Revision history for Rubric

0.157     2022-05-29 15:59:51-04:00 America/New_York
        - update metadata: dist no longer supported by author

0.156     2015-12-16 21:48:57-05:00 America/New_York
        - add cookie_secure, cookie_httponly, and secure_login
          to make it easier to keep your Rubric login data out of the clear

0.155     2014-03-20 18:48:28-04:00 America/New_York
        - improve chances of producing valid XHTML
        - allow the instance to be renamed with "basename"

0.154     2013-10-15 22:30:06 America/New_York
          update bugtracker and repo links to point at GitHub

0.153     2012-12-24 23:17:19 America/New_York
          use Email::Sender, not Email::Send (breaks smtp_server config
          for now)

0.152     2012-07-10 16:29:38 America/New_York
          add a missing prereq, stop losing errors doing session decrypt
          (thanks for the report, Jan Dubois!)

0.151     2012-02-24 10:18:29 America/New_York

          switched from YAML to YAML::XS

          now built with Dist::Zilla; some docs may be a bit weird until I go
          through them with a fine-toothed comb

0.150     2012-02-24 10:09:47 America/New_York


0.149     2011-10-23

          more properly handle encoding for entry text/title/description --
          still a mess, but much, much more likely to just work, now

0.148     2011-08-22

          fix a bug that prevented `rubric user --new-user` from working

          include everything needed to run under PSGI -- although app.psgi
          is not currently installed anywhere

0.147     2011-02-02

          remove Config::Auto and stop using it; might break everything!

0.146     2011-01-08
          do not allow Encode to destructively process forms

0.145     2010-01-11
          do not require users to have JSON::XS

0.144     2009-03-11
          add entry title to <title> tag (bricas)
          use String::TagString

0.143     2007-07-01
          minor testing/packages updates
          add calendar view (jcap)
          add tag cloud (jcap)
          do work to make things work under fcgi (rjbs)

0.142     2006-09-05
          update install instructions

0.141     2006-09-02
          freshen Module::Install

0.140     2006-05-18
          new version numbering, new release schedule: less stable, more often
          fix a small RSS bug that bugged a large number Firefox users
          lots of forgotten changes

0.12      2005-10-26 (long overdue)
          some tiny test cleanups that might make tests... pass!
          moved repository to svn
          fixed stupid handling of repost to URIs with one-entry-per-uri config
          delete unneeded sessions at teardown (lousy?)
          work on unbreaking tags/facets
          rolled back Data::FormValidator use
          provide link on related tags to add/remove user constraint
          show related tags even when no user selected
          QUESTIONABLE DESCISION: @-prefix tags don't list in tagboxes
          list user's name for "your tags" if user ne current_user
          begin stubbing out pluggable body rendering
          begin stubbing out facets
          allow query for "/exact_tags/" to work (find untagged)
          re-allow "+" as tag separator in tagstrings

0.10      2005-06-01
          a little more and better testing
          fixed broken 'help' runmode

0.09_09   2005-05-29
          enable utf-8 tags
          fix missing-title error on blank new post form
          simplify updatedb script, eliminate vacuumdb script
          display_localtime option

0.09_08   2005-05-28
          private_tag implementation no longer completely disables public entries
          expand/collapse link now preserves page number
          help page's bookmarklet now uses encodeURIComponent, not escape
          added an input box for searching

0.09_07   2005-05-27
          private_tag implementation no longer horribly breaks entry listing
          fixes to work with DBD::SQLite 1.08, now required

0.09_06   2005-05-27
          added private_tag - SO SETTLE DOWN, SSORICHE!

0.09_05   2005-05-25
          fixed bug that snuck back into _04, reset_password was broken
          introduced Rubric::DBI::Setup for db maintenance

0.09_04   2005-05-24
          refactor get_* to return property, not WebApp
          add stubby password-reset functionality

0.09_03   2005-05-02
          fix tag-destroying bug

0.09_02   2005-04-29
          basic experimental searching
          hyphens allowed as non-first char in tag
          uri_root defaults to "" not undef

0.09_01   2005-04-12
          describe queries (badly)
          redirect to previous query after deleting a link
          validate that post input is utf-8
          add first_only query constraint
          fix RSS more: use rdf:about attr as intended!
          taglists tags are now "click to add" on post form
          added "tags for this link"
          if posting a non-unique uri, previous post defaults in (old bug?)

