Revision history for RPi-SPI

2.3609  2018-10-03
        - fix documentation that claimed the return from rw() was an array
          reference, where really it's an array (closes #6)

2.3608  2018-02-07
        - fix issue where we were calling _channel() twice in new(), instead
          of one call to _channel() and one to _speed() (fixes #5). Thanks
          gnotoix (Github) for the report and patch!

2.3607  2017-06-28
        - bump prereq ver of WiringPi::API to 2.3612

2.3606  2017-03-13
        - changed version scheme from 2.36.x to to 2.360x in module and prereqs

2.36.5  2017-03-11
        - we now accept a GPIO pin number as the channel. If 0 or 1 are sent
          in as channel, we'll use the built-in RPi SPI channel (CE0 or CE1).
          If a GPIO pin is sent in that is greater than 1, we'll know that this
          connects to your CS/SS pin on your IC, and we'll automagically
          bit-bang on that pin for communication, freeing up the two onboard
          hardware SPI channels. The API was not changed for this. (closes #1)
        - prereq of WiringPi::API now 2.36.7

2.36.4  2017-01-26
        - changed rw() so that it now returns an array, per WiringPi::API's
          spiDataRW() call. This was an oversight/bug in that code
        - fix quoting issue in a prereq in Makefile.PL
        - WiringPi::API prereq now v2.36.4

2.36.2  2017-01-22
        - fix params in pod, they weren't displaying correctly

2.36.1  2017-01-22
        - initial release (version number matches wiringPi's, plus an
          incremental trailing decimal place for updates to this module
        - we default to 1MHz speed if not specified in the new() method
        - we die() if we can't open or write to the SPI bus
        - changed to using WiringPi::API::spiDataRW() (a custom wrapper for
          wiringPiSPIDataRW(), so that we can send in an aref to the C