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Revision history for Quote-Code

1.0104  2023-01-26
        Make test more robust against future perl changes by not depending on exact syntax error messages.
        Update build infrastructure and add a github README.

1.0103  2023-01-11
        Fix a test failure with perl v5.37.7.

1.0102  2017-03-16
        Explicitly document supported escape sequences.
        Update internal build/test infrastructure.

1.0101  2015-12-16
        Clean up and fix L<...> links in POD.
        Update internal build/test infrastructure.

1.01    2013-09-18
        Implement qcw(...).

1.00    2013-06-16
        Support \N{...}.

0.03    2012-07-12
        Add qc_to heredoc keyword.

0.02    2012-06-29
        Make sure to enable qc only where Quote::Code is loaded
        instead of globally.

0.01    2012-06-28
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.