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Revision history for PowerDNS-Backend-MySQL

0.12	Fri Sep 21 11:24:20 PDT 2012
	Added the Github URL to the POD.
	Adding space between new methods and POD to satisfy Test::Pod::Coverage in t/pod-coverage.t

0.11	Fri Aug  3 16:15:23 PDT 2012
	Adding two new methods: make_domain_master and add_master to address bug #76908 - patch submitted by Rich Vincelette <> .

0.10	Fri Jan 13 16:44:34 PST 2012
	Adding the 'list_all_records' method.

0.09	Fri Nov 21 11:42:28 PST 2008
	Adding the 'list_domain_names_by_type' method.

0.08	Fri Aug  1 09:37:48 PDT 2008
	Adding the 'find_record_by_name' method.
	Better return value checking on all methods; in some cases 'true' could have been returned when in-fact the action was not performed.

0.07	Tue Jul 29 11:39:39 PDT 2008
	Added an example code for the update_records method.
	Added the update_or_add_records method.
	Add locks around critical sections.
	Implement and document the increment_serial method.

0.06	Wed May  7 15:24:50 PDT 2008
	Added the 'update_records' method.

0.05	Fri Mar 21 10:27:27 PDT 2008
	list_records() now returns the full records attribute list (name,content,ttl,prio) instead of just name and content. #33569: FrancescoLovergine <frankie [...]> .
	Created a note about $DBI::errstr .

0.04	Tue Mar 18 13:39:27 PDT 2008
	Calling disconnect on the DBI handler would cause spurious warnings in some cases; calling
	delete on the DBI object instead which should automatically disconnect in the DBI DESTROY method.

0.03	Fri Feb 15 15:16:38 PST 2008
	Removed spurious errors from destructor; thanks Jan-Piet Mens <> who spotted this.
	Removed pointless finish statement in the add_domain method.

0.02	Fri Jan 18 11:12:55 PST 2008
	Fixed small syntax bug in author POD area.
	Set the proper PREREQ_PM.

0.01    Tue Dec  4 11:46:42 PST 2007
        Initial release.