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0.06 -
	+ made it work with Perl 5.8.1
0.05 -
	+ okay, so maybe I didn't fix it. But I did this time m'kay.
0.04 -
	+ we were getting a strange warning that was fixed by ensuring
	  Regexp::Storable created an empty regexp if there wasn't one
          present in $thaw.
0.03 -
	+ fixed bug that meant the magic data structures were getting
	  longer and longer.  We mg_free all of that data away now
	  *before* assigning the new re.
	+ made mention of storable qr// freezing in main docs.

0.02 -
	+ fixed bug that caused segfaults with large
	  data structures.  This was a piece of bizarre
	  behavior on Perl's part, which I can't explain
	  or reduce to a simple test case.
	+ Updated documentation

0.01 - Initial idea