Release of version 2017060201 of Regexp::Common

       As of version 2016060101, we cease to support pre-5.10.0 perls.
       5.10.0 was release over 8 years ago, and it just becomes too 
       painful to support older perls.

The main reason for version 2.122 is a change in the license. You now
have the option to use this software under either the original Artistic
License, the Artistic License 2.0, the MIT license, or the BSD license.

       As of version 2016052801, $RE {delimited} and $RE {quoted} are
       no longer supported on pre-5.10 Perl.s

       As of version 2013030901, $RE {balanced} is no longer supported 
       for pre-5.10 Perls.

       INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE in version 2.119:
       The $N settings for the -keep option of US postal codes
       ($RE {zip} {US} {-keep}) have been changed. See the 
       Regexp::Common::zip for details.

       INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE in version 2.113:
       Regexp::Common used to set $; to '='. This no longer happens,
       because setting $; breaks Filter::Simple. This means that regexps
       of the form $RE{foo}{"-flag=value"} no longer work!  They need
       to be written as $RE{foo}{"-flag$;value"} or as
       $RE{foo}{-flag => "value"}.

       When defining patterns using the pattern function, a = still
       needs to be used to separate the flag from its default value.
       This has not been changed.

       We are very sorry for the inconvenience.


    Regexp::Common - Provide commonly requested regular expressions


     use Regexp::Common;

     while (<>) {
				and print q{a number\n};
				and print q{a ['"`] quoted string\n};
				and print q{a /.../ sequence\n};
				and print q{balanced parentheses\n};
				and print q{a #*@%-ing word\n};


    By default, this module exports a single hash (`%RE') that stores or
    generates commonly needed regular expressions. Patterns currently
    provided include:

	* balanced parentheses and brackets
	* delimited text (with escapes)
	* integers and floating-point numbers in any base (up to 36)
	* comments in 44 languages
    	* offensive language
	* lists of any pattern
	* IPv4 addresses
        * URIs.
        * Zip codes.

    Future releases of the module will also provide patterns for the

        * email addresses 
        * HTML/XML tags
        * mail headers (including multiline ones),
        * more URIs
        * telephone numbers of various countries
        * currency (universal 3 letter format, Latin-1, currency names)
        * dates
        * binary formats (e.g. UUencoded, MIMEd)
        * Credit card numbers.


    It's all pure Perl, so just put the .pm files in their appropriate
    local Perl subdirectory.

    Alternatively, use the common approach:
        - untar the archive
        - run: perl Makefile.PL
        - run: make
        - run: make test
        - run: make install


    Damian Conway (damian@cs.monash.edu.au) and Abigail


    Abigail (regexp-common@abigail.be)


    This software is Copyright (c) 2001 - 2017, Damian Conway and Abigail.

    This module is free software, and maybe used under any of the following

     1) The Perl Artistic License.     See the file COPYRIGHT.AL.
     2) The Perl Artistic License 2.0. See the file COPYRIGHT.AL2.
     3) The BSD License.               See the file COPYRIGHT.BSD.
     4) The MIT License.               See the file COPYRIGHT.MIT.



Regexp::Common has been uploaded to the CPAN and is also available from: