Pod::WikiDoc::Cookbook - Examples of Pod::WikiDoc usage


version 0.21


This file contains some examples of ways to use Pod::WikiDoc or to integrate Pod::WikiDoc with other tools.


Editor settings for working with Pod::WikiDoc

(Seeking equivalent settings for other editors or alternatives for vim.)


In vim, use the comments and formatoptions settings in .vimrc to have vim automatically insert the wikidoc comment leader when pressing return from a wikidoc comment line. For example, the following lines in a .vimrc file will activate this option whenever a perl-ish file is loaded.

     autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.p? set comments=b:###
     autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.p? set formatoptions+=r

Subclassing Module::Build to automatically generate Pod from wikidoc

With a little extra work in the Build.PL file, Pod::WikiDoc can work easily with Module::Build to extract wikidoc into .pod files automatically during the distribution process

The Build.PL file below subclasses Module::Build with three functions:

  • ACTION_wikidoc -- adds a new Build wikidoc action that extracts Pod and wikidoc from all .pm files in the lib directory and adds them to the MANIFEST

  • ACTION_testpod -- adds a dependency on the wikidoc action to regenerate .pod files before testing them

  • ACTION_distdir -- adds a dependency on the wikidoc action to regenerate .pod files before bundling up a distribution

As an extra feature, ACTION_wikidoc also sets a VERSION keyword that can be used to insert the current version number into the generated Pod.

     = VERSION
     This documentation refers to version %%VERSION%%.

By making wikidoc extraction part of the distdir action, users installing the distribution will receive it with .pod files already created, and will not need to have Pod::WikiDoc installed themselves.

     # Build.PL
     use Module::Build;
     my $class = Module::Build->subclass(
         class => "Module::Build::WikiDoc",
         code => <<'SUBCLASS' );
         sub ACTION_wikidoc {
             my $self = shift;
             eval "use Pod::WikiDoc";
             if ( $@ eq '' ) {
                 my $parser = Pod::WikiDoc->new( {
                     comment_blocks => 1}
                     keywords => { VERSION => $self->dist_version },
                 for my $src ( keys %{ $self->find_pm_files() } ) {
                     (my $tgt = $src) =~ s{\.pm$}{.pod};
                     $parser->filter( {
                         input   => $src,
                         output  => $tgt,
                     print "Creating $tgt\n";
                     $tgt =~ s{\\}{/}g; # for win32
                     $self->_add_to_manifest( 'MANIFEST', $tgt );
             else {
                 warn "Pod::WikiDoc not available. Skipping wikidoc.\n";
         sub ACTION_testpod {
             my $self = shift;
         sub ACTION_distdir {
             my $self = shift;
         # regular Module::Build options

Including extra pure-wikidoc files in a distribution

To add extra documentation files to a distribution, create them as .pm files and let Pod::WikiDoc convert them as normal. To prevent the .pm files from being indexed (e.g. by, list them as "no_index" in the META.yml file of the distribution.

Example of a simple .pm documentation file:

     package Some::Module::About;
     use strict; # make CPANTS happy
     =begin wikidoc
     Your wikidoc goes here.
     =end wikidoc

Adding "no_index" to META.yml via Build.PL (requires Module::Build 0.28):

     my $builder = $class->new(
         # regular Module::Build options
         meta_add            => {
             no_index => {
                 file => [ qw{
                 } ]


David A Golden <>


This software is Copyright (c) 2017 by David A Golden.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004