usepackage{textcomp} to preamble.

	* t/pod2latex.t: Fix test to take into account current
	patches. Add additional test for enumerate environments.

2003-04-03  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* LaTeX.pm (add_item): Apply patch from Ariel Scolnicov to correct =item 1 blah
	so that it becomes "1 blah" and not "1. 1 blah" (and duplicate patch from Sudhi Herle).

	* pod2latex: Apply Jarkko's pod typo

	* LaTeX.pm: Add Peter J. Acklam's patch to allow much improved unicode
	entity support.

2001-11-20  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* Version 0.54 on CPAN

	* LaTeX.pm (command): Fix the logic in =for blocks (found because
	perlpod.pod was not formatting correctly with "=for comment".

2001-11-19  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* LaTeX.pm (verbatim): Use a cleverer approach to tabs. (Hugh S
	Myers <hughmyers@micron.com>)
	(_replace_special_chars_late): verbar escape was happening in the
	wrong place and this was ruining link expansion.
	(add_item): Tweak so that we for long items we have some content
	in the item description itself and some bold. This makes sure that
	everything lines up. (thanks to Hugh S Myers for the original idea
	and for the _split_delimited method).

2001-11-16  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* LaTeX.pm (_replace_special_chars_late): Finally agree to escape
	< and > (thanks to some more prodding from Hugh S Myers)

2000-10-10  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* pod2latex: Add strict and version number.  Add -h1level option.

2000-09-22  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* Release 0.53 to CPAN

2000-08-20  Tim Jenness  <t.jenness@jach.hawaii.edu>

	* LaTeX.pm (add_item): Fix problem with '* text' items

2000-08-20  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* LaTeX.pm (add_item): Handle long item strings (from  Mark
	A. Hershberger <mah@everybody.org>)
	(_replace_special_chars): Escape ~ (from Simon Cozens
	Escape | (thanks to Marcel Grunauer <marcel@codewerk.com>)
	Add support for E<verbar> and E<sol>

2000-05-15  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* V0.52 for CPAN release

2000-05-09  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* pod2latex: Make sure that argument order is preserved.

2000-05-08  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* LaTeX.pm: Version 0.51

2000-05-05  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* pod2latex: Set INFILE name when using filehandle.

	* LaTeX.pm: Fix warning messages so that they correctly list file
	name and line number. Fix escaping of ^ and {}.

2000-03-30  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* LaTeX.pm: Version 0.50