=head1 NAME
RapidApp::Manual - RapidApp user and developer manual
This is the L<RapidApp> users manual, which is still a work in progress...

RapidApp is a recently open-sourced web application framework based on L<Catalyst>, ExtJS, 
L<Template::Toolkit> and L<DBIx::Class> for quickly creating interactive, data-rich webapps.

For more information see the RapidApp home page at L<http://www.rapidapp.info>.

=head2 L<RapidApp::Manual::Installation>
How to install RapidApp, including a walkthrough of installing using perlbrew.
=head2 L<RapidApp::Manual::Bootstrap>
Creating a new application with the L<rapidapp.pl> script.
=head2 L<RapidApp::Manual::Modules>
RapidApp Modules.

=head2 L<RapidApp::Manual::Plugins>
Suite of plugins available in RapidApp.
=head2 L<RapidApp::Manual::RapidDbic>
Usage and config options for the RapidDbic plugin.
=head2 L<RapidApp::Manual::TableSpec>
Listing of 'TableSpec' config options. TableSpecs are additional,
RapidApp-specific metadata associated with DBIx::Class result classes.
=head2 L<RapidApp::Manual::Assets>
Built-in functionality for managing and serving "Assets" (CSS, JavaScript, 
Images, etc)