Revision history for Reaction
0.002005 - 8 Mar 2011
        - use JSON instead of JSON::Any

0.002004 - 5 Mar 2011
        - add a warning for people not using Reaction::Role(::Parameterized)
        - silence m2m warnings during tests

0.002003 - 4 Mar 2011
        - fixes for Moose 2

0.002002 - 5 Nov 2010
        - use JSON::Any instead of JSON

0.002001 - 2 Nov 2010
        - Fix some POD and tests
        - Fix Order role to allow for exclusions (for non-indexed columns) and
          coerceion of the column name to allow proper ORDER BY generation in
          belongs_to rels and fields that do not map directly to columns.
        - Fix Package names in POD for various files. this was causing some
          weirdness in CPAN.
        - All Reaction::UI::ViewPort::* now uses MooseX::Types
        - Add 'action' attribute to Action viewport
          - Adapt widget and layout to changes
          - Add example of explicitly stating action to ComponentUI
        - Don't override custom location in push_viewport
        - Wire layout_args, which was forgotten + example of how to use it
        - CRUD functionality is now implemented as roles, so it can be used 
          without needing to use Controller::Collection::CRUD
        - Deprecate redirect_to and move it to an external role
        - Controllers no longer 'use Reaction::Class' which was causing 
          problems with metaclass compatibility. 'use Moose' is now the
          preferred approach.
0.002000 - 29 Apr 2008
        - Update CheckUniques role to use around instead of overrides
        - Stop using ACCEPT_CONTEXT, use InstancePerContext instead
        - Added an error_message attribute to IM::Action
        - Updated ViewPort::Action to support action-wide messages and error
          messages via attribute message and model's error_message attribute.
          - Updated templates and widget to match this
          - Added an example to ComponentUI
        - Add support for the external MooseX::Types::Common and 
          MooseX::Types::DateTime type libraries in the VPs
        - Eliminate memory leak related to InstancePerContext
        - Move the short-cut code from flush_view to flush to prevent events
          from happening if serving a static file
        - lots more documentation
        - dependencies all updated for Catalyst 5.80

0.001002 - 28 Apr 2008
        - the 002 changes is the real thing but mst shipped a broken dist
          with this version :(

0.001001 - 12 Aug 2008
        - Initital public release