0.08      2005-04-07
          use normal must-login/redirect-on-login behavior for /preferences
          honor requirement for verification on unverified users
          use html_line_breaks in RSS feed for paragraphing
          POD corrections

0.07_07   2005-04-04
          added exact_tags query string
          +/- filter on taglist centers on gecko; gecko bug must die
          updated "related tags" taglist for clarity of add/remove tags
          RSS should now validate and work everywhere (I think)
          expand/collapse entry bodies on default entries templates
          the numeric tag "0" now works
          the (edit) links will now include a redirect to your previous query
          /edit or /entry links to missing entries (or non-owned for edit)
            produce better error messages
          max/default entries per page is now configurable

0.07_06   2005-04-02
          duplicate tags are now dropped; they no longer break posting
          report bad uri/tags at post-time and reproduce form
          keep long_form param on next/prev page links
          username and password for db connection can be specified in config

0.07_05   2005-03-31
          experimental javascript to filter by tag count
          link to entries for a Link if it's got more than one

0.07_04   2005-03-30
          one_entry_per_link option added
          invalid tags no longer drop entire tag string
          allowed_schemes added
          fixed a few bugs in turning non-scalars into strings for display
          add version display to html footer

0.07_03   2005-03-26
          /entries?uri= works again

0.07_02   2005-03-20
          fixed format arg to uri.entries (reported by Steve Mallett)

0.07_01   2005-03-16
          began adding (currently laughable) "API" format output for simple XML
          added /~username/tags+othertags shortcut run mode

0.06      2005-01-25
          fixed stupid bug in Rubric::User->quick_entry that prevented changing
          of URI on an entry
          fixed over-escaping of URIs

0.05      2005-01-23
          test coverage for non-web modules, fixing some obscure bugs-to-be
          when_done=close for post, to close pop-up windows

0.04      2005-01-20
          created stub of autocreate_user method on Login
          updated tests to test compilability of all files

0.03_04   2005-01-20
          updated post template to not fail when query contains an '
          updated entries query bits to use undef for errors

0.03_03   2005-01-18
          must_login has been replaced with a smarter login runmode
          if you try to /post or perform another operation without a login,
          the login form will redirect you back to it once you're auth'd

0.03_02   2005-01-15
          restore recent tags listing to "root"
          redirect to root when root failed caused loop; just die
          eliminate numerous references to EntriesQuery;  AUGH!

0.03_01   2005-01-15
          refactored into two parts

0.03      2005-01-14
          use CGI::Carp qw(fatalsToBrowser)
          die on Template problems
          change entry.html template to link entry username

0.02_04   2005-01-13
          potentially finished with first round of EventQueries
          (the path for the future is clear)
          fixed a few small (but critical) bugs
          it'll be 0.03 if nothing's broken

0.02_03   2005-01-10
          EntriesQuery pretty much working, needs work
          minor repairs to use of Time::Local
          added some prereqs for Date::Span

0.02_02   2005-01-03
          added EntriesQuery
          basic framework for EntriesQuery exists, but stinks
          minor fixes to incorrect method calls
          added pop-up to help docs; must add "close" to when_done options

0.02_01   2004-12-20
          added Rubric::WebApp::Login
          added skip_newuser_verification option

0.02      2004-12-17
          0.00_25 introduced a bug with session cookies
          this fixes it

0.01      2004-12-16

0.00_30   2004-12-16

0.00_25   2004-12-15
          naive support for REMOTE_USER

0.00_24   2004-12-15
          private_system implemented
          Rubric::Renderer refactored
          /doc uri handler added

0.00_23   2004-12-13
          rss links on entries.html
          rss announce in header.html
          don't display new user registration link if closed
          some more refactoring

0.00_22   2004-12-13
          new user registration cleaned up somewhat
          "registration_closed" option
          /link runmode (primitive)
          delete_entry runmode method is now delete
          more refactoring
          Rubric::Config methods built by Class::Accessor

0.00_20   2004-12-07
          new user registration works, but is horribly coded
          "copy" link to copy other users' links also works, but is ugly

0.00_13   2004-12-02
          cvs had sticky-rev'd some files which were released despite being old
          all files updated

0.00_12   2004-12-01
          updatedb rewritten to actually, well, work
          style and html structure cleaned up
          html doctype added; validates
          some refactoring, including tag validation

0.00_11   2004-11-29
          put servername in uri_root in default config
          awful temporary refactoring of rendering for RSS

0.00_10   2004-11-28
          all "url" things are now "uri"
          important: your config should be updated to uri_root
          much better body-handling
          long-form entry display
          ?link and ?body query parameters

0.00_07   2004-11-25 Happy Thanksgiving!
          eliminated &url_for, replaced with Rubric::WebApp::URI
          rewrote template structure (use one master template via PROCESS)
          added linkless entries
          added body to entries

0.00_06   2004-11-19
          added lots of documentation

0.00_05   2004-11-18
          logins and posts now redirect to new page, instead of rendering
          post form for an already-entered url displays info
          fixed return of tag counts to references for TT2's sake
          numerous style cleanups

0.00_04   2004-11-17
          refactored paging, posting
          store md5 of uri's for identification
          tag counts
          recently active tags on recent entry listing

0.00_03   2004-11-16
          actually /use/ the template_path config data, thanks
          when finding entry to update, include username in search
          updated install instructions
          added Entry->set_new_tags
          updated WebApp->post to, well, work

0.00_01   2004-11-16
          abstracted enough that it can be installed without hours of removing my
          absolute URLs.
          still awful.