Revision history for PostScript-Report

0.13   2013-11-30
	- Builder now uses Module::Runtime to load classes
	- Fix type library to be compatible with upcoming Moose 2.1200
	  (fixes RT#90697 & RT#90698)
	- Localize $@ before eval

0.12   2013-05-04
	- No functional changes; just updated metadata
	- Add Moose & MooseX::Types to configure_requires.
	  They're not actually required by Makefile.PL, but if they're
	  not installed, it skips the version check introduced in
	  version 0.11.  Since many CPAN testers don't install modules
	  normally, but just build an @INC containing only the listed
	  requirements, they always skipped the version check and
	  continued to send reports for that Moose bug.

0.11   2013-04-27
	- Clean up type library
	- Warn about conflict between MooseX::Types 0.32 and greater
	  with Moose versions before 2.0800 (fixes RT#77299)
	- Stabilize order of font creation.  Didn't affect printed
	  output, but generated code could be different between runs,
	  causing test failures on Perl 5.17.

0.10   2012-04-04
	- Use the function library provided by PostScript::File 2.20

0.09   2011-05-05
	- Use the improved API in PostScript::File 2.10
	- Fixed LinkField to avoid deprecation warnings in Perl 5.12

0.08   2010-07-20
	- Added first_footer attribute
	- Added "split" as a possible value for footer_align
	- Include more report attributes in dump output
	- Fixed bug in calculating required page count
	  (could cause report footer to overlap report)

0.07   2010-06-19
	- Added extra_styles & get_style, which allows Components to
	  inherit attributes without Containers and the Report needing
	  to know every possible attribute
	- Removed label_font from Report & Component
	  (It's only used by FieldTL, and can be handled by extra_styles.)

0.06   2010-03-26
	- Added the LinkField component
	- Added the metrics attribute to Font
	- Fixed Image to round calculated dimensions to nearest point
	  (A Component's height & width must be integers.)

0.05   2010-02-26
	- Use PostScript::File::Metrics (requires PostScript::File 2.00)
	  You no longer need Font::AFM to get word wrapping.
	- Call pstr as a method to take advantage of auto_hyphen
	  processing in PostScript::File 2.00.	You should read
	  Hyphens and Minus Signs in PostScript::File's documentation.
	- Fixed memory leak (Font should have used a weak reference)
	- Fixed Image to correctly initialize graphics state for EPS file
	- Added get__PostScript_File method for PostScript::Convert
	- Added examples/ showing PostScript::Convert usage
	- Require Moose 0.90 instead of MooseX::AttributeHelpers

0.04   2009-10-29
	- You can now indicate which sides should have a border
	- You can now omit \%data and/or \@rows when calling run
	- Use cp1252 encoding (requires PostScript::File 1.05)
	- Fixed crash caused by a VBox with only 1 child

0.03   2009-10-28
	- Added background attribute to Component
	- Added detail_background attribute to Report
	- Added stripe & stripe_page to Builder
	- Add PageOrder: Ascend comment
	- Fixed bug in multiline FieldTL (was using wrong line height)
	- Warn in documentation against making padding_bottom too small

0.02   2009-10-22
	- Builder allows scalar ref as shortcut for Value::Constant
	  and _default overrides default_field_type in a container
	- Warn if a field's value does not exist.
	  Do not warn about existing but undefined values.
	- Added the ps_parameters attribute to Report
	- Updated documentation

0.01   2009-10-20
	- Initial release