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3.24  Wed Oct 12 00:34:02 PDT 2016
    - Fixed test suite failure when running under Perl 5.8.2
    - Refactored test suite not to use isa_ok to avoid an issue found
      while debugging the above failure
    - Refactored core modules not to use `each` iterator

3.23  Mon Oct 10 19:31:34 PDT 2016
    - Fixed another issue with unescaped curly bracket warning in Perl 5.23.6+
    - Misc documentation fixes

3.22  Mon Aug  1 11:32:17 PDT 2016
    - Fixed the issue with unescaped curly bracket warning in Perl 5.23.6+

3.21  Thu May 14 20:38:51 PDT 2015
    - Fixed a bug when exceptions could be thrown as ARRAY instead of a string
      in ExtDirect attribute handler

3.20  Tue Mar 31 21:37:10 PDT 2015
    - Added support for call metadata available in Ext JS 5.1+
    - Added support for JSON argument decoding in Form handlers
    - Updated the documentation
    - Tests, more tests
    - Version bumped to 3.20 in concert with gateway releases

3.03  Thu Jan 29 22:58:24 PST 2015
    - Fixed outdated attribute parser check that required at least one
      name in params arrayref for named Methods
    - Named Methods with empty params will force !strict in constructor
    - Misc documentation fixes

3.02  Mon Oct 27 17:36:12 PDT 2014
    - Added timeout and max_retries API config options
    - Some test fixes and improvements
    - Miscellaneous doc fixes

3.01  Thu Jun 19 23:01:25 PDT 2014
    - Minor refactoring of the Method argument checking; it now happens
      in the Method itself, as opposed to be divided among other modules.
      It should have been this way since the beginning, but oh well.
    - Tests updated to accommodate for the Method changes
    - ExtDirect attribute parsing is more robust now, and tested
    - Fixed several minor but very embarrassing bugs uncovered by the
      new attribute parser tests
    - Assorted tiny fixes here and there

3.00  Thu Jun 12 17:54:23 PDT 2014
    - Major refactoring of the RPC::ExtDirect module internals
    - Configuration is now instance-based with RPC::ExtDirect::Config
    - Package global variables are deprecated
    - API tree is now kept in an RPC::ExtDirect::API instance rather
      than internal data structures; Action and Method are full fledged
      objects with public API
    - API tree can now be initialized from a hashref as an alternative
      to sub attributes
    - Class-based Serialize and Deserialize packages are deprecated
      in favor of combined instance based Serializer
    - Improved authorization support for API generation and Method
    - Tests used in all gateways are now unified and shipped with the
      core RPC::ExtDirect package
    - Tons of other changes and fixes, and no doubt more bugs

2.15  Tue May 6  17:44:10 2014
    - Fixed failing tests due to changes in JSON::XS error output

2.14  Mon Nov 11 10:43:54 2013
    - Fixed a memory leak in hook handling

2.13  Fri Mar 29 18:38:11 2013
    - Additional round of refactoring: moved hook initialization
      to RPC::ExtDirect::add_method, this allows adding methods
      explicitly without using ExtDirect attributes.

      Added support for methods without parameter declaration;
      it is assumed that parameters are passed by-name without
      strict checking.

2.12  Fri Mar 8  21:20:11 2013
    - Some more refactoring; no API changes.

2.11  Wed Feb 27 20:42:23 2013
    - Refactored some packages internally, to provide better
      extensibility. No major code changes.

2.10  Sun Sep 30 22:36:48 2012
    - Split UNIVERSAL::ExtDirect sub declaration into separate
      modules for Perls < 5.12 and 5.12+, which makes RPC::ExtDirect 2.x
      compatible with Perl 5.6+ again. With older Perls, ExtDirect
      attribute handler will be processed in CHECK phase as it was
      in 1.x; with 5.12+ the handler is processed in BEGIN phase
      to make it compatible with Apache2/mod_perl. So now we have
      the both of two worlds and it is no longer necessary to keep
      RPC::ExtDirect 1.x for older Perls.

2.02  Wed Jun 20 17:03:38 2012
    - Fixed a small bug in request handling.

2.01  Tue Jun 19 10:34:11 2012
    - Pod reformatted for more compatibility with HTML generators.

    - Minor documentation tweaks.

2.00  Mon Jun 18 12:16:32 2012
    - Added new feature: Hooks. See documentation for details.

    - Added new feature: Environment objects. See documentation
      for details.

    - Moved ExtDirect attribute handling to BEGIN phase for
      better compatibility with Apache/mod_perl environment.
      This change breaks compatibility with Perls below 5.12.

    - Improved attribute error messages.

    - Updated documentation and test suite.

    - Fixed some bugs in documentation.

1.31  Thu Jun  7 11:13:32 2012
    - Fixed a bug in RPC::ExtDirect::Router that allowed some
      misformed method output to break result serialization
      without catching the error, leading to route() finishing

    - Added bugtracker and repository properties in Makefile.PL.

1.30  Wed Jun  6 09:43:58 2012
    - Fixed a bug in RPC::ExtDirect::Router: form/file upload
      responses improperly escaped double quotes, which didn't
      play well with client side.

    - Fixed small misfeature: API definition no longer include namespace declaration. That seemed like a good
      idea at the time, but turned out to be more trouble than
      it was worth.

    - More diagnostics for attribute handler in RPC::ExtDirect.

    - Fixed a couple of bugs in RPC::ExtDirect documentation and
      expanded it a bit.

1.21  Mon Nov 21 00:39:12 2011
    - Fixed dependency on Attribute::Handlers version >= 0.87 as
      an attempt to fix failing tests reported by CPAN testers.

      Removed versions from all packages except RPC::ExtDirect.
      No point in versioning submodules, it only confuses me.

1.20  Tue Oct  4 21:16:00 2011
    - Fixed a bug in RPC::ExtDirect::API: Methods with 0 numbered
      parameters (i.e. no parameters at all) were not defined
      properly in generated JavaScript API string.

1.10  Sat Oct  1 20:41:28 2011
    - Fixed improper exception handling: RPC::ExtDirect::Exception
      object did not contain required 'action', 'method' and 'tid'
      properties which prevented client side from knowing which
      request raised an exception.

1.02  Fri Sep 30 11:18:13 2011
    - Fixed an embarrassing error in RPC::ExtDirect Pod.

1.01  Fri Sep 30 00:00:39 2011
    - Minor changes to documentation; added $VERSION to Demo modules.

1.00  Thu Sep 29 14:42:39 2011
	- Original version.