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Revision history for Perl extension RPi::DHT11

1.04    2018-06-09
        - no functional changes
        - ensure checks and bounds are performed before running tests. Some CPAN
          Testers were failing
        - update Makefile.PL, and exit() if wiringPi.h is not found

1.03    2017-06-27
        - no functional or documentation changes
        - add Test::More build requirement of version 1.302078. This allows us
          to build/pass tests down to 5.8.9 
        - added -lrt to the build libraries due to shm_open not being defined

1.02    2016-10-23
        - add sanity checking in temp() and humidity() to combat against one-off
          rogue values that are way out of range (fixes #1)

1.01    2016-10-16
        - added a sleep(1); in c_temp() and c_humidity() to wait one second
          before retrying a fetch of valid sensor data
        - added c_debug() and a debug flag. If set in the new() method as the
          second param, we'll enable debugging in the XS code to print to
          STDOUT what's happening internally in the fetch loops

1.00    2016-09-01
        - GPIO pin numbering scheme is enforced (but see below)
        - add ability to share pin modes with RPi::WiringPi seamlessly
        - we can now create an RPi::WiringPi object *BEFORE* creating one of
          this class, and whatever numbering scheme you use there, we'll use
          it as well(ie. if a RPi::WiringPi is set to use 'wpi' pin numbering
          scheme, you'll need to send in the 'wpi' pin number into new() in
          this module as well)
        - POD updates, cleanup, fixes
        - added a couple of tests scripts in tests/

0.07_02 2016-09-01
        - POD fixes and updates
        - separated C functionality into its own POD doc

0.07_01 2016-09-01
        - clone of RPi::DHT11::EnvControl with reduced functionality, as that
          module shouldn't do anything more than read the sensor (the said
          distribution will be removed from CPAN)
        - removed all code that was outside of core read functionality
        - simplified new() to accept a single integer pin number param
        - modified temp() and humidity() to keep polling if the result is zero
        - variable renaming

0.06    2016-08-12
        - POD updates
        - c_temp() now returns an int for both temperature and humidity. The
          temperature is returned as Celcius
        - if 'f' is sent in as a single param to Perl's temp() function, it'll
          return the temp in Farenheit. Otherwise, by default, we return
        - changed return type of temp() and humidity() to be ints

0.05    2016-08-09
        - added test files to MANIFEST
        - updated examples/ with complete working example

0.04    2016-08-09
        - moved from functional interface to OO for keeping state and
          better error management
        - temp() now returns a 2 point float

0.03    2016-08-09
        - added status() which checks the status of a GPIO pin, and removed
          that functionality from control()

0.02    2016-08-09
        - added temp(), humidity(), control(), cleanup() public functions
        - added noboard_test() private function
        - functionality for testing on a non Pi board implemented
        - added initial test suite 

0.01  Tue Aug  9 07:25:40 2016
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-A -n RPi::DHT11::EnvControl