Revision history for Perl 5 CPAN module Pod::POM

2.01 2015-11-07 NEILB
    * Added abstracts to all of the submodules -- a PR from GARU.
    * Changed README to -- another PR from GARU.
    * Fixed runtime warning for Pod::POM::ERROR -- another PR from GARU.

2.00 2015-09-05 NEILB
    * Bumped version to 2.00 because last release failed to index:
      some of the earlier releases had a dist version of 0.xx, but
      various of the modules had version numbers 1.0x. PAUSE is now
      right stricter about monotically increasing version numbers,
      so easiest to just to jump ahead.

0.30 2015-09-04 NEILB
    * Dropped File::Slurp in favour of File::Slurper.
      RT#106853 from Henk van Oers.
    * Don't try to convert text to UTF-8 if it's already tagged as UTF-8.
      Thanks to Artem Krivopolenov.
    * Changed all remaining instances of 'use base' to 'use parent';
      it was previously using a mixture of parent *and* base.
    * Added "use warnings" and "require 5.006" to all modules.

0.29_02 2015-08-03 NEILB
    * Don't try to convert text to UTF-8 if it's already tagged as UTF-8.
      Thanks to Artem Krivopolenov.
    * Changed all remaining instances of 'use base' to 'use parent';
      it was previously using a mixture of parent *and* base.

0.29_01 2015-08-02 NEILB
    * Switched to Dist::Zilla
    * Added "use warnings" and "require 5.006" to all modules.
    * Moved custom-pom2 script from bin/ to examples/
    * Reformatted this file as per CPAN::Changes::Spec

0.29 2013-12-31 ANDREWF
    * fixed bug 87124 (upgrade Module::Install)
    * fixed bug 90010 (typos)

0.28 2013-05-30 ANDREWF
    * fixed bug 81707 (test failures due to hash randomisation in perl 5.17.6)
    * change 'use vars' to 'our' declarations

0.27 2010-04-02 ANDREWF
    * changed 'unless (defined (%{"$class\::ACCEPT"}))' to just
      'unless (%{"$class\::ACCEPT"})' in Pod::POM::Node to fix defect #56205
      (use of the now deprecated "defined(%hash)" construct)
    * updated Makefile.PL to require at least 2001.0929 of Text::Wrap, as 
      versions prior to this always unexpand tabs.
    * applied Andreas Koenig's encoding patch
    * changed 'use base' to 'use parent'
    * split Pod::POM::Nodes into separate modules, retaining the original file
      to just use all the individual node modules.
    * added AF to author and copyright info for modules (in addition to ABW)

0.25 2009-03-27 ANDREWF
    * updated Makefile.PL to use Module::Include properly - i.e. flag modules
      as test_requires as appropriate
    * output test failure reason with diag()
    * added t/YAML/ (self-contained YAML library) to remove test-only
      module dependency
    * test library uses Test::Differences if available but package does not 
      list it as a dependency

0.24 2009-03-21 ANDREWF
    * fixed broken YAML files in testcases that were causing tests to fail on
      some platforms
    * added text and HTML verbatim paragraph view tests
    * fixed typo in synopsis in Pod::POM

0.23 2009-03-20 ANDREWF
    * Applied JJ's patch for coalescing verbatim paragraphs separated
      by blank lines and refined verbatim paragraph test cases
      and expected output
    * Tweaked pom dump format to quote individual text lines
    * Tweaked PodPOMTestLib to remove dependency on Class::Accessor
    * Added test cases for =headN hierarchy and =begin blocks
    * Added format name to =end in Pod::POM::View::Pod
    * Switch Makefile.PL to Module::Include

0.22 2009-03-19 ANDREWF
    * Added missing dependencies to Makefile.PL
    * Added pomdump program to list of executables

0.21 2009-03-18 ANDREWF
    * Added missing dependencies to Makefile.PL

0.20 2009-03-17 ANDREWF
    * Added basic pod documentation to the view modules
    * expanded the test cases (especially expanded sequences and blockquote
    * add support for blockquote paragraphs to Text and HTML views

0.19 2009-03-17 ANDREWF
    * Added dump method to Pod::POM::Node
    * Reorganized tests with new testcases directory

0.18 2009-03-11 ANDREWF
    * Add patches from RT (next 2 items)
    * BOOK's ticket #24266: Proposed correction for bugs #1949 and #5759
      (As described in tickets #1949 and #5759, the content =begin/=end blocks
      should be treated as data text (no sequence parsing, etc).)
    * JJ's ticket #16764: Problem handling paragraph separators -
      incompatibility with perlpodspec
      (Pod::POM 0.17 does not accept blank lines containing whitespace as
      paragraph separators, it only accepts blank lines containing no
      characters at all. According to perlpodspec, blank lines containing
      whitespace should be taken as paragraph separators.
    * Modified pom2 to search for viewer modules other than Pod, Text and
      HTML in @INC, and to pass any options to the constructor method.

0.17 2003-07-24 ABW
    * Pod::POM::View::Pod::view_item could have $title non reference, so
      handle that gracefully.
    * add 'fallback => 1' to use of overload in Pod::POM::Node.
    * Pod::POM::View::Text and Pod::POM::View::HTML now implement F<>
      rendering similar to I<>. Tests adjusted. [Stas Bekman]
    * Added 'bool' overload to Pod::POM::Node to prevent unwanted 
      stringification of nodes simply to test their truth.  Also removed
      C<length $text> test from Pod::POM::Nodes::Text::present() which
      was having the same early stringification side-effect.

0.15 2002-03-10 ABW
    * Applied a patch from Stas Bekman to re-implement view_seq_link() in 
      - don't add "the foo manpage" automatically. 
      - implement a big part of the L<> according to the spec, parts
        borrowed from Pod::HTML
      - the implementation includes an optional callback which can be
        sub-classed to provide transformations of the 'page' part of the L<>
        tag. For example if the page is located elsewhere.
    * Applied another patch from Stas to fix view_seq_text()
      - ! and ; are also punctuation chars
      - fix comment typos
      - fix incorrectly parsed url followed by punctuation at the end of string:

0.14 2002-02-25 ABW
    * Added the visit(), leave() and visiting() methods to Pod::POM::View 
      to allow visitors to track elements of the path that they've taken.
      This allows one method to know if it has been called within the context
      of another.  

0.13 2002-02-06 ABW
    * Applied a patch from Leon Brocard to change 'length' to 'defined' to
      make Pod::POM work OK with bleadperl.
    * Changed Pod::POM::View::HTML view_seq_text() method to automatically
      escape < > and &.  Thanks to lazy POD author Mark Fowler for raising 
      the issue. :-)

0.12 2002-01-03 ABW
    * Applied a patch from Stas Bekman which:
      - fixes the over/item functionality (quite a few very missing), see 
        the tests
      - fixes a bug revealed with "" overload
      - changes HTML version to be <code>foo</code>, not '<code>foo</code>'
      - adds the URL hyperlinking code, borrowed from bleadperl's Pod::Html.
    * Fixed a typo in the SYNOPSIS and removed some dead spaces.  Thanks to 
      Ron Savage for reporting the problems.  
    * Added Ron's script as bin/custom-pom2
    * Renamed pomcheck to podlint because it is a much catchier name :-)
    * Added some docs to bin/pom2 and bin/podlint
    * Several other minor documentation fixes and improvements.
0.11 2001-12-03 ABW
    * Fixed HTML view_verbatim() to escape < > and & to HTML entities.
    * Bumped version number up to 0.11 to ensure it supercedes the ill fated
      0.1 release which has been confusing CPAN ever since (0.1 < 0.03)

0.03 2001-11-29 ABW
    * Fixed HTML view_head1() to remove illegal <ul> ... </ul> tags.  Also
      modified view_over() to detect the type of the first item 
      (e.g. '=item *', '=item 1.' or '=item foo') and adjust accordingly to
      create a '<ul>...</ul>' or '<ol>...</ol>' list.  Item titles of the 
      form '*' or '1.' then get stripped off as appropiate.   Thanks to 
      Stas Bekman for raising these issues.
    * Added support for new =head3 and =head4 POD tags, also due to prodding 
      from Stas.  :-)
    * Added support for experimental 'meta' tag.  Disabled by default.

0.02 2001-04-09 ABW
    * Fixed several bugs in Pod/POM/ where I had relied on the 5.6.0
      "Do The Right Thing" behaviour of C<$EXPECT = qw( ... )> to correctly
      quote a single string.  Now changed to C<$EXPECT = '...'>.  Thanks
      to Randal Schwartz for identifying the problem.
    * Added C<use Pod::POM::View> to Pod::POM::View::* modules because 
      C<use base qw( Pod::POM::View )> doesn't do it automatically for
      you in some earlier versions of Perl, even if it says it does.
    * Updated documentation to refer to released Template Toolkit v2.02
      and added a little more on using the Pod plugin and VIEW directive
      to munge Pod.
    * Changed the Pod::POM::View::Text module to be smarter about indenting,
      keeping track of a current indent level via an internal INDENT member
      (when used as an object) or the package variable $INDENT (when used
      as a class) instead of the previous approach of blindly stuffing 
      everything through Text::Wrap as an afterthought.  Converting Pod to
      text is now significantly faster and should generate correctly indented
0.1 2001-01-10 ABW
    * first public release